Pregnant women eat fish several times a week.

It is best to eat every day, and you can eat more seafood. Eat fish and shrimp as much as possible, because high calcium and good protein are very good for pregnant women and fetuses.

Pregnant women eat fish several times a week

It is best to eat every day, and you can eat more seafood. You can eat as much as possible, because the calcium is high and the protein is good. You can eat more things (gum, abalone, Ejiao) six months ago.You can eat more. After seven months, don’t eat things that make up, because you are afraid of the fetus too large, it is difficult to give birth.After seven months, eat more cool things (do not eat rice, mung beans because you can move your fetal gas) to eat watermelon (but not eat more).

Which fish pregnant women can’t eat

Fish with high mercury content

Some fish with high mercury content, pregnant women must not eat it.Comecades are very harmful to the human body, and it is likely to affect the growth and development of the fetus, which can easily lead to deformity.For example, shark, catfish king, flagfish, and square fish, these four types of fish mercury content is very high.

Salted fish

Salted fish belongs to pickled foods, and pickled foods also have a large amount of second metrophic nitrite. This substance can cause cancer, and the chance is very high.Therefore, pregnant women must not be eaten, not only will endure the health of pregnant women, but the chance of fetal disease will be relatively high.

Fish in waters near chemical plants

Fish in the waters near the chemical factory increase the content of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury in fish, and these contaminated fish will crisis the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury can easily lead to poisoning, and it is best not to eat pregnant women.

Fish with signs of corruption

After fish is corrupted, a large number of histamine will be decomposed, which will induce strong perverted reactions, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women.Therefore, pregnant women must avoid these fish during pregnancy, and do not have the idea of throwing it away.

Daeta or fish that is close to the ponds of rice fields and fish breeding

During the process of planting rice, a certain amount of pesticides or pesticides will be applied. These chemical agents will flow into the surrounding ponds as the water flows into the surrounding ponds, and then dives into the fish body in the body to pollute the fish.In addition, the accumulation of fish for pesticides and pesticides is very strong, and the tolerance is very high. If the pregnant woman eats it by mistake, it will cause adverse consequences.

The benefits of eating more fish in pregnant women

Eating fish can make pregnant women feel good

There is a special fatty acid in the fish, which is related to the "happy hormone" in the human brain. Eating fish often maintains happy hormones "is in a normal state, so that pregnant women can get a good mood and help eugenics.

Eat more fish helps prevent premature birth

There are many reasons for premature birth. In addition to avoiding factors, as much as possible, scientists have confirmed that eating more fish will not only help babies who give birth to the moon, but also make newborns healthier and stronger.Researchers believe that the rich omega-3 fatty acids in fish can prolong pregnancy and prevent premature birth, thereby increasing the baby’s weight.Scientists studied the dietary habits of 8,000 women during pregnancy, and found that women who often eat fish have a small chance of premature delivery.Statistics show that the premature birth rate of pregnant women who never eat fish is 7.1%, while pregnant women who eat fish at least once a week, the premature birth rate is only 1.9%.

The nutrition of fish is very comprehensive

Fish is rich in high -quality protein, high -quality unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, lecithin, vitamin D and potassium, calcium, zinc and other mineral elements. These are necessary substances for fetal development.

In addition, the rich taurine in fish also has the effect of promoting brain development. In addition to directly affecting the proliferation and maturity of brain cells, it can also indirectly stimulate the body’s absorption and utilization of zinc, copper, iron and other 16 kinds of free amino acids.Essence

Pregnant women eat more fish baby’s vision with good vision

Women should eat more oily fish when they are pregnant. This is because oil-based fish is rich in a element that constitutes nerve membranes, known as Omega-3 fatty acids.The HDA contained in Omega-3 fatty acids has a close relationship with the development of the nerves in the brain, which can help fetal vision development.If the fetus from the 7th to 9th month to the birth of the fetus, if the fetus is seriously lacked by HDA, the optic neuritis, blurred vision, and even blindness will occur.

Eating fish in pregnant women can reduce depression

Relevant statistics show that the incidence of severe postpartum depression in pregnant women is about 10%, while the first maternal can reach 13-15%.A new study shows that eating fish for pregnant women can reduce pre -delivery or postpartum depression.This is because they can get omega-3 fatty acids.The more omega-3 fatty acids taken from seafish in the end of pregnancy in the end of pregnancy, the smaller the danger of depression during pregnancy and postpartum.

However, although the fish is rich in nutrition, some types of fish contain mercury. This substance can enter the fetus via the placenta, which will not only affect its growth and development, lead to slow growth and development, and even cause damage to the development of the brain.Therefore, the more you eat fish, the better.

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