Pregnant women have great hypertension, remember these 4 points in their diet, and avoid control of blood pressure

When it comes to hypertension, many people are no strangers. They all know that persistent hypertension will cause great harm to the cardiovascular vascular of the body. Among them, pregnancy hypertension will cause abortion or premature birth of pregnant women without controlling control.Creation of eclampies leads to threatening the mother’s life. Therefore, once pregnant women find high blood pressure, pay attention to daily diet in addition to life conditioning.

1. Pay attention to moderate nutrition

Because the nutrition received by the fetus is obtained from the mother, once the nutritional problem is affected by the tissue and organ development of the fetus, the brain and other tissue and organs will be affected.Blasting causes excess nutrition to make the body obese, and the excessive nutritional nutrients will not only affect the body, but also affect the indicator.

Second, vitamin cellulose must be taken enough

Because vitamin A can promote fetal growth and development, it can enhance the resistance of pregnant women, and cellulose can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent pregnant women from constipation. If pregnant women have hypertension, they will cause accidents due to high screen gas defecation., The feces can be discharged smoothly, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables must be sufficient to ensure that the body’s vitamins and cellulose intake can be sufficient.

Third, do not drink, do not smoke

During pregnancy, drinking to the fetus is extremely harmful. Toxic substances in tobacco and alcohol will be absorbed by the fetus through the placenta and affect the development of the fetus, and drinking can cause blood pressure to be unstable, causing the blood pressure fluctuations in pregnant women to cause accidents.Smoking can cause vascular sclerosis, vascular sclerosis blood circulation becomes slower, and blood pressure will rise in the state of vascular dilation.

Fourth, eat less salt diet

Most pregnant women will change during pregnancy, and even have a lot of heavy taste, but pay attention to eating less foods with salt, salt will cause water and sodium to stay and increase blood pressure and unstable blood pressure.It is a pregnant woman with hypertension. When cooking food, it is mainly as light -flavored, and eat less various pickled foods on the market, especially southerners.Don’t think that it doesn’t matter if you don’t eat too much. In the case of unstable blood pressure, it will cause harm.

Kind tips

If pregnant women have hypertension during pregnancy, they must be vigilant. Pay attention to diet and maintain a good lifestyle in addition to regular monitoring to avoid continuous rise in blood pressure. It affects the cardiovascular and affects the fetus.During pregnancy, it can soothe emotions through exercise and avoid excessive blood pressure fluctuations.

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Reference information: "Pregnant women’s blood pressure rises, do not take it lightly, pay attention to these 4 points in diet, mother and child peace" 2020.4.19

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