Pregnant women have poor appetite and irritable. Eat 3 kinds of fruits can regulate emotions and promote the development of the baby

During pregnancy, a variety of hormones in the body change significantly, which in turn triggers a physiological reaction of physical discomfort. In addition, morning vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have greatly reduced their appetite, and their diet is light or heavy.Coupled with the recent changes in winter and spring, the weather is relatively dry, the air is lacking in water, and the sunny weather is less, and the environment indirectly affects the mood and appetite of pregnant mothers.

Pregnant mothers have a loss of appetite, but the baby in the stomach is very good. If the pregnant mother does not supplement enough nutrition, it is not enough to provide the fetal nutrients required, and the fetus will not grow healthily.And must nutrition be derived from the diet?no.

In addition to daily daily diet, eating fruits also has great benefits to the human body. Fruits contain a variety of vitamins and dietary fiber, which contain extremely high nutritional value. At the same timeMovement, digestion and absorption of nutrients.At the same time, most of the fruits are relatively light and refreshing, and it will not cause pregnant mothers to nausea. When the pregnant mother does not have appetite to eat, eating fruit may wish to be a good choice.Today, I will tell you what kinds of fruits are suitable for eating when you are pregnant:

1. Grapefruit

In the early stages of pregnancy, at this time, the pregnant mother had just started pregnancy reactions. At the same time, because of her pregnancy, many pregnant mothers were not suitable for a small life in their stomach, and their bodies would be uncomfortable.So why are pregnant mothers recommended to eat grapefruit?This is because the grapefruit contains the ingredients of natural folic acid, and in the early and in the early stages of pregnancy, the folic acid in the body can play a role in preventing pregnant women’s anemia and the congenital deformity of the baby.And the grapefruit entrance is relatively soft, juicy and refreshing, which can avoid the pregnancy reaction of pregnant women.But if there is a pregnant mother allergic to grapefruit, eating grapefruit is not suitable.

2. Banana

As we all know, pregnant mothers often rise and fall when they are pregnant, and it is common for her temper.The pregnant mother’s temper not only hurts the family, but affects the relationship between husband and wife. More importantly, it is not conducive to the growth of the baby in the stomach.Studies have shown that the emotions of pregnant mothers during pregnancy can affect their children’s personality and IQ, and it is also particularly important for the normal growth and development of the fetus.Maintaining a good and stable emotion for a long time during pregnancy can also make the production process more smooth.

A special component contained in bananas can help maintain emotional stability, dispel pessimism, anxiety and other emotions, and bananas are also effective for constipation during pregnancy.

It should be noted that the digestion of bananas in the stomach is too long and more sugar contains, so it is not recommended to eat more pregnant women.

3. Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is also kiwi, which contains a variety of vitamins, which can not only help the beautiful pregnant mothers have a beauty and beauty, but also reduce the production of pregnancy spots.And the vitamin C contained in the kiwi can improve the absorption efficiency of the human body and play a role in preventing iron deficiency anemia.

The calories of kiwi fruit are low. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry about gaining weight. Instead, they can also control weight.Moreover, kiwi has a laxative effect, which can help alleviate the constipation of the pregnant mother’s body.

When you are pregnant, eating more fruits is more beneficial, but you have a certain harm to each fruit. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not care about the fruit or strange reasons.Come to eat instead of eating one or two kinds of fruits.

After reading the above articles, what kind of fruits do you think are suitable during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message to share!

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