Queen Pu Yi’s Queen Wan Rong gave birth to a child in the end?Wan Rong died on June 20, 1946

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Pu Yi’s queen gave birth to a child. What happened to this child in the end?Whose child is the death of Queen Wan Rong, Queen of the Qing Dynasty on June 20, 1946, and the last emperor Puyi Puyi’s wife Yuan.

Of course, the child is not Pu Yi, and Pu Yi said very clearly in his memoirs.

Pu Yi lost her fertility very early.

Pu Yi recalled that he was gradually maturing in his youth and began to interested in men and women.

In order to settle the emperor and laziness, the eunuchs of the class instigated Puyi with the ghosts of the palace maids.

Pu Yi is still a 13 -year -old boy, and his body is not fully developed.On the contrary, the palace girl is at least a 17 -year -old girl, and her body is already a mature woman.What’s more terrible is that Pu Yi is not spoiled one or two maids, but exaggerated indulgence.

He recalled that sometimes there were several palace maids who were much older than him at night.

If Pu Yi is an ordinary prince and nobleman, at least there is the stop and scolding of parents and elders.But Pu Yi is the emperor of the nineteenth five -year respect. His mother was dead. His father would only be only promising when he saw him. No one dared to advise him.

Such night and night groups, let alone a young master who is weak and sick, even if he is a strong man with iron.

Pu Yi recalled: After dawn, he walked out of the room and saw that the sun was green.

Over time, Pu Yi was very virtual, and there was a situation, and he also lost interest in women.

On the night of Pu Yi and Wan Rong’s wedding, he did not stay on the night, and did not even reveal Wan Rong’s red hijab and walked away.This is a very abnormal phenomenon!

Pu Yi’s concubine Wen Xiu divorced during the divorce that she and Pu Yi had been married for 9 years. The two never had a husband and wife, and she was a virgin.

Obviously, this is also extremely abnormal.

However, Pu Yi Tong Wan Rong should have the truth of husband and wife.

Pu Yi just had some goodwills about Wenxiu, and he did not like the ordinary appearance of Wenxiu and the stubborn personality of the Mongolians.

On the contrary, Pu Yi and Wan Rong are quite harmonious, and they have a close relationship.

Pu Yi once recalled that after he dismissed most of the eunuchs, he was afraid that the eunuch on duty came to kill him in his sleep.

Pu Yi is suspicious, and no one believes.However, Pu Yi was very trusting Wan Rong, and at night, Wan Rong held his stick to keep the night for him.

Even though the husband and wife had a good relationship, the couple had the fact that the husband and wife had been practiced, but Pu Yi still couldn’t do it.

The last eunuch Sun Yaoting had been on duty beside Pu Yi for a long time. He recalled that after the emperor was married, he rarely spent the night with the queen, and occasionally it was rare.Even after overnight, the emperor patted his buttocks on the next morning, and there was no kind of love or hate between the husband and wife, like a stranger.After the emperor left, the queen mother often looked sluggish, leaving tears on her face.

In addition to Wan Rong and Wenxiu, Pu Yi later had three wives, which was very fond of the noble Tan Yuling.

When Pu Yi and Tan Yuling were like paint, they kept injection and medicine, and she begged her ancestors to bless her.

It is generally believed that Pu Yi and Tan Yuling have a husband and wife, but because the body is too poor, the number is very small, and her wife cannot be pregnant.

Later, Fugui Li Yuqin publicly acknowledged that when he went to Fushun’s war -defending office to visit the prison, the leader took care of their husband and wife, and once let them live in a guest room.Pu Yi had never touched Li Yuqin before, but this time the two had a husband and wife.

Li Yuqin, who has always wanted her child, is only in her 20s, but she is not pregnant.Pu Yi truthfully informed the other party that she might suffer from infertility, that is, the quality of sperm was not good, so the three wives had no pregnancy before.

This made Li Yuqin unacceptable, so he chose to divorce during the sixth exploration.

Li Yuqin was a real person. He said when you opened the door and said, "Although you are very good to me now, you always stay in prison and don’t know when you can come out. You are 22 years older than me, and you can leave me in the future.You have to go first, and the other lonely wife is left! The people in your family still look down on me. What do you call me at that time? I think about it, or it is better to leave. "

It turns out that Li Yuqin has no problem.

In May 1958, Li Yuqin, who became a cadre of Changchun City Library, married Mr. Huang Yogeng, an engineer of Jilin Broadcasting Station.

Shortly after marriage, the two gave birth to a son.

After so far, let’s talk about Wan Rong’s personal communication.

There were 4 wives before the release of the prison, and three of them left him, but these three women were not obscene.

