Repeated abortion is rescued by unknown reasons, and the latest research will once again prove that this medicine is effective!

Repeated abortion has always been a headache. Often, the inspection should be done, but the cause of the abortion cannot be clear.

There are more diverse treatment, and many of the gift packages that many people vomit also come from this.

For abortion for unknown reasons, there are many treatments to do. For example, the uterine cavity irrigation that everyone is more familiar with, and there are many drug treatment methods, such as propylene immunoglobulin, granulocytes to stimulate factors, or biological preparations.

However, many of the above treatments are in the research stage, and it is also exploratory.

Is there no exact treatment for repeated abortion?There is really one!

Repeated abortion has been studied in unknown reasons. Recently, a heavy literature has provided new evidence for the abortion of unknown abortion for cyclosporine.

01 The latest research adds new evidence to the application of cyclosporine

A META analysis published in "Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and therapeutics" was published and studied the effects of oral cycle and strong pine dragons on the live production rate, continuous pregnancy rate and abortion rate of repeated abortion patients.

The test was included in 357 patients who received oral immune regulators (oral immune regulator groups, including cyclosporine and strong pine dragons) and 197 patients who received basic treatment, placebo or not treatment (control group) (control group)

The study found that the pregnancy ending was improved after the use of cycloplatin treatment in the early stages of pregnancy, and the cyclosporine had significant benefits compared with the control group.

This shows that the use of tire protection during early pregnancy is obvious for unknown relapse aborted cycloparain.

Studies in continuous pregnancy rates have found that the continuous pregnancy rate improvement after cyclosporine treatment has significant advantages compared with the control group.

In terms of premature production rate, the differences between oral immunosuppressives and control groups are not significant.

In terms of abortion rate, everyone is more concerned. In this trial, the abortion rate of oral immunosuppressants is lower than the control group.

This shows that it is effective for reducing the abortion rate of repeated miscarriage for unknown reasons, and it also shows that the cyclosporine has practical benefits to reducing the abortion rate.

02 The influence mechanism of cyclosporine on bed in early pregnancy

During the bed, embryos, as the same graft, can stimulate the mother’s immune response and then generate rejection.

In recent years, many studies have found that cyclosporine has a two -way adjustment effect on the mother tire interface, which can induce immune tolerance of the mother tire interface, so that the embryo can safely bed.

In addition to the immune tolerance, even the very low -dose cyclosporine can promote the proliferation, invasion and migration of early pregnancy and nourishing layer cells by activating the MAPK signaling pathway.

The proliferation, invasion, and migration of nourishing cells are the most important and critical steps of embryo bed in bed. Coupled with the generation of immune tolerance, cyclosporine almost removes all obstacles for the embryo bed.

Animal test also shows that cyclosporine has the effect of improving the function of nourishing cells under the condition of the body, and has the effect of improving planting potential and improving the planting rate on moderate -quality embryos.

In other words, cyclosporine improves the bed rate of mild damage to nourishing cells.

In summary, the role of cyclosporine is about three points:

① Send a two -way immune tolerance, so that the mother’s fetus can easily adhere

② Promote the proliferation, invasion and migration of nourishing cells, and create conditions for the bed

③ Improve the quality of medium quality embryos and provide greater planting potential for medium embryos.

03 How should the clinical cyclosporine be used?

Any theory must be implemented to the clinic to achieve all its value, and cycloidin is no exception. Specific to the clinic, how is the effect of cycloonin?

The clinically used Li Dajin and Du Meirong teams from Shanghai Fudan University Maternity and Gynecology Hospital.

They believe that: low doses, the effect of the use of bed and short treatment is particularly good, and the in vitro test shows that 0.01um has a significant effect.

The specific use method is as follows:

① Natural pregnancy usage

Their team studies have found that for patients with natural pregnancy, the basic body temperature rises for 12 days to urinate HCG positive.

During the period, monitoring the concentration of blood and pregnancy and immune-related indicators, 50 mg per day, twice or three times a day, orally, can last for 25-35 days. Generally, HCG is 100,000.

If anyone has a peak of HCG, does it stop medicine without reaching 100,000?


Not everyone can reach a peak of 100,000. If you have already used the medicine for more than 40 days, the ultrasound also shows that the child is good. HCG has begun to decline, and you can stop the medicine.

② Auxiliary reproductive usage

For patients who need to auxiliary reproduction, they generally be used on the day of transplantation. It is found that the medicine is discontinued immediately. If you are pregnant, you need to use HCG greater than 100,000.

The purpose of giving such a detailed medication plan is not encouraging everyone to take medicine by themselves. Each person’s specific circumstances are different, and the medication is not completely consistent.

Sister circle here warmly remind everyone that you must follow the doctor’s advice. It is three poisonous medicines.

In short, cycloparin has been confirmed many times that repeated miscarriage in unknown reasons and the value of the use of the field of bed repeatedly. At the same time, this latest study also affirmed the important role of strong pine in the treatment of unknown reasons.

Repeated abortion caused by unknown causes caused by the same kind of immune abnormalities is currently the most chaotic areas of clinical clinic and is also a hot spot in research. I look forward to more research and remove all unknown reasons as soon as possible!

Let every sister reduce miscarriage, or even abortion, and look forward to the power of science!

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