Rich lady Rihanna’s family filmed a large family!The top explosion head wears a tube top skirt and hugs her son super spicy, the mother and son seem to be

Recently, a group of Rihanna’s latest fashion blockbusters have been exposed on the Internet. As the international queen and more than 100 million rich women, Rihanna perfectly explains what one means one person drives the whole family to rise.Pulling her husband and son to shoot together, perfectly showing the style of her queen.Rihanna take her husband and children to shoot a blockbuster!Wearing a hanging neck skirt is so beautiful, the son’s fleshy lips are born with thick lips

Rihanna has always been on the front line of fashion trends, and the clothing styling is full of pioneer. This time, the fashion blockbusters are impressive.

The first is the wild explosive hair style, which is specially hot, creates a messy feeling, and it is scattered behind it to create a casual and unruly temperament.

Secondly, after the smoky makeup and dark tone lipstick, it makes Rihanna’s facial features look deeper and three -dimensional. In addition, her head and face are relatively small and fluffy explosive heads.It is more prominent, and at the same time, it can also create a delicate V -shaped face.

At first glance, it was a family of three, but according to the news of Rihanna officials announced her second child some time ago, maybe this time she was pregnant with the second baby, but from the perspective of clothing modeling,Rihanna’s figure was not too much, but returned to the state before production.

Many of the chosen dresses have super sexy tailoring. Not only did they stick to the skin and slim, they added classic high waist design, but they also incorporated the side high -opening processing on the side, making Rihanna’s hot figure at a glance.

For example, this black neck skirt on the body deliberately uses the simple bow of the side to enrich the high -opening elements, and the tattoos that are faintly displayed make Rihanna look more individual.

At the same time, the silver rhinestone pearl inlaid at the neckline and the dark pattern embellishment in the clothing can have a good rich effect, making the whole set of shapes more modern.

Rihanna should enjoy the feeling of being a mother, otherwise she will not be pregnant with a second child just when she is out of confinement.

Holding the son wrapped in a white blanket in her arms. When the mother and child looked at the camera, they were really very similar. Although the son was young, he inherited his parents’ sexy thick lips.Like lotus root, one section and one section is very lens.

I have to say that Rihanna breaks people’s traditional impression of pregnant mothers. After all, in the public’s impression, expectant mothers during pregnancy will choose some comfortable and elegant clothing, but Rihanna’s pregnancy is quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite likeSexy hot.

Various dew -belly shapes have emerged endlessly, letting a lot of fans look at it, and very good at mixing and matching, such as choosing a leopard coat, but deliberately opens the buttons, revealing the pregnant belly, and it is matched with the white necklace of the long string.Create a strong and sexy, black low -waist casual pants, with 20 cm high heels to create a trendy fan of female RAP.

As early as the first child, Rihanna has contributed to fans a lot of dewy wild pregnancy. I don’t know what kind of surprise she will bring to everyone this time. Let us wait and see.Bar.

Rich lady Rihanna’s family filmed a large family!The top explosion head wears a tube top skirt and hugs her son super spicy, the mother and son seem to be

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