Pregnant wife is terminally ill, facing Bao Da or Bao Xiao, husband: None of them

Pregnant wife is terminally ill, facing Bao Da or Bao Xiao, husband: None of them

In the journey of life, we often face many difficult choices and challenges.However, when these choices are closely connected with love and love, their difficulty and complexity are beyond imagination.This is a story about love, courage, and life. A couple faced the test of life and death in the joy of breeding new life.

Everything originated from an ordinary day. At that time, they were a happy and happy couple.Liming always gives new hope, and the sunset fade away yesterday’s sorrow.At that time, they didn’t know that the torrent of fate was quietly brewing, and a disaster was about to come.

Xiaojuan (pseudonym) is a gentle and elegant woman. She has a sweet smile and understanding personality. She is the mentor of the friends around her friends.And her husband Xiao Gang (pseudonym) is a stable and intelligent person. His love and tolerance always make Xiaojuan feel happy.

However, when Xiaojuan’s pregnancy came from the good news of pregnancy, they felt extremely happy. They looked forward to the upcoming new life and fantasized the future.However, the wheel disk of fate began to rotate unpredictable.

In the early stages of pregnancy, Xiaojuan felt uncomfortable in the body. At first they were not too worried, thinking that this was a common reaction during pregnancy.However, over time, Xiaojuan’s symptoms have become more and more obvious.She felt exhausted, her appetite was still dizzy.After a series of examinations, doctors have obtained a shocking diagnosis: Xiaojuan suffers from a rare terminal illness.

This cruel news exploded their peaceful life like a blockbuster bomb.While Xiaojuan was pregnant, the illness was also raging in her body.At this time, Xiao Gang’s heart was extremely contradictory and heartache.He was unwilling to accept reality, unwilling to believe that his wife would face the threat of life, but reality was relentlessly in front of them.

Xiao Gang always cried quietly with Xiaojuan at night, he didn’t know what to do.On the one hand, the children who are about to be born are their hope and future, and on the other side is the life of their wives, and they are their precious and unique.In the face of the dilemma, Xiao Gang was like an acrobat actor walking on the steel wire.

Under the persuasion of family and friends, Xiao Gang finally made a difficult decision: Guo Xiao.They cannot risk decisions to maintain greatness. While breeding their lives, they may lose their wife’s life, which is the consequence of his unbearable.He chose to believe in the progress and hope of medicine. For Xiaojuan, in order to come to the children who are about to come to the world, he is willing to do his best to resist the attack of the disease.

Xiaojuan’s treatment began, and her body was injected with the power of hope and drugs.Xiao Gang always accompanied her, supporting her with love and strong.They spent countless day and night together, laughed, cried, and waited, as if the race of life was full of uncertainty every minute and every second.

During this period, Xiaojuan had repeatedly put forward the idea of "Bao Da", and she was reluctant to be this little life that was growing in her uterus.She is willing to protect her life with her life, but Xiaogang always refuses firmly because he cannot stand the pain of losing his wife and cannot bear the burden of lonely raising children.

The cruelty of life has forces their love and marriage unprecedentedly, but also makes their feelings more firm.They learned brave and strong together, and learned to bear and persist together.Even if the road ahead is long, they believe that there will always be the sun at the end.

However, fate once again launched the final challenge to them.After a examination, the doctor told them an unexpected news: Xiaojuan’s terminal illness seemed to improve.This unexpected good news surprised them, but also brought new confusion.Is the previous choice wrong?Should they re -consider "Bao Da"

This option?

Under uncertain circumstances, they sought more medical opinions and professional advice.However, doctors still cannot give an exact answer, and they can only choose to believe in miracles and hope.

In the next days, Xiaojuan gradually recovered some physical strength, and her face had a smile on her face.The child was thrive in her uterus, and Xiao Gang had been guarding her next to her without discarding.They began to believe that life may have endless possibilities, maybe hoping to wait for them not far away.

This is a twists and turns and uncertainty. They don’t know what the ending in front.But they know that whether it is Bao Da or Bao Xiao, this is their common choice, and it is the decision they use love and responsibility.

Some people may question Xiao Gang’s decision, thinking that he should choose "Bao Da" to give children more opportunities and the right to survive.However, this is a choice that should not be judged, because only they understand the bitterness and helplessness in them.

The persistence and strength of life, the greatness and selflessness of love, have intertwined into a touching picture in this story.Regardless of the ending, their love and courage will become an indelible mark in our hearts.

Let us pray for this strong couple, hope that their future is full of hope and light, and hope that their love and family will always be happy.It also allows us to draw strength from their stories, cherish every moment in life, and face the challenges of life with love and courage.Because in the world of love, every choice is a miracle that cannot be copied.

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