Taking Wenxiu as an example, it is obviously divorced with Pu Yi, and the commitment to never marry after the divorce has never been married for up to 16 years.During the Anti -Japanese War, Wen Xiu fell to the street to sell cigarettes and went to the construction site to be a small worker. He did not find a man.

Until 1947, 38 -year -old Wen Xiu had no job, two -none money, and three -without relatives could help. It was really unable to live. Then he chose to marry Liu Zhendong, an intermediate officer of the National Army.

As for Li Yuqin, after being separated from Puyi in 1945, although the two of them were only well -known couples, Li was still a virgin, but she still stayed for 12 years.After Li Yuqin divorced with Pu Yi, he remarried.

In other words, the two women who remarried are divorced in the bright brightness, and Zhengda Bright remarry. This is acceptable to society.

And Wan Rong was just the opposite, and she had a siny species during the duration of Puyi’s marriage.

Regarding Wan Rong’s private communication, others, especially the Japanese, knew that Pu Yi was covered in the drum, and it may be the last person to know.

The reason why Wan Rong’s adultery can succeed has a lot to do with Puyi being kicked out of the palace.In the past, Wan Rong was unable to contact young men.Even if they occasionally meet with some celebrities with some men, Wan Rong also has a large number of maiden eunuchs followed. In many people in public, there is no chance of adultery.

After Pu Yi was driven out of the palace, it was not much different from the celebrities of ordinary society, and there were no longer such strict men and women.

Wan Rong has the opportunity to contact privately, young guards, male servants and others.

According to Pu Yi’s former guard Li Guoxiong’s record in "Thirty Years of Driving": After returning to Lushun, the men and women in the harem have relaxed a lot.Occasionally, the queen occasionally stayed in the palace to "make hands" and play with her with Gege … I suspect that her private relationship with Qi Jizhong (Pu Yi’s close relatives) began at this time.

However, Wan Rong’s adultery is not completely indulgent, but also has something to do with spiritual problems.

Wan Rong inherited the schizophrenia of his father Rongyuan. When he was young, he was not serious, but he also had some signs.

Rongyuan is usually normal. Later, when he lived at the age of 69, he would never control the illness.If Lu Zhonglin lied at that time, when he was bombarding the Forbidden City with a cannon, Rongyuan suddenly became ill and ran to the Royal Garden to get into the rockery.He raised it for a few days before recovering his mind.

Wan Rong is unfortunate, and there are similar mental problems.

Wan Rong wrote in his diary: "Sweep my dear! I don’t know how you feel in your heart? I don’t feel that people are hateful, and they should never marry the ministers and have a woman.I always suspect that when you are very good with Shu Fei, I am very sad in my heart, and it is not a crying ending all night all night, so I have too much worry, so that menstrual pain and diarrhea have been kept constantly.There are current nervous weakness. However, I have not complained about complaining. Every day when I see people, I have to wash my face and laugh. At that time, no one knew the suffering in my heart. "

This dysmenorrhea and diarrhea can last for nearly a hundred days a year, which is not a physiological problem at all, it is a mental issue.

Wan Rong’s mental problems are getting worse, and Chinese and Western medicine is helpless.At this time, his father Rongyuan came up with an idea, which was smoking.Eight Banner’s fools generally believe that Fu Shou cream (opium) can cure all diseases or treat mental problems.

After smoking, Wan Rong worsened his condition, his mental control was weak, and his control of himself was weak, and he began to indulge in lust.

After the divorce of Wenxiu, Pu Yi began to anger Wan Rong, thinking that as the queen was not conscious, and the same concubine compared everywhere, so that the emperor lost his face.

In addition, Pu Yi believes that Wan Rong had lost his virginity before he went to the Northeast: as early as her on the way to Dalian, her brother introduced her sister Wan Rong to a peer Japanese officer in order to exchange for some benefit.Wan Yan was insulting Wan Rong in the cabin.

There are also problems with this statement.Wan Rong is stubborn, and it is basically impossible to encounter rape.It is more likely that although this is an exchange of interests, Wan Rong himself did not refuse and enjoyed it as a physical body.

Pu Yi knew about it shortly, but there was no reliable evidence, and she could only be doubtful.

Therefore, Pu Yi is even more disgusted with Wan Rong, and the two often do not see one or two months.

Due to the pain of life and the increasingly serious mental problems, Wan Rong completely lost his self -control.

Li Guoxiong, the former guard of the pseudo -Manchu Palace, recalled: The queen was lazy at the time, and often couldn’t afford three poles of the day. Pu Yi sent us a few to ask for it.Several times, I went to the door of her palace and saw the door deliberately crack a seam. The queen lay in bed and did not sleep."Her Majesty the Queen should start, it should be, and the emperor asked the slave to call."

