Pregnant mothers pay attention that these three types of skin care products may be harmful to the fetus.

In the early years, animal experiments showed that if a large number of chemicals in hairdressing products, such as phenylbenamides, ethanlamine, etc. during pregnancy, may increase the risk of fetal malformations.

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Whether you can make up during pregnancy and which skin care products can be used have always been a big problem that is troubled by pregnant mothers.Since pregnancy, no matter what Baoma buys, she has to ask: "Can pregnant women use it?"

Of course, you can use skin care and cosmetics appropriately during pregnancy, but you should pay attention to the safety of ingredients. There are three types of skin care products that may be harmful to the fetus. Pregnant mothers should pay attention, it is best not to stick a drop.

Xiaowen had just checked her pregnancy, and she was still interesting from the hospital home. After arriving at home, she habitually washed her hand and instantly fell into confusion: "Ah, can pregnant women use alcoholic handwashing hand lotion?"

This is not over. As soon as Xiaowen looked up, seeing the various skin care products and cosmetics on the toile cabinet, it was instantly full of question marks. I don’t know if these skin care products can continue to be used.

Xiaowen, who had just returned home from the hospital, returned to the hospital by car: "Doctor, can you still use skin care products?"

The doctor’s face looked strange and said, "When you are pregnant, everyone becomes careful. Of course, you can use skin care products during pregnancy. You need to pay attention to some risk ingredients.It is enough to moisturize with the foundation. "

In accordance with the doctor’s advice, Xiaowen took notes seriously, and went home one by one according to the ingredients mentioned by the doctor. He found that his skin care products used before pregnancy were originally available for pregnancy, and finally he could let go of it.

What skin care products can be used during pregnancy?For these three types of supplies, mothers can use it safely.

1. Conventional moisturizing agent

After pregnancy, due to the influence of hormones during pregnancy, Baoma’s skin is more likely to dry and peel. Therefore, moisturizing products during pregnancy are very necessary. Moms should never refuse the skin care products because of pregnancy.

The moisturizing water milk used in daily, the ingredients are mainly hyaluronic acid, glycerin, butanol, etc. These formulas are relatively safe and can be used during pregnancy.

2. Lipstick, lipstick

Pregnant mothers still care about the "entry" things, especially in the past rumors that lipstick contains lead, which has made the pregnant mothers "talk red".

In fact, the lipsticks and lipsticks of regular brands are basically safe and harmless. The amount of red and redness can be eaten by mothers, and there is no need to worry too much.Be careful not to buy "Three None" products.

3. Makeup supplies

Make -up supplies such as mascara and eye shadow can be used normally during pregnancy. Many stars and pregnant mothers will still be out of the country with heavy makeup during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can also have the right to pursue beauty.

It should be noted that the makeup remover should be selected as mildly and non -irritating makeup remover to avoid choosing makeup remover with alcohol. It is recommended to use makeup remover or makeup remover.

When choosing skin care products, mothers need to be alert to these three types of products, which may indeed be harmful to the baby and very dangerous.

◆ Acne

Do not care about acne during pregnancy. Do a good job of water and oil balance than anything.Acne products may contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, vitamin A acid, and may stimulate the skin, and the second may have adverse effects on the fetus.

In addition, anti -wrinkle products may have vitamin acid, which is also more dangerous. Moms should be cautious. In just ten months of pregnancy, you should first tube wrinkles.

◆ Whitening

Skin care products with whitening function may contain nicotinamide, retinol, etc., especially some eye creams with dark circles. Such skin care products also need to pay attention to it. It may threaten the fetus.La.

◆ Three products

Some pregnant mothers "voted for the medicine" and wanted to buy skin care products for pregnant women. As a result, they fell into some sales pits and bought so -called pregnant women’s special brands, but they were actually three -free products.

Moms should remember to buy products of regular manufacturers and formal brands, and choose safe and harmless skin care products in them.

① Pregnant mothers are very sensitive. Products with flavor may cause discomfort. It is recommended that mothers choose priority skin care products with tasteless, or light odors.

② Hair -dye, hair glue, nail polish and other items with strong volatile ingredients are not recommended during pregnancy.There are some hair dyes that claim to be pure plants. Moms should pay attention to comparison and ensure safety.

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