Rumor: I won’t get pregnant during breastfeeding

The 35 -year -old Wang (pseudonym) for more than 2 months, vaginal bleeding continues:

She thought that the lochia was not clean, so she took some proprietary Chinese medicines that promoted the contraction of the uterine by themselves. By more than 3 months, the symptoms did not disappear, so I went to the hospital:

The B -ultrasound prompts the pelvic block. Before giving birth, there was no piece of block in just 3 months after giving birth. The doctor suspected that it might be "malignant".

After hospitalization, surgery was performed:

In the laparoscope, I saw the left fallopian tube and the ovarian blood clot wrapped in the old blood clots, forming a block of about 6cm diameter. After cleaning the blood clot, it was found that the fallopian tube was significantly thickened.Diagnosis during the operation was "old ectopic pregnancy" and removed the fallopian tubes on one side.

The doctor asked Wang again after the operation whether there was a same room after giving birth. She said that she had once every one month after giving birth. She thought it was impossible to get pregnant and did not tell the doctor.

Indeed, many postpartum mothers believe that do not need contraception during breastfeeding, because they do not get pregnant:

Is this really the case?

Of course, some postpartum mothers have recovered quickly. Even if there is no menstruation, there will be ovulation, and ovulation will be pregnant.

Therefore, from the beginning of the first sex life, reliable contraceptive measures must be taken.

Because pregnancy is very harmful in the short term, do not need this baby, because the breastfeeding uterus is very soft, and the risk of surgical risk is prone to perforation. Even if this baby is requiredIt has not been recovered, and placental adhesions, pre -placenta, and a pregnancy will inevitably increase your body burden and affect health.Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested that it is best to get pregnant again after 2 years.

Generally, doctors will suggest that you can have sex 6 weeks after delivery. Because 6 weeks, the uterus and vagina will return to normal, and 6 weeks are exactly the time for postpartum review.Life.

Early recovery of sexual life will not only affect wound healing, but also may cause uterine inflammation due to infection.Therefore, it is recommended to restore the sexual life of husband and wife at 6-8 weeks after delivery.


Many postpartum mothers hurt when they have vaginal dryness, and they will hurt when they are in the same room, so they are unwilling to have the same room. This is due to the low level of estrogen in breastfeeding, resulting in a decrease in vaginal mucus secretion.In this case, some lubricants can be used.

Principle: Choose a high security, stable and reversible contraceptive method.

1. Aphrodisiac

The condom is more convenient, and it can also reduce the risk of endocarditis and sexually transmitted diseases after birth.However, one thing is that the lactating mother’s vagina is relatively dry during the lactation mother, and the condom may be uncomfortable. At this time, the lubricant needs to be used, but the water -soluble lubricant should be selected to avoid destroying the latex and leading to rupture.

It should also be noted that the condom must be brought throughout the process, that is, it must be brought from the beginning of contact, because a small amount of sperm was discharged before ejaculation.

2. Place the in -palace for birth device (upper ring)

Sheung Wire is also a method of long -term reversible, simple and convenient, and reliable contraceptive effects.

Time to go:

As long as the mother -in -law has no infection after delivery, she can immediately place the in -the -palace -saving device; the mother of cesarean section will wait until half a year after the operation.

However, if it is placed immediately after giving birth, because the uterine cavity has not returned to normal, it is easy to lead to falling off. It is recommended that the fixed type such as the Gini ring, that is, a hook hooks on the palace wall, is not easy to fall off.

If the mother of cesarean section chooses a fixed hedgerhea, it can also be placed at the same time in the operation.

3. Sonalties

If you no longer want to have a baby, and be sure not to do it, or your situation is not allowed to get pregnant again, for example, it has been cut twice, and it is very dangerous to get pregnant. You can choose an irreversible contraceptive method, which is sterilization.

This surgery can be done while cesarean section. If it is born by itself, it can be done 6 hours after delivery.

Of course, sterilization is not completely irreversible, but now the sterilization of the hospital will cut off some fallopian tubes, and the success rate of resumed will be reduced.Turbish method.

Can not choose contraceptives and contraceptives, because contraceptives contain female, progesterone derivatives, etc. After entering the mother’s body, these substances will inhibit the production of prolactin and reduce the secretion of milk. On the other hand, the effectiveness of contraceptive drugs is effectiveThe ingredients will enter the baby’s body as milk, which is not good for the baby’s growth and development.


If you don’t breastfeed, of course, you can choose any contraception.

In summary, you can have sex in 6 weeks after delivery, but you should pay attention to not menstruation during lactation. In the short term, pregnancy is very harmful to the mother’s reproductive health, so from the first time in the same room, we must do contraception.

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