Regarding "Eryang", be wary of these 5 misunderstandings!

On May 24th, the Beijing Municipal Committee of Health and Health released the Weekly Epidemium in the 2023 Weekly.The report shows that the number of reports of the report in Beijing’s new crown has been listed on the top of the list for the first time, of which the number of reports in the 20th week is nearly 4 times that of the 17th week.

Infection new crowns does not have a fever mean more immunity?Is "Eryang" because of the "expiration" of immunity?…… You must know about multiple cognitive misunderstandings about "Eryang"!

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Infected new crowns without fever

Does it mean more immunity?

Hu Yang, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Department of Pulmonary Hospital in Shanghai, said that the infection of the new crown virus does not mean strong or weak immunity.Heating is only one of the reactions after human infection, and not everyone will heat up after infection.

Some people have a good immunity, and they are quickly eliminated after the infection of the disease. The human body has not had time to start the heating mechanism, and "fighting" has ended; and some people’s fever body temperature is not within the heating body temperature standard of ordinary people, but it is more than themselves than themselves.The base temperature is slightly higher, so that the fever is not detected, which is the possible cause of not fever after infection.

Generally, the immunity is strong and weak. It is not to see the fever, but to see the ability of the human body to remove the pathogen. For example, the long time after infection with the new crown nucleic acid to the yin is definitely worse than those who turn overcast in a short time.

"Eryang" is because the immunity is "expired"?

Yin Zundong, a researcher at the Immunization Planning Center of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, said in "News 1+1" on April 19 that after vaccination or human body infection, he will develop immunity within a period of of.However, there are quite a few studies at home and abroad that there are three or more antigenic stimuli, including virus infections, which will produce better protection effects.

Yin Zundong introduced that comprehensive considering the current inoculation or infection of various people in China is mainly those who have not infected and have not completed immune procedures, and people who have not completed the infection but have not completed basic immunity in the early stage.In quantity, it is recommended to vaccinate next.

A person infected at most 8 new crowns?

Li Yongtao, deputy chief physician of the National Infectious Disease Medical Center of Zhejiang University Medical College, said that at present, for normal people who do not have basic diseases, there is no scientific saying that "at most can only be infected 8 times" andThe general symptoms are mild, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Zhao Weixiang, director of the Biology Safety Research Center of the School of Public Health of Southern Medical University, said that although there is no conclusion that it will not be infected at present, the possibility of a person repeatedly repeatedly infected with the new crown does exist.The current observation research shows that the symptoms after the infection will become lighter and lighter.On the one hand, it is because the body generates immunity to the pathogen after the first infection; on the other hand, in the process of spreading the disease, the pathogen usually varies in the direction of gradually weakening the pathogenicity and gradually enhanced the infection ability.

Is it "Eryang" in throat pain?

Wang Guiqiang, director of the Department of Infection of the First Hospital of Peking University, said that sore throat was a common manifestation of upper respiratory tract infection.Whether it is influenza virus or new coronary virus, or other bacterial infections, it will affect the upper respiratory tract and cause symptoms such as pain.

Everyone’s response is not the same. Some people have high sensitivity. After infection, symptoms such as swelling and pain, "blade throat" will appear, but they still need to be treated objectively. The symptoms are not necessarily caused by infection with the new crown virus.

You don’t need to protect it after "Eryang"?

Whenever you do personal protection are the key to avoiding new crowns.

Zhang Yu, a researcher at the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, pointed out that from the current situation, there are two main cases of infected people. One is that those who have not been infected before were infected due to the decline in immunity or exposure to the source of the infection; the other was that infected had previously been infected beforeThose who have shifted over time, the protective antibody level in the body decreased, and was infected when it was exposed again.

Regardless of the above situations, they are facing two same factors, that is, insufficient antibody levels and exposure to the environment of new crown virus.Therefore, as long as these two aspects are precise, it is possible to avoid being infected or delayed at night.

The first is to vaccinate the new crown vaccine.On the basis of completing the whole process, actively vaccination enhanced needles, and the level of antibody in the body will rise rapidly.Whether it is not infected or infected, as long as the physical condition allows and the vaccination time has been reached, it is recommended to vaccinate as soon as possible.

The second is to continue to do personal protection.If you can’t feel the infected people around, it does not mean that the danger is not there.It is recommended that you still wear a mask.At the same time, you must wash your hands and ventilate frequently in your life, and try to go to the densely dense areas as possible.

If there is a new type of coronary virus infection such as fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, muscle soreness, fatigue, etc., you must take a positive medical treatment.

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