Pregnant skin is poor, acne and spots … How should pregnant women scientific skin care?

1. Poor

Main related hormones: promoting melanocytoplastic hormones, estrogen, progesterone.

Other related factors: placenta -rich biological active sheath fats, ultraviolet rays.

Main manifestations: nipples, areola, underarms, white lines, vulva, and anus appear (90%) of the original color spots, moles, and recent scar color.

2, chloasma

Main related factors: endocrine changes, ultraviolet rays, genetic easily sensuality.

Nutritional factors: malnutrition, folic acid in the body, serious insufficient vitamins, etc.

Food and drug factors: A large or long -term use of contraceptives, antidepressants, and antimiciplasia drugs before pregnancy.

Living habits: Bad living habits such as stress and lack of sleep, use cosmetics containing adverse ingredients.

Main manifestations: Facial faces are also involved in the orbital, forehead, upper lip, and nose. Butterfly brown spots (45 ~ 75%) usually appear after 3 months of pregnancy, and can be faded by themselves within one year after childbirth, and a few continues to exist.

3, stretch marks

Main related hormones: adrenal corticosteroids, estrogen, relaxation.

Main influencing factors: genetic and sensuality, excessive weight growth, large fetal, and lack of exercise.

Main performance: purple -red, pink stripes → decolorizing, atrophy → white linear scar -like stripes, occasionally itching and burning sensation.It is mainly distributed in the abdomen and can also occur at the near -end of the chest, back, hip and limbs.

4. Acne

Main reasons: changes in hormone in the body → The overall sebaceous gland function is enhanced, the hair follicle cells are excessive, and acne hypalmia is infected.

Others: psychological pressure, emotional fluctuations, lack of sleep, environmental pollution, improper diet, topical cosmetics.

Main manifestations: the face becomes greasy and rough.Some patients have acne during pregnancy, and most of the patients are worsen on the basis of the original acne.

5. Skin sensitive itching

Possible reasons: hormone changes, foreign irritants, dry skin, and estrogen causes bile stasis.

Main manifestations: red or pink pimples appear on the stretch of the middle and late stages of pregnancy, accompanied by itching.More than 15%of pregnant women appear in the late pregnancy and have no rash in the whole body.

6. Mao Mao

Main related hormones: androgen.

There may be potential diseases: ovarian tumors that secrete androgens, multiple ovarian cysts, luteal cysts, lutein tumors.

Main manifestations: occur in early pregnancy and often occur on the face, followed by limbs and backs, and more obvious among women with black hair or weight weight, which fades within 6 months after delivery.

1. Keep good emotions

The secretion of emotions and hormones is under the jurisdiction of the lower hills. The brain of the hypothalamus is upper cerebral cortex, the lower brain pituitary gland and other nerve tissues are the center of regulating nerve-body fluid-endocrine.

2. Successful sleep

Insufficient sleep can lead to a variety of skin problems: skin capillaries, stagnation of skin, obstruction of circulation, lack of nutrition in the skin, accelerating aging, affecting skin metabolism, abnormal oil secretion, and in vitro.

The main manifestations are: dark skin, dark circles, facial stains, dry skin, peeling, wrinkles, acne.

3. Appropriate exercise exercise

Pregnant women need to undergo standardized inspections of obstetrics and internal medicine before exercising, understand the basic heart, lung function, energy metabolism, and taboos, and perform appropriate exercise intensity and duration according to individual conditions.

4. Balanced diet, appropriately supplement nutrition

The growth and development of the fetus have their own laws of food demand and demand.Excessive eating of pregnant women will increase the possibility of childbirth difficulties and diseases.Pregnant women need to avoid obesity during pregnancy and grow too fast.

5. Do a good job of cleaning and moisturizing the skin, and choose a mild facial cleanser, and the simple moisturizing cream and lotion with the ingredients, try to choose and appropriate, avoid changing it at will;It is better for people with moisturizing. Do not use facial cleanser with fragrance, alcohol, matte particles or more oily; there are more oil secretion during pregnancy, and you can increase the number of baths appropriately. After bathingOverwhelming water should not exceed 38 degrees Celsius; in winter, it is too dry to use hand cream and moisturizing oil.

6. Thoroughly sunscreen. If pregnant women do not go out often, choose the clear sunscreen moisturizing cream of SPF15 or 20, PA (+++);Once, put on a hat or use a sun umbrella to protect the skin to avoid direct ultraviolet radiation.

The skin condition of pregnant women will change after pregnancy, mainly because of the impact of progesterone changes in the body during pregnancy, coupled with the influencing factors such as diet and schedule, a series of skin problems will follow.However, these skin problems only need to be taken good care during pregnancy. The postpartum hormone adjustment is adjusted back to normal, and the skin will be recovered.

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