I greeted it for a long time, she couldn’t afford it, and turned it deliberately, took the quilt away, and revealed her naked body.I was a young man in his early 20s, where did you see such a situation.I saw the queen’s body, wouldn’t it be a calamity in case the emperor’s pursuit.I was so scared that the soul was unable to attach it, but I didn’t dare to speak.In case the emperor thinks it is the great crime of my active peeping or teasing the queen.Every time I want to get up, I am miserable, and I feel that I can avoid this errand. Qi Jizhong and Li Saiyu are not. The two of them are very positive.

At the age of 14, Li Guoxiong entered the palace as musicians in the Forbidden City. He was selected by Pu Yi because he was honest and obedient, and became a personal guard and servant.

Li Guoxiong is a timid person, but since ancient times, many men are disregarding everything for the sake of lust.

Wan Rong’s adulterer is not only Qi Jizhong. Pu Yi knows that Qi Jizhong and Li Shiyu, maybe there are others.

Wan Rong and the adultery of these people, the maids and eunuch around her are all known, and the Japanese who have been responsible for surveillance also know.

The eunuch of the palace girl dared not tell Pu Yi at all.From ancient times to the present, the eunuch palace girl who knew the secrets of the puppets had often been executed.As for the scandal of Wan Rong, the Japanese are also a means to control Pu Yi. After all, he is the most important thing.

Until Wan Rong was pregnant, this secret could not be concealed.

There was no DNA technology that year, and it was not sure who Wan Rong’s evil species was, but it was definitely not Pu Yi. The two had not had the same room for several years.

The so -called paper could not be covered. Wan Rong found that after she was pregnant, she did not cover up, but showed her card directly to Puyi.

Wan Rong knew that Pu Yi could not have childbirth. His child’s father was not a Japanese, and it happened to meet Pu Yi’s needs: she kneeling on the side of Pu Yi’s body.Well; if not, after giving birth to a child, you should allow your child to keep it quietly.

I heard that Wan Rong was pregnant, Pu Yi was like a thunderstorm in the sky, and then furious: "In 1935, because she was pregnant and was nearly giving birth, I found out the problem.The Japanese know that the only way is to vent his anger on her. In addition to the people who have something to do with her and suspects, I decide to divorce her. "

However, the Kanto Army did not agree with Pu Yi and Wan Rong to divorce, and believed that this scandal would affect the dignity of the pseudo -Manchuria country.

Pu Yi could only bear the consent, but resolutely asked to remove the sin.

The Japanese think that the appearance of this evil is not good for themselves, and soon agreed.

Wan Rong had a baby girl, and the child died in less than an hour, and the body was quickly cremated.Pu Yi deceived Wan Rong and said that the child gave Wan Rong’s brother to take care of it.

Although Pu Yi did not write the truth in the memoir, it is generally believed that the baby girl was killed by the injection of poison and the body was burned.

Pu Yi’s purpose is to completely cover up this scandal, as if it had never happened.

Qi Jizhong and Li Shiyu, who were dyed with Wan Rongyou, were kicked out of the pseudo -Manchu country by Pu Yi.

Qi Jizhong, who had attended the Japanese Non -Japanese Officer School, later went to North China to be a puppet military officer.In order to perform, he participated in the killing of some Eighth Route Army officers and soldiers, and was rewarded by the Japanese master as a major general.

In 1949, Qi Jizhong, who fled, was caught by the PLA, and was set to kill it as a traitor against the revolution.

Li Shiyu was a small character. After being kicked out of the pseudo -Manchuria country, he returned to his hometown in Beijing to set up a small stall for a living. Later, he was a miscellaneous worker in the hospital, which was quite poor.

In the 1960s after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Pu Yi also encountered Li Shiyu.

At that time, it was on the cigarette bag, and the two met unexpectedly.After seeing Pu Yi, Li Shiyu, who was in his 50s, fluttered his knees and fell to the ground, crying with tears: Emperor, you are okay, I’m sorry for you! "

Passers -by saw this scene and stopped watching.Pu Yi is timid, lest he caused the incident to cause the incident, and hurriedly pulled Li Tongyu: How many years ago, don’t mention it in the past.

Li Shiyu still cried and said: I damn it, I damn it!

Pu Yi sighed: Where, where, who hadn’t done something wrong when he was young?We are all this age, what else is we doing!

The two never met later. After all, Pu Yi was green by Li Tuanyu.

Over time, Wan Rong also understood that the child should die, completely caught in a state of madness, and became a serious mental patient.

Pu Yi’s nephew Yu Yan once described Wan Rong, who was imprisoned: I saw Wan Rong at the stairs on the first floor of the Tower Tower.You have to die.

Wan Rong died very miserably in the end, because no one took care of it, lying in the pile of shit and interruption.

After dying, I was buried by hasty, and today I don’t know where the grave is.


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