President "bug" on the belly after pregnancy?Don’t have a headache for expectant mothers, so that these can reduce stretch marks

Every mother is a superman. For the baby, she can pay everything, not only to face the hard work, but also face the shape of her body.

When it comes to pregnancy, many mothers are worried about "stretch marks". The pregnancy marks are densely spread all over the belly. Looking at my belly like a big watermelon, don’t mention it, it will be more serious, and the more serious thighs and buttocks will be available.

After giving birth to a child, I want to wear a navel installation, and the swimsuit can only buy a conjoined body. If you think about it, you will be crazy ~

Once many female stars are pregnant, they have to face a lot of troubles like ordinary people.

Fukuhara Ai is one of them. Fukuhara Ai is loved by many Chinese audiences and is called "porcelain dolls".In recent years, he has also been happy to marry a Chinese husband and become a Chinese daughter -in -law.

In "Happy Trio", Fuyuan Ai Ai came to the show with his husband Jiang Hongjie. The screen was full of love and envy others.

Fukuhara Ai also shared what she had encountered during pregnancy during the show. She found that with the passage of time, her belly continued to grow bigger, and slowly she found that her body began to turn black.

Then the stretch marks began to crawl on the belly, just like a snake, with more than 20 pieces.Originally thought that the athletes were different from our constitution, but the result could not escape the infringement of stretch marks.

There are very few stretch marks during pregnancy. It is more serious like Fukuhara Ai. Fukuhara Ai also said in the show that it is very unbearable.

The reason for the formation of stretch marks was because the baby grew up day by day, and the skin of the long mother was pulled.There are also many mothers who have no stretch marks in the second child when they have stretch marks.

Therefore, stretch marks need to be determined by the specific situation. Of course, we can also prevent and reduce some measures during pregnancy.

Yi Nengjing was a mother who had two children, but she did not have stretch marks on her body, which originated from her own efforts.After giving birth, she has no stretch marks, but even her skin is well maintained, which is enviable.

It turned out that when she knew that she was pregnant, she began to stick to skin care oil several times a day when her belly was not bulging, and then she would rub the lotion to prepare for the prevention of stretch marks.

Although she was still fat in the later period, there was no stretch marks on her body, which was still very powerful.

So there is a way to prevent stretch marks, but first of all, we need to understand what stretch marks are.

The stretch marks are strip -like texture, with pink or purple lines that exist on the surface of the skin.

It usually appears on the stomach, and it also appears above the thighs and breasts. As the pregnant belly increases, stretch marks will increase.The production of stretch marks will be accompanied by the thin skin of the area, causing itching. Remember not to scratch the skin.

Stretch marks are harmless to the body and baby. When the baby is born, the traces of stretch marks generally turn into white scars, which is lighter than before, but it will not completely disappear.

The first is because the pregnant belly has grown too fast, and the skin has not been adjusted.The skin will tear when it is expanding quickly, thus forming scars. This scar is stretch marks.

There is also a second statement: experts argue because of this, and they believe that pregnancy increases hormone levels during pregnancy.These hormones can produce a lot of water into the skin, causing adhesion and relaxation between collagen fibers, which makes the skin more easily torn during stretching.

These methods can effectively prevent and reduce the symptoms of stretch marks, but it cannot be solved 100 %, because each human constitution is different

▶ Keep skin elasticity

Just like Yi Nengjing’s approach, many star mothers can use this method.Persist in skin care oil and moisturizing on the body during pregnancy.

These can moisturize your skin and better restore healing skin tissue. The method of massage can also help the skin absorb nutrients and stimulate blood flow.

Remember, the earlier the effect, the better, even if there are stretch marks during this period, you cannot stop.Keeping the elasticity of the skin will not make the situation continue to deteriorate.

▶ Control weight

It is important to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. It is not only good for stretch marks, but also beneficial to the health and production of the baby in the later period. This is also an important point to prevent stretch marks.

Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, the weight will grow rapidly, the skin will be torn a lot, and stretch marks will likely appear.

▶ Diet is guaranteed to be nutritious

If the body lacks nutrition, it can also cause stretch marks. Eat more foods that promote skin health can also prevent prevention. For example: vitamin C, D, E, zinc, protein.These foods include: eggs, oats, dried fruits, etc.

▶ Guarantee sufficient moisture

Ensure that drinking enough water every day can help the skin can have enough moisture and help the skin softer.

Soft skin is not easy to produce stretch marks compared to dry skin.

But to avoid drinking tea, coffee and other beverages, these are dangerous for pregnant women.

Tuanzi mother’s heart:

There are people who love beauty. Now there are a lot of smear products for stretch marks on the market. Moms are optimistic about their qualifications to buy.At the same time, pay attention to the diet during pregnancy, and I believe it will be alleviated.

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