Pregnant women check HCG is very important. In addition to testing, these 4 items can also be measured

After pregnancy, if you want to confirm whether you are really pregnant, you will buy an early pregnancy test paper test.One red line is not pregnant, and the two red lines are pregnant. The principle of test strips for early pregnancy is to determine whether pregnancy is determined by measuring the HCG value.

So what is HCG?

HCG, the Chinese name is called human chorionic gonadotropin, which belongs to the pregnancy measurement method that women often use after pregnancy, because this hormone will grow very quickly within 2 weeks before Huaiyuan. This is mainly to maintain pregnancy.Only the monthly value will slow down, and it will be stable after 5 months of pregnancy.

What is the role of pregnant women to check HCG?

1. pregnancy test

The most used for HCG testing is pregnancy testing. After the expectant mothers are pregnant, HCG, which originally existed in blood and urine, will fluctuate with the increase of the pregnancy week. Therefore, it is possible to determine whether women are pregnant based on the changes in HCG.The best time for pregnancy testing is about 10 days after the same room. This is the basis for checking the data as a pregnancy.In addition to pregnancy testing, doctors can also judge the number of pregnancy tires based on the value of the first three months of pregnancy, whether it is a single or more child.

2. Check whether ectopic pregnancy

After a woman is pregnant, starting from the 9th day, the medium β -HCG value of the blood in the body increases, and the number of numbers every 2 days will double. If the continuous hormone growth is found during this timePregnancy.Of course, in addition to ectopic pregnancy, this kind of numerical abnormalities may also be an embryonic abnormalities and a slow or stagnation of fetal development.

3. Check the tires

If 3 months after pregnancy, the value of the HCG in serum is greatly higher than the normal value. This value deviation may be caused by hydatidal tires. You can ask a doctor to diagnose in detail.

4. Donnar inspection

Check the level of AFP and β-HCG in the blood in pregnant women’s body. Doctors can judge the Tang syndrome and check that the best time is 16 weeks to 20 weeks after pregnancy.Essence

5. Abortion

Checking the HCG value in the early pregnancy can judge the bed and development of the fetus, and can also determine the possibility of abortion in pregnant women.

Therefore, it is recommended that a woman should pay attention to the changes in the HCG value after pregnancy. If there are abnormalities, it must be prevented early.

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