Repeated ovulation bleeding during ovulation, difficult to conceive!Traditional Chinese medicine is treated according to the menstrual cycle, and the effect is very good

Bleeding during ovulation is generally because bleeding is not much and the time is not long, so many patients do not pay enough attention to this. As everyone knows, it will not heal, not only the possibility of potential infection, but also losing the best time to conceive, leading to infertility.

The treatment of bleeding during ovulation is not blindly stopping bleeding. The key is to treat according to the menstrual cycle: after menstrual period, kidney nourish blood and nourish blood, and can condense and stop bleeding as appropriate before ovulation.Yang, menstrual blood circulation is removed from the old and welcomed the new.

Ms. Wang 30 years old has been bleeding during ovulation for 4 years, and the amount of bleeding is long and less.There are a large amount of lower volume, yellow color, cold limbs, cold hair, lumbosacral soreness, acne on the face, chronic cervicitis, HPV positive.Preparing for one year without pregnancy.

Diagnosis: thin moss, thicker veins in the tongue, small string.

The diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine is: meridian bleeding, bring down.Syllarsia: Determine yin is insufficient, kidney yang is also weak, damp and humid stasis, rushing is not solid.

Governance: nourish the kidney and fill the essence, nourish the kidney to help the yang, relieve liver and dampness, and promote blood circulation.

Recipe: Turtle plates, antlers, purple car powder, cooked land, epimebea, chicken blood vine, fragrant attachment, wolfberry, safflower, cistanus, silk silk, Hu Luba, bellflower, large yellow (back), Tu Fuling, Tu FulingEssence

The phenomenon of bleeding after the medicine is the phenomenon of bleeding. This time, the menstrual flow increases, and the lumbar, moss, and pulse are engraved.Governance: Nourish liver and kidney, and adjust the meridian.

Recipe: raw land, cooked land, Huai yam, Poria, mandarin meat, yellow essence, 石 leaf, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Atractylodes, Baiyi, squid bone, raw 茜 grass, stir -fried nepeo, red stone fat, chun root skin.

For three months according to the above cycle medication, the amount of menstruation increased, and the hemorrhage phenomenon disappeared during the period.The follow -up of the follow -up informing was pregnant.

The level of estrogen in the patient is low, that is, the deciduous water is not recharged, and the rushing is deficient."Chongming will Yang".

At present, yin is not enough, the transformation of the secondary profit, the opposite of qi and blood activity intensify, the qi of recruiting and educating is relatively strong, the yin cannot grow in time, the yin and yang must not be transferred, the damage is damaged, and the blood overflows it.The key is; yin and yang root, the kidney water is insufficient, and the kidney yang is not enough.In the same room, the feeling of poor feelings, the stagnation of the qi, and the stasis of the long time, so I saw the purple veins of the lower tongue.Liver Wangke cuts the spleen soil, the soil is lost, and the dampness and heat bets. It can be seen that the amount of lower amount, yellow yellow, and damp poisoning for a long time gathered cervicitis and HPV (+).At the same time, blood stasis and damp heat are not removed, and can damage the cells and rushes at the time of the cymbal.

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