Qingqing daily: pregnancy was locked up by her husband to take medicine and gave birth to a son.

Qingqing daily, watching his names, thinking about his drama, probably some daily trivial matters, and the long water flowing down is also fun.

This drama is indeed more from women’s vision, and the natural audience of the ancient style is also a woman.

However, his biggest difference is that he is probably not blindly raising a sharp problem to resonate with the audience to stimulate everyone to cause discussion. Instead, he tries to solve the problem under the drive of the heroine Li Wei.

In the play, each little couple has their own emotional problems, but compared to the five, the old six two couples have different styles, but they are gradually giving birth to the beauty and sweetness of love.The way to get along with a soberness but fun, Hao Yan, played by Chen Xiaozheng, has become a clear miserable opposite.

The appearance of Hao Yan at the beginning was a proper sober on earth. Since she was all a lady, she naturally wanted to marry the most promising man in Shinagawa, which is the most hated master of everyone today.

Hao Yan soberly said: He came to work, and the man he married was his own owner.

Of course, making such a decision, this is also the reason for her native family. Her mother is a little sister -in -law and is often bullied by the main room. Now she marries the master of the elder, and her mother is also hard at home.

In the face of the elder master, she always smiled on her face, and she was voicing in her heart. The marriage of the elder master was still deliberately creating opportunities by herself.

It’s a pity that she still chose the wrong way.

The master of the elderly occupied the words of the long -term length, and his ability could not match his current position. The small belly chicken and the sausage were masculine, and he was superstitious about the goddess.It is difficult to discover the advantages from this man. Probably in reality, all the so -called straight male scum images are used on this person, and Ironically many reality.

The most moving in the play is naturally the friendship of sisters. A bunch of women who run away from home from the three families will open the restaurant together. Hao Yan’s life is getting more and more sad.I was pregnant, and I finally went back.

But the days after returning are not good. The eldest master seems to be a superstitious evil mother -in -law. Please see the goddess to see Hao Hui is a man or a woman. When he heard that it is a woman, he fell back.After that, I do n’t know who said it may be a man. When I go home, I have a face with Hao Yan, but I listen to the nonsense of the goddess, saying that taking medicine can give birth to a son, and then let the pregnant Hao Yan take medicine.Make up, keep the person in a house and not be allowed to go out. I just want Hao Yan to have a son, and ignore Hao Yan’s life at all.

Such a pregnancy condition is Amitabha.

Hao Yan was going to run with a big belly, but her mother was crying and miserable, and she returned again.

It is difficult to give birth when it is produced. It is said that the needle is not good for the child, and it is not allowed to ask the doctor, or the lady Li Wei and the second young master, and they will be able to save Hao Yan. As the husband of the husband, the second young master will say at the beginning.I will go back to see her again, and don’t tell me to have a daughter.

The pain accumulation during pregnancy made Hao Yan, a hormone disordered by the ghost gate, suffered from depression because of production. She loved her daughter in her heart, but she couldn’t control it and wanted to hurt her children, so she refused to see her child.Essence

In the face of such a situation, the second young master said that Hao Yan was crazy, and then imprisoned the person again. He felt that if this situation was spread out, the person who threw him, so Li Wei and Yun Ying tried to look at Hao Yan.At that time, he threatened Hao Yan not to talk nonsense.

In this case, after Li Wei left, Hao Yan couldn’t stand the river after all.

If it wasn’t for Li Wei’s response quickly and rescued people, Hao Yan would be dead.

Li Wei moved the master of the eldest hand, and the five -little master and the actor joined forces to take away the dedicated husband on the Lord, and then Yin Yan threatened. Several people finally successfully rescued Hao Yan.

In this regard, Hao Yan’s life hangs a line, and the second young master thinks about his face. If it is not the threat and force value of the actor Yin Yan, it is estimated that the doctor will not see Hao Yan when he comes.

After three young masters, Hao Yan successfully took the child away. There was a group of little sisters’ care and companionship, and she finally got out of the haze of depression.

I have to say that in this group of daily dramas, the role of Hao Yan, who selected Chen Xiao, is still very characteristic.

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