Rumor: "No pregnancy" = "infertility"?Doctor: Not that simple, you have to look at these

The day before yesterday, Sister Yan met a sister, and came to consult in a hurry, and came up to say that she was infertility.

Sister Sister said you should not worry about your conclusions. Let’s talk about the situation as much as possible. How long will it take for the child?

The girl replied: "I got married in April, and then I took a cold and took medicine. I was afraid that it would affect contraceptives for three months. There was no contraception from July to the same room.","

"What about the frequency of the same room for your two? Have you arranged the same room in the same place?"

The girl replied, "He is very busy at work, and we are not in the same place. Only Saturday and Sunday can see the above …"

Well, after the calculation of Sister Sister, you can’t give yourself a "infertility" hat now. Your problem should be too anxious.

If you want to produce products from the factory, then the production line must be worked, and the workers get the job. The production line is just plugged in here. The workers have just left their buttocks and have not been hot.It’s not too anxious?

Many girls once asked Sister Sister: I am worried that I can’t get pregnant. How should I know that I can get pregnant?

In this regard, Sister Sister’s answer is generally: I know what kind of pregnancy is, of course.

So how are you infertile?

In the eighth edition of "Obstetrics and Gynecology", the definition of "infertility" is that women have no contraceptive measures, and sexual life is not pregnant for at least 12 months, which is called infertility.But note that even if you do not have contraceptive measures, you will see this situation in total in 12 months.

Before diagnosing "infertility", doctors generally ask you to ask you:

How long do you want your child?In

夫 Is the couple’s life regular?

Even if you have n’t contraceptive for 12 months, but in the past 12 months, the number of people ’s lives must be considered. At least it can be arranged every month, anyway, it can be counted as stable and regular.

Did you have the right life of couples?

Don’t think that this is the night. Sister Sister has really seen it for two years. The husband and wife lived in the life, because they were relatively simple.

If it is said that people have been worked hard and worked hard, and have not taken contraceptive measures. The time has been over 12 months. If there is still no pregnancy, it is true that you need to consider whether you need to find the reason.

What are the types of infertility?

Women can’t be pregnant and call it infertility, and men are called infertility, so sometimes, the "infertility" we say is actually two concepts. Don’t say "doctor, I suspect that I am infertility"Essence

Infertility is divided into two types: primary infertility and secondary infertility. There is no contraception, and those who have never been pregnant are called primary infertility.For those who have been pregnant, or have been born, and then they have not been pregnant for 12 consecutive months, they are called secondary infertility.

The incidence of infertility in my country is about 7%to 10%, which may cause many causes of infertility. Female eggs and female cells, male sperm and male and female reproductive tract anatomy and function. The combination and growth of the eggs lead to infertility.Some infertility is an unknown infertility that cannot be found at all.


What are the causes of women infertility?

① Pelvic factor

This factor can be said to be the most common and one of the reasons for women’s infertility.According to statistics, infertility caused by pelvic factor accounts for about 35%of infertility.These reasons can include:

Wallopian tube problems: fallopian tubes, water accumulation, or the development of the fallopian tube itself abnormally.

Pelvic adhesion, pelvic inflammation, tuberculosis pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, etc. caused by local or extensive adhesion caused by endometriosis, causing damage to pelvic cavity and fallopian tube function and structure.

Endometrial lesions, such as endometriosis, polyps, endometrial adhesion and other problems.

Uterine fibroids, large -volume uterine fibroids can cause changes in the shape of the uterine cavity and affect pregnancy.

Genital tumors: Continuous ovulation without ovarian tumors with endocrine function can affect pregnancy.

Deviling of reproductive tract: uterine malformations such as internity and twin uterus, such as abnormal development of uterus, bishes, and abnormal development of tubal development, which can cause infertility or abortion.

② ovulation disorder

There is also a major cause of female infertility is ovulation disorders.This belongs to the type of "clever woman is hard to cook without rice". The eggs cannot be excreted, which is equivalent to the raw materials for production. Even if your production line is opened to the maximum, friction is on fire, it is impossible to produce the need for products.

Common ovulation disorders are: persistent ovulation -free hypertrophic prolactin ledine polycycle ovarian syndrome congenital gonad developmental adenoconal follicular luteumin does not rupture syndrome ovarian failure and ovarian functional decline, low proliferative gonadotrophic gonadotropic functional disorders

Some of these ovulation disorders occasionally appear occasionally, and some exist for a long time.For example, sometimes because of excessive emotional tension or excitement, stressful anxiety and other factors, occasional ovulation disorders may also occur, so this factor is often determined as the only absolute cause.

However, if it is disorders of menstrual cycle and after other reasons, infertility for a long period of unknown causes, you need to consider whether there is an effect of ovulation disorders.

After talking about women, let’s talk about men

What are the common reasons for men?

❶ Semen abnormalities

This belongs to the work of workers, but the raw materials are not available, or the quality is too poor, the product cannot be produced, or the product is not qualified.

That is, the sexual function is normal, but due to congenital or acquired reasons, there are abnormal semen, such as sperm -free, lack of essence, weak sperm, deformity sperm and so on.

❷ sexual function abnormality

Even if the production of raw materials is high -quality and sufficient supply, the workers can not get up to bed, and they cannot complete the work every day. This struggle is a critical moment to pull the head to sleep. How can they complete the production task?

Sexual function abnormalities include external genital development, or erection disorders, erection disorders, ejaculation disorders, no ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation and other problems, which can cause male infertility.

In addition, it may also affect the factors of men and women infertility, as well as immune factors, and what Sister Sister said just now, but the reason is not found, but it is the "unknown cause infertility" that is not pregnant.

Many women have a subconscious anxiety about their own fertility. I am afraid that if you have any problems, you ca n’t get pregnant or have no fertility, and even if someone comes, he will tell me firmly:

Doctor, I have to check all the examinations to make sure that I can get pregnant.

This kind of sister naturally does not listen to it, but told her: Girl, pregnancy is not a matter of one person, and there is nothing to check to be so comprehensive.Can you conceive, you can only know it after trying it.

Of course, after all, most of the women with such anxiety belong to the sorrowful type.

Therefore, don’t rush to roar to the hospital and tell the doctor that I have n’t been pregnant for two months. How can I cure infertility?Can I still be pregnant?

In fact, if you can, Sister Sister has a bold idea, to come to a calligraphy creation, outside the door of the infertility department, hanging a magnificent word, the book:

Do more!


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