Record the symptoms of the first three months of pregnancy

While my daughter -in -law now has a lot of memory, I will make a record of my daughter -in -law’s symptoms three months before pregnancy, and give more pregnant mothers a reference.

My daughter -in -law has been pregnant for 23 weeks, and it has been 6 months after a week. Now she is in a relatively comfortable mid -pregnancy. In contrast to the formation of her three months in the first three months, she is relatively suffering in the first three months.Essence

1. Pregnancy

This should be experienced by most pregnant mothers. My daughter -in -law is relatively not so serious, but it has been spit 10 times in about 12 weeks.She basically spit in the morning and evening. Most of them vomit when brushing her teeth in the morning. When brushing and brushing, she was disgusting, and then she started vomiting without controlling. There was nothing in the morning in the morning.It is more uncomfortable. Stomach convulsions are not controlled, but it will not feel uncomfortable after vomiting. Drink water to eat normally.The most uncomfortable is vomiting at night. Generally, it is not long after eating at night, and then it is uncomfortable, and then spit out dinner, even with stomach acid, and even vomiting blood. It is very uncomfortable after vomiting.Feeling, drinking water and eating, you feel sorrowful, can last at least two days.After three months, I basically didn’t vomit.

2. Hunger

This is a very uncomfortable experience of my daughter-in-law. From about 6 weeks, that is, the symptoms of various pregnancy, she has frequently appeared hungry. She ate 5-6 meals a day. Fortunately, she spent at home in the early stages of pregnancy.Around mid -March this year, the Shenyang epidemic was closed, and the community was closed until around April 20th. This month was a period of severe pregnancy.The busiest at home every day is cooking. After making up, I think about it. My daughter-in-law can stand for 2-4 hours a meal. Her hunger suddenly appears. If you are hungry, you have to eat it immediately.Uncomfortable, we can still stand up with hungry, she can’t stand it for a minute.Eat a meal before going to bed at 9-10 in the evening, and then wake up in the middle of the night to make up for another meal.It is normal to eat after entering the second trimester. You can eat three meals a day. You will not be hungry at night. If you are hungry at night, you will not be uncomfortable and you can continue to sleep until the morning.

3. Frequent urine

This should also have experienced every pregnant mother, and the experience of getting night nights is almost accompanied by the entire pregnancy.I was woken up several times every night, and my daughter-in-law basically started 1-3 times a night.

4. Be sleepy

During the daytime, I always have to be sleepy. During the epidemic at home, I have to make up for every afternoon. Even if I sleep a lot during the day, it does not affect continuing to sleep at night.

5. Insomnia

It is not because insomnia caused by sleeping during the day is because going to the toilet at night affects the quality of sleep, and my daughter -in -law is a bit anxious in the early pregnancy. I always worry about sleeping to the baby, and I do n’t sleep well. Later, I bought a pregnant woman.The pillow can also be alleviated. So far, the general sleep quality is okay, but I can’t sleep lazy in the morning.

6. Burning heart and stomach

Often inexplicably uncomfortable, restless, uncomfortable lying, uncomfortable sitting, standing uncomfortable, still feeling that my throat is blocked, and sleeping pillows at night should be higher than before, otherwise I feel the gastroesophageal flow.Nowadays, these symptoms are gone.

7. Picked eaters

I didn’t particularly want to eat it, I don’t like to eat meat. It is because she is too hungry every time she eats.

8. Emotional

Not serious, but often worried about the baby, a little anxious, thinking of something unhappy, and crying a few times.

The above are the symptoms of my daughter -in -law’s early pregnancy. I have a hard time pregnancy. I need to care about love to protect my daughter -in -law.Now that she goes to work normally, she is still in good condition, but now her feet have begun to appear slightly swollen, and her feet have become larger.

The daughter -in -law’s due date is in mid -November, looking forward to our Scorpio tiger baby ~

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