Pregnant mothers must know: Is it really so amazing?

Machinone?Preservation of fetal medicine?Female friends who have no experience in breeding may be aggressive, but mothers who have experienced pregnancy experience must be familiar.Because of progesterone, it is not only an important indicator of examination during pregnancy, but also an important guarantee for the normal growth and development of the fetus before the formation of the placenta.Here, I will briefly introduce you to you:

Lyromone, also known as progesterone and luteal hormone, is the main elegance of ovarian secretion of biological activity.Before ovulation, the amount of progesterone hormone produced every day is 2 ~ 3 mg, mainly from the ovarian nest.After ovulation, it rose to 20 ~ 30 mg per day, and most of them were secreted by luteal in the ovaries.Cannoga can protect women’s uterine endometrium. During women’s pregnancy, progesterone hormones can provide support and guarantee for early growth and development of the fetus, and can also calm the uterus to a certain degree of calming.

In the early days of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will see the doctor’s seeing the progesterone because of the instability of the fetus.In the forum, pregnant mothers often share the experience of injections.Magne ketone seems to be a fetal medicine, escort the healthy growth of the fetus.But why is progesterone so strange?Today, Xiaobian will take you to unveil the magical veil of progesterone!

In the monthly cycle, there will be a mature egg on one side of the ovaries. After ovulation, the follicles will change, and it will become 1-2 cm in diameter, and the color yellow is like wild chrysanthemum -aversion.If the eggs are not fertilized, then menstrual luteal is formed, and the luteal cells quickly become smaller and degenerate to form a white body; if the excreted eggs are fertilized, it is pregnancy luteal.

Pregnancy lutein can secrete estrogen and progesterone to ensure the normal progress of pregnancy.One of the progesterone secreted by it is "progesterone", also known as progesterone.So, what is the effect of progesterone?

Action 1. Infry the endometrium and prepare for the bed in bed.During ovulation, under the influence of progesterone secreted by the luteum, the endometrium is converted from the proliferation period to the secretion period, making the endometrium containment of the embryo bed.Magne ketone can promote the growth of the uterine mucosal glands and thickening the endometrium, which is equivalent to creating a "warm and comfortable home" for fertilized eggs, which is conducive to the fertilized eggs in bed.

Action 2. Inhibit the shrinkage of the uterus and keep the fetus safely.Some studies believe that progesterone can change the permeability of the uterine cell membrane to ions, make the membrane superfatient, therefore reduced the excitement and conduction of uterine muscles, and reduced the uterine muscles to various stimuli (including the shrinkin) of various stimuli (including uterinein))Sensitivity, thereby preventing the uterus from discharging embryos to protect the fetus.

Action 3. Prevent embryos from being excluded by the mother.From the perspective of immunology, progesterone has the effect of immune protection and suppress immune response.When women are pregnant, progesterone increases, which can prevent embryos from being rejected by the mother and maintain pregnancy.When progesterone is insufficient, the embryo may be rejected by the mother.

So how much is the level of progesterone in the body?Generally speaking, as long as the progesterone level is not less than 25ng/ml (78nmol/L) in the early pregnancy, it is normal.

If it is confirmed that after pregnancy, it is best to check within three months of pregnancy, so you can find possible problems in time.You can check at any time during pregnancy, and then check again the next day, which can be compared with the two HCG and progesterone values of two times.For women who have experienced abortion or irregular menstruation before pregnancy, progesterone should be checked as soon as possible.The main test of progesterone is to compare with the previous number of times, and the value between different pregnant women is not comparable.

It should be noted that the luteal ketone metabolism is fast. If you cannot check it in time after blood drawing, there will be errors in the results of the inspection.Blood time, if the interval is too long, check the results.In addition, if it is just luteal ketone low and HCG is normal, considering the possibility of checking errors.

Although there are many benefits to fetal ketone, not all pregnant women who have a threatened abortion are suitable for luteal ketone to protect the fetus.

Obstetricians told us that 60%of the causes of natural abortion clinical are caused by abnormal chromosomes, and insufficient luteal secretion is only a part of the small part.Sinoma abortion caused by uterine abnormalities, infection, chronic diseases and other reasons. The use of progesterone is invalid, especially chromosomal abnormalities.If the embryo itself is abnormal, the embryo may not be discharged by the body in time after using the luteum, and the "abortion symptoms" disappear on the surface. In fact, the belly is a dead embryo.The risks have also greatly increased.

Women with low progesterone should supplement natural progesterone under the doctor’s order. Eat the following foods with low progesterone also helps to condition:

1. It contains a relatively rich ingredients of soybean exthylaskones and natural vitamin E, which can help women’s own body produce more progesterone.

2. Eat some fresh fruits rich in fruit glue and dietary fiber, such as peaches, grapefruit, strawberry, kiwi, duck pear, etc.

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