Regarding what can be done or not in 7 pregnancy, novice mothers must watch

Can you make up your pregnancy?Can you dye your hair?Can I do nails? What should I pay attention to in bathing?Waiting for such problems, this should be the doubts that many novice mothers will have during the first pregnancy.

Inventory of 7 things that pregnant mothers can do and cannot do during the 7th year of pregnancy, novice mothers come to collect it!

Question 1: Can I make up for pregnancy?

The answer is yes.

According to a study in the United States, in order to show whether the makeup artist (350) is the difference between whether there is a difference in miscarriage and death in the same age.The results showed that pregnant women such as makeup artists and hairdressers who have been exposed to cosmetics for a long time are not higher than the chances of pregnancy in other non -makeup industry practitioners.

As long as the purchase channels of your cosmetics are legal and formal, and in line with national regulations, it can be used.But pay attention to see if the ingredients are used in the ingredients table with cautious ingredients.

The method is very simple: open the beautiful practice app, search for the products you want to find, click on its composition table, and then click "Safe", and then click "Pregnant Women".

However, it is not recommended to make up every day. After all, it is necessary to remove makeup after all. Generally, various chemicals will be added to makeup products, and these substances are definitely harmful for a long time.

Question 2: How do pregnant women choose skin care products?

The main principles are the same as above to choose cosmetics.Generally, these products are relatively safe.

However, it is recommended that you choose a brand special for pregnant women. After all, skin care is what you want to do every day. Generally, the product composition of pregnant women will be safer and more milder.

Question 3: Can I take a bath?

Of course, there are also precautions for bathing. Regarding the following points of bathing during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention:

1. It is best to control the water temperature between 35 and 38 degrees, that is, it is just right to reach in, not cold or hot.Because the high water temperature may cause hypoxia for pregnant mothers, which leads to poor development of the baby.

2. The bathing time should not be too long. It is best to control within 15min. Time is too long, which will also cause hypoxia for pregnant mothers.

3. Pay attention to ventilation, open a small seam of the window or door.

4. Do not use hot water to get pregnant!Many pregnant mothers think that this can be warm, NO! This is more likely to cause contractions, and it is also not conducive to the baby’s development

5. Pay attention to non -slip. The bathroom is the easiest place to wrestle. A few days ago, I still fell at the door of the bathroom after taking a shower. Now I still hurt.Non-slip mat!Intersection

6. Try to stand straight when washing your hair, let your husband or mother rinse for you, don’t bend your waist and lower your head!

Question 4: Can I apply sunscreen?

It isore to be in theory, but it is best not to.

In addition to being alert to some pregnant women with caution, there is also a reason that the skin of pregnant mothers is easy to be unstable, and chemical sunscreen is easy to allergic.Therefore, Xiaoya recommends that pregnant mothers can use physical sunscreens such as hats, umbrellas, and sunscreens instead of applying chemical sunscreens.

Question 5: Can I dye my hair?

Not recommended.

There was a mother who studied a child with self -hematic children. A total of 419 people came to a conclusion that they were not very clear.Therefore, hair dyeing has a certain risk. Pregnant mothers should attract attention ~

Question 6: Can I do my nails during pregnancy?

Not recommended.

Most nail polish has a certain toxicity, and long -term contact may affect the baby’s development.

Question 7: Are pregnancy marks on pregnancy?

It is not an inevitable event, it is related to personal constitution.

There is generally no early pregnancy. It usually occurs in the late pregnancy. The fetus is large, the pregnant mother’s belly is thin, and the elastic fiber and fiber are damaged or broken, forming stretch marks.But do n’t worry too much about pregnant mothers, it will slowly fade after delivery.

Finally, the novice mothers remember that we should maintain it, and buy it, and buy it. It is better to be better than usual during pregnancy, because if you do n’t even love ourselves, no one in the world will beI love you ~

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