Pregnant women’s insomnia fetus is also restless, solve these 4 pregnancy problems, and easily fall asleep and no longer troubles.

Everyone’s physique and living habits are different, and the troubles after pregnancy are very different, and may even be completely opposite.For example, some pregnant mothers become drowsiness, and their spirits are not as good as before, but some Baoma suffers from insomnia and can’t sleep at night.Insomnia during pregnancy is very common, and is basically caused by physical changes.

After conceiving the baby, Baoma’s life may change tremendous changes, and recently, Komana has been plagued by insomnia.

Komana, who was just pregnant, was very able to sleep. She couldn’t wake up every day. Even if she had rest a lot during the day, she could still fall asleep easily at night and sleep until dawn.At that time, Komana was still working, and such a mental state made her quite uncomfortable.But as the month was big, Ogaya began to insomnia.

Limparies and itchy belly. When the night is quiet at night, this feeling is even more unbearable. I always feel that my body is uncomfortable. "Kobaya said annoyed.

When I ca n’t sleep, I will become more and more anxious. Kobaya is also worried that she will be forced to stay up late to hurt the child. After all, I still have almost two months to give birth. For so long, the child can not afford it.But even so, Kobaya dare not take sleeping pills. He can only move more during the day and listen to light music to help sleep.

Ordinary people are upset and worry about insomnia, not to mention that a person is going to sleep with a pregnant woman with two people?Especially the mother who has no habit of staying up late and without insomnia before, insomnia during pregnancy will be more difficult for them.In fact, many Baoma has the problem of decline in sleep quality during pregnancy. Insomnia is only one of the performances.

Hormone changes

Just like the restlessness of adolescence and the chaos of the menopause, pregnant Baoma will also cause emotions to be difficult to control because of changes in hormones, and it is easy to be impetuous.Therefore, what was wrong with Bao Ma during the day, her mood was not very good, or that she felt that her body was not comfortable at night, she would be particularly difficult to let go, so she was insomnia.And insomnia will further worsen the emotions of Bao Ma, forming a vicious circle.

Suggestion: It is really difficult to control emotions during pregnancy. This requires the family’s family, especially the husband and mother -in -law.At night.And Bao’s herself wants to open a little. After all, the mood is not punished by her own children.

Physical discomfort

Once there was a mother -in -law comparing her pregnancy to a disease. When the disease was born, all parts of the body could have discomfort, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and no spirit, fatness and fatness, leg cramps, edema, edema, edema, edema, edema, edema, edema, edema, edema, edema, edema, edema, edemaIf you are inconvenient, you can say that there are too many.And these discomfort in the body, Bao Ma’s sleep can be said to be normal.

Suggestions: There are more or less these discomforts after pregnancy, and we can do not do much.However, supplementing calcium with sufficient nutrition, exercising appropriately, and not greasy diet can reduce the discomfort of the body and make our body operate faster.

It’s inconvenient to sleep

In the past, I only needed to lie down and cover the quilt, but now I just lie down and try to ponder and adjust the sleeping position. It is too difficult to turn over at night.This is actually a kind of chronic torture. When Bao Ma wonders his sleeping position, when he turns over, he is faint.

Suggestion: Pregnant mothers may wish to go to bed half an hour in advance to cultivate their sleepiness, and lie in advance. Just sleep and go to sleep when they are sleepy.The month is really big. Moms can also buy pregnant women on the Internet to hold their stomachs to reduce their burden.

Often get up at night

Bao mothers in the third trimester were troubled by frequent urination, and they always ran to the bathroom one by one.The baby’s month is large, and the demand for space is even greater. The space of the bladder is temporarily requisitioned, and the urine that can be stored will become less.At night, Bao Ma was not convenient to get up at night, and sometimes it was not sleepy at night. Sometimes she thought about it as soon as she fell asleep, not to mention how annoying it was.

Suggestions: The frequent frequent urination in the third trimester is too normal. Moms can drink less soup while eating dinner, and drink less water before going to bed at night, which can reduce the number of nights to a certain extent.

During pregnancy, it is easy to fall asleep and the problem of poor sleep quality, and the mothers cannot stay up late.If the insomnia is more serious, it will not be alleviated. Bao moms can also choose to seek medical treatment and seek help from a doctor.

Have you been troubled by insomnia during pregnancy?How do you solve it?

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