Preparation of pregnancy discovery during marriage?What are the taboos of pregnancy bride for pregnancy?

Xiaoxi received a message from netizens @miyo, saying that because of the epidemic, the wedding that originally planned to be held at the end of last year was dragged to May this year.But last week I found that I was pregnant.She is worried that pregnancy will affect the health of the baby, but she does not want to miss her wedding once a lifetime.

There is nothing bad to say that "running the ball". When the child grows up, TA can proudly say, "I also attended the wedding of my parents!" But the pregnancy bride did pay attention to many matters.

Today we will come to the wedding of the bride for pregnancy in August 18th.


Choose a wedding dress

Refuse the tail

The physical strength and energy of pregnant women are limited. Dragoning may be how you look like a wedding dress in your dream, but you should not try it easily. Once you accidentally step on it, you may cause tragedy.

In addition, most of the pregnant brides have a problem of frequent urination. It will be very inconvenient to go to the toilet on a long -tail wedding dress, so let’s give up.However, if you have a obsession with Dream Dragon, you can choose a small tail of 10 ~ 15cm, which is easy to walk without being too dangerous.

Light material

During pregnancy, the skin of pregnant women is fragile and easy to be allergic. Try not to choose hard gauze materials.Choose a softer fabric such as satin or lace to protect the skin of pregnant women, and walking lightly, there will be no big burden.

Sleeve or shoulder strap

The bride’s chest will become larger during pregnancy. Choosing an unobstructed tube top wedding dress can show a proud chest, but the bare tube top does not have a force point, and the deep chest is easy to sag.

You can choose a word -collar wedding dress with a sleeve, which is beautiful and dignified, but also adjusts the outline of the chest.For example, Wen Na’s wedding dress, the long -sleeved design can also cover the meat very well.How many limbs of the bride in the late pregnancy will have some puffiness, so you still need to cover up ~

"Little Dragon Girl" Chen Yanxi chose the shoulder style, and she covered her arm. It was also particularly thin for her because of pregnancy.

If you must wear a tube top, you must also choose to add shoulder decoration, and you cleverly turn big chest into sexy.The oblique shoulder style is also a good choice for pregnancy brides.


Choose a dress

Self -cultivation

The beautiful wedding ceremony is over, and then I will change to a dress and toast. How should I choose this dress?The dress is different from white gauze, and the scope of style and color will be wider.

The most beautiful pregnant mother Zhang Zilin is online ▽

Within five months of pregnancy, there are no particularly large brides in the belly. You can choose a more slim dress.The style is more solemn and the color is more lively. In fact, at this time, the figure curve of the expectant mothers is the most beautiful and can be shown generously.

"Capture" pregnant mothers from the red carpet of the stars, their dresses are definitely a model for pregnant brides!

But if you are in the middle and late pregnancy, it is best not to choose tightly. The safety of the baby is the first place. Pulling the waistline is still our only law!


Choice for wedding shoes

Do not exceed 2cm

It is very not recommended to wear 12cm hate like Chen Yanxi who is pregnant and wearing 12cm!Although the beauty is full, the risk is extremely high!

In addition to choosing a wedding dress with a comfortable body, the bride of pregnant women should pay special attention when choosing the bride shoes!Try to choose comfortable and safe wedding shoes. The best wedding shoes are the best.For the quasi -Ma Mama who weighs increasingly, Xiaoxin and Risk are too great!

In short, the stable choice of pregnant brides is shoes with a height of less than 2cm, and it will not be too tired after standing for a long time.It is also best to choose a loose and not squeezing, and even buy a large code to deal with the swelling of the legs and feet.


Skin care

Avoid hair dyeing nails

When choosing cosmetics, you must choose natural and plant ingredients, especially lipstick and foundation, and choose carefully.Remember not to do nails during perm and hair dyeing before the wedding!


① After pregnancy, cosmetics should choose products without spice, alcoholic, and additives.

② Try not to whiten and acne products.Because there are high doses of vitamin A, it is easy to cause the baby’s developmental deformity.

③ The steps are simplified as much as possible, do not give the skin too much burden.

④ In terms of smell, try to choose natural floral or tasteless products, otherwise it is easy to cause pregnancy.


Wedding attention details

Stay away from tobacco and alcohol, avoid tiredness

Pregnant brides try to avoid sitting with smoking. If they cannot be avoided, they boldly explain the situation with each other. Second -hand smoke is very harmful to pregnant women.

Communicate with Si Yi in advance. The wedding banquet style is best to be easy and cheerful. I told the emcee that he could not stand on the stage for a long time. Some programs with large amounts of activities were not convenient to participate, so that the emcee would not arrange a lot of things for you.

Even in order to adjust the atmosphere of the scene, the groom will be responsible for turning over the audience. Just make some simple cooperation!

When you are toasting, you should consider this problem when you are invited to invite bridesmaids.When you need to drink at the wedding, let the groomsmen and bridesmaid around you help you, you need to stay away from alcohol!Or use tea instead of wine.

Those who are pregnant are prone to tiredness, so pay attention to rest at the wedding.Let the wedding happy need you in time, but at this time, the baby’s safety is more important to you!

There are different symptoms in each period of pregnancy, but one thing is to pay attention to each period, that is, don’t have too much movement, especially in such a special day of weddings.

It must be remembered that 1-3 months of pregnancy is the key to the formation of the baby. Therefore, during this period, you must rest a lot, regularly go to the hospital for examination, take good care of yourself and your baby.Right ~

The pregnant mother gets married, and keeping a happy mood is really the most important ~ Relax, I hope you can be beautiful at the wedding!

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Do you choose to hold a wedding during pregnancy?



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