Prepare drugs for pregnancy and pregnancy!Otherwise it is dangerous

Chronic kidney disease is about 10%in my country, which is one of the relatively common chronic diseases, and there are naturally many women and male patients in the childbearing age.Many people think that if you get kidney disease, you cannot get pregnant and have children, especially female friends. If you are pregnant, you will increase the disease of the kidney disease and turn into uremia.Pregnancy and having children are very concerned whether men or women’s kidney disease.

So, can I get a healthy baby in pregnancy?Will pregnancy cause deterioration of kidney disease?What should I do if I am still taking medicine?What do you need to pay attention to?… Don’t worry!Let’s analyze it in detail below!

1. No medicine to continue taking

If you are preparing to get pregnant, you are still taking medicine, and the following medicines cannot be taken.The medication needs to be adjusted according to the condition.

1. Anti -antihypertensive drug

All Pribli and Satan, such as osasteartan (Kosia), Benanini (Lotinin), Pushadan (Daiwen), etc., you need to discontinue this type in advance for at least three months in advanceDrugs (the word "Prilum" or "Satan" in the pharmaceutical chemistry name).

If you are taking such medicines and found that you are pregnant, it is generally possible to stop the drug in time within 1 month of pregnancy (within 4 weeks of pregnancy).

High blood pressure occurs during pregnancy, and the antihypertensive drugs that can be used are: methagopa, Labell, and nifedzine.Diuretics may lead to potential hydrolagen disorders, and pregnant women are generally avoided.

2. Immunosenophils

Some immunosuppressants, such as cyclopensimamide, thundervama,? Maccinophen (Xiaoxin), and Lobeflmeit, there is a risk of teratogenic and is forbidden drugs for pregnancy.

3. Liphamium lowering medicine

Not recommended for use

4. Antibiotics

Antibiotics that are used to avoid use are amino glycoside, tetracycline, Terbilinin, sulfin, sulfa/ metharoxylidine.The completely disabled is quinine, sulfurizine, and Libaweilin.

Second, several medicines that can continue to be taken

If you are preparing to get pregnant, you are still taking medicine, and the following medicines can be continued.

Dominis pine slices and methyl nylon (except semimeton and Beamoni): can reduce dosage and maintain treatment with small doses, but mothers and fetuses must be tightly monitored during the medication.Other immunosuppressants: Circus A, Hiscormus, Repeamycin, and azozimine are considered to be relatively safe. If you still fail to be used during pregnancy, you need to monitor the blood drug concentration.

3. Some antihypertensive drugs can be taken: such as methylbaba, Labelol, and nitopenzine (but a nitopenphenylplastic interpretation tablets for pregnant women within 20 weeks of pregnancy).

3. Summary of medication for patients with pregnancy

According to the needs of the disease, weighing the risk of interests under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist.

1. It is necessary to clearly use the indicator of the drug, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and avoid unnecessary use.

2. Do not use medicine under the guidance of professionals. Do not use it without authorization.

3. If you can use a drug, you will not be used in combination with a variety of drugs.

4. Choose as much as possible for long -term use, clear safety and affirmative drugs, and avoid choosing new drugs that are not clear on the fetus.

5. Select the minimum effective dose when using the drug to avoid large doses.

6. Pay attention to the use of treatment, stop the medicine in time, except for the basic slow disease.

7. Consider taking medication according to the fetal development period (gestational week). If the condition allows the condition in the early stages of pregnancy, the medication is delayed as much as possible.

The world’s medicine is much vast, and everyone may have dizzy when they hear this.Regarding the general direction of pregnancy and pregnancy, only the following two points need to be remembered: as much as possible available drugs, the drugs that must be used must be guided by a doctor to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, female friends who are preparing to get pregnant should also pay attention to balanced diet, exercise appropriately, prevent cold and keep warm, avoid contact with toxic and harmful substances, regularly check in production, maintain a healthy and less sick, and use less medication, and welcome the baby’s arrival.

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