Pregnant nausea and vomiting, moxibustion 1 acupoint, disappear if discomfort

Self -intoxicated acupuncture

South Korean acupuncture, everyone Kim Nan -soo is not only clever, but also

Medical ethics is also very noble,

He often goes to remote places for free clinic.

The following stories happened in a free clinic.

Once, Dr. Jin took a boat to a place called Guanmei Island for a free consultation.

The sky is clear, the wind and the wind are smooth,

Dr. Jin stood on the deck overlooking the beautiful scenery of the distant place, and the soft wind was blowing on the face.

I can’t help but recite in my heart

During the resignation of Baidi Caiyun, Qianli Jiangling also returned.

The apes on both sides of the strait couldn’t cry, and the light boat had exceeded the mountains.

Just as he is really intoxicated by himself, he is really a cultural person.

"Vomiting ~, vomiting ~" from not far away, stem vomiting,

Dr. Jin trembled, and his thoughts immediately returned to reality.

How can you be heard in your heart? Is it too public?

Turn around, look at it,

A lady covered her mouth and relieved it.

Dr. Jin thought she was a seasick, and he had a needle for seasickness.

But after approaching, she learned that she was not seasick, but an early pregnancy reaction.

Dr. Jin said softly to her:

"This lady, I am a acupuncture master, give you a place to moxibustion, you will not be disgusting anymore, if you don’t collect money, do you want to try it?"

Who knows that pregnant women do not appreciate at all,

While swaying, he waved his hand:

"Don’t, they all say that pregnant women can’t do acupuncture, otherwise it is not good for children, I still tolerate. Vomit ~ vomit ~"

Dr. Jin encountered many of this situation, and continued to explain patiently:

"Pregnant women can acupuncture, as long as you don’t encounter special parts and acupoints. You can rest assured. I am Jin Nanxuan in Seoul. If you watch the news, you should have seen me. I have cured the president.Let’s have a long way to be icing in the place where moxibustion is lying, and it will not hurt the child. "

The pregnant woman hesitated and finally agreed.

Moxibustion of nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy

For discomfort such as nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy, moxibustion can be used.

The giant acupoint is located on the upper abdomen, and the front midline is 6 inches in the middle of the umbilicus, that is, the depression at the intersection of the chest and abdomen.

On the vein, the giant acupoint can be used to treat the symptoms of nausea and vomiting during chest pain, heartache, palpitations, and nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Dr. Jin used rice moxibustion to moxibustion 1 strong here, and the nausea of pregnant women disappeared.

If you are nausea, vomiting and other discomfort due to pregnancy,

You can use moxa to moxibustion here for 5 minutes, or massage this acupuncture point, which is all possible.

Everyone rest assured that the ion is far away and will not hurt the fetus.

The pregnant woman who had disappeared suddenly thanked Dr. Jin happily:

"It’s been so comfortable for a long time, thank you really."

Dr. Jin waved his sleeves. He originally planned to leave without taking away a cloud, leaving only a chic image of Confucianism.

But on the shore, Dr. Jin’s chic and Confucianism would collapse,

Because he was carrying a large bag and his luggage in his hand, he disappeared into the sea of people.

It’s really hard to keep the image of a high -person tall person!

After getting off the ship, what patients will Dr. Jin meet?

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