Pregnant mothers attended Grandpa’s funeral, but were accused of "obscure" by her in -laws. