Preparing for pregnancy: Can uterine fibroids and pregnancy coexist?(Edition 2018)

Can uterine fibroids be pregnant?What should I do if I find uterine fibroids after pregnancy?

Dr. Fu Hong first answered the first question: Can uterine fibroids be pregnant?

The answer is that some uterine fibroids can be pregnant, and some uterine fibroids need to be processed first to get pregnant.Uterine fibroids are also divided into three or six or nine. In simple terms, uterine fibroids that affect pregnancy need to be processed in advance.

The uterus is divided into three layers from the outside to the inside: the pulp layer-uterine muscle layer-endometrium.Depending on the growth of uterine fibroids, it is divided into 3 categories.Growing between the uterine muscle wall, the surrounding muscle layer is surrounded by muscle wall fibroids; followed by subcarm fibroids, rooted on the surface of the uterine and growing outward; the third is submucosal fibroidThe tumor grows in the uterine cavity.

The characteristics of uterine fibroids are "docile", and they grow slowly and are not life -threatening.If there are no special symptoms, regular follow -up will be OK.

What should I do if I find uterine fibroids during pregnancy?

Small fibroids can be treated without treatment, but for the endometrium, compressive mucosal fibroids should be treated before pregnancy.

Of course, if the uterine fibroids cause you to include too much menstrual flow, secondary anemia, compressor bladder to produce frequent urination symptoms, or compress the rectum to cause constipation or difficulty in defecation.Uterine fibroids.

It does not affect the endometrial fibroids and submucosal fibroids. Surgery is not recommended.

The surgical indication of uterine fibroids is as follows:

(1) Uterine fibroids merged menstruation after many or abnormal bleeding or even cause anemia; or compress the urinary system, digestive system, and nervous system, etc.

(2) Uterine fibroids are infertile;

(3) Patients patients with uterine fibroids are ready to be eliminated during pregnancy.

(4) After menopause, hormone replenishment therapy but fibroids still grow.

What should I do if I find uterine fibroids after pregnancy?

Most of these pregnant mothers are stable during pregnancy, but they must also pay attention to some possible complications.

Once the uterine fibroids have red degeneration during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have pain and miscarriage, but this chance is only about 10-15%.A red lesion appears, first choose conservative treatment.Including bed rest, fluid replenishment and general support treatment, antibiotic prevention infection is applied, and those with contractions are given to the palace shrinkage inhibitors.If conservative treatment fails or diagnosis is unclear, surgery can be considered.

Fibroids may grow up during pregnancy.However, some studies have shown that in the middle of pregnancy, fibroids with diameter <6cm remain unchanged or slightly increased, and fibroids with diameter> 6.0cm gradually become smaller; until late pregnancy, most fibroids remain unchanged.Or shrink.

In any case, the pregnancy of the uterine fibroids is a high -risk pregnancy. Pregnant mothers need to increase the number of birth examinations and strengthen monitoring.

Specifically, most of the pregnant mothers with uterine fibroids can be treated for treatment. Generally, uterine fibroids are abolished during pregnancy, because surgery is risky, which can lead to excessive blood loss, abortion, premature birth, fibroids removal of uterine uterus.The wall incision ruptured during the third trimester.

What are the cases need surgical treatment during pregnancy with uterine fibroids during pregnancy?

Under the slurry uterine fibroids to reverse; the abnormal increase of fibroids or in the pelvic cavity affects continuing pregnancy; fibroids compress the approach organs, and severe discomfort symptoms occur; red degeneration and conservative treatment of fibroids will be invalid.

Surgery time: surgery should be performed 24 weeks before pregnancy.

Is it necessary to have a cesarean section with uterine fibroids?

no.The method of childbirth should be determined according to the size, location and mother of the fibroids.The uterine fibroids are small and do not affect the progress of the output. You can choose vaginal delivery.

If the uterine fibroids are located in the lower section of the uterus, cervix, etc., it will affect the first exposure and pelvis of the fetus, which hinders the decline of the fetus and childbirth.For dangerous pregnant women, uterine fibroids are performed at the same time in cesarean section.

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