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New crown medicine during pregnancy

01 Maternal Maternal Crown New Crown Infection Overview

During the pregnancy of women’s respiratory systems, there is no sensitive physiological change that is susceptible to sensuality.

At present, a large number of clinical data shows that the symptoms and severity of pregnant women are basically similar to the symptoms and severity of ordinary people. Most of them are asymptomatic or mild, and there are very few torture, so there is no need to worry too much.

Symptoms are often manifested as dry throat, cough, runny nose, sore body, fever, etc. Generally, it has improved for three to four days, and the course of the disease lasts about seven days.

02 Precautions for medication

If you are encountered during pregnancy, you should consult a professional doctor or pharmacist.Do not listen to the biased prescriptions and the secret recipe and abuse drugs.

If infection, it is not appropriate to use the multi -medicine combined with the symptoms as soon as possible.Pay attention to relaxing the mood during the home period, monitor the body temperature daily, and detect the antigen according to regulations.Regardless of whether it is early or in the middle, or late stages of pregnancy, during home isolation, if there is obvious symptoms of discomfort and signs before childbirth, you still need to report it to the doctor in a timely manner.Essence

Each antipyretic medicine has different dosage forms and manufacturers, and the content of each medicine is different, so the interval time is different from the daily largest amount. Please read the instructions carefully before taking it to avoid excessive use.Take it under the guidance of the pharmacist.

8 If the body temperature is <38 ° C and there is no obvious discomfort symptoms, generally do not need to use antipyretic drugs, mainly physical cooling, such as antipyretic stickers and warm water wiper baths.

8 If the body temperature is ≥38 ° C, and the physical cooling method is not ideal, when using antipyretic drugs, for pregnant women, acetamin is a safe antipyretic drug, remember to choose a single component to acetaminol. Do not need to do not needCompound preparations to acetaminol, such as compound compound acetylphenol tablets (overlap, scattering pain, new scattered power, etc.) or other compound cold medicines containing acetaminol.

In addition, remind everyone to pay attention to the absolute prohibition of antiviral drugs Libavirin during pregnancy.

Libaweilin’s oral absorption is quickly and complete, and it is almost combined with plasma protein. It can enter the red blood cells. The accumulation volume is large and accumulated for several weeks. Drugs can cause fetal malformations through the placenta, and they are prohibited during pregnancy.

If Libavirin is used during pregnancy, whether it is women or men, it should be contraceptive at least 6 months after treatment.

03 Prevention during pregnancy prevention new crowns

In terms of protective measures, pay attention to the following points:

① Go out, wear masks in public places, wear N95 masks when you go to the hospital, and go to the place where you can gather less;

② Frequent ventilation at home or in the office to keep the air circulation;

③ Go back and wash your hands frequently.

In terms of lifestyle, the pharmacist recommends that eating more fruits rich in vitamin C (such as orange, mandarin, kiwi, lemon, etc.) and vegetables (such as tomato, western blue flowers, etc.) in diet.Tea or Luohan fruit tea), avoid too greasy diet, avoid food accumulation phlegm turbid or damp and humid accumulation.

In addition, we often say that "drinking more hot water" should also pay attention to "too hard". When the intake of water exceeds the ability of the kidneys, it will cause water poisoning.In particular, people who originally had diseases such as kidney disease and heart failure should pay special attention.Therefore, "Yang" or a cold can’t just drink a lot of water. It is recommended not to drink more than 3 liters within 24 hours.

Do pregnant women need to prevent medication without infection?

1) At present, the new crown has no preventive drugs and does not need to be used.It is recommended to eat a reasonable diet, and appropriate exercise to improve resistance, especially when he is older, overweight, obesity or accompanied by hypertension or diabetic pregnant women to strengthen self -protection.

2) In order to properly improve the immunity, the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Songjiang District has launched a special Chinese medicine tea drinking service for maternal medicine. During the consultation and inspection, the doctor for consultation can be discussed.

Don’t be anxious, let’s do a good job of protection together!


The Pharmaceutical Clinic of Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Songjiang District (free) is a Tuesday afternoon, and the clinical pharmacist will provide you with all -round pharmacy services.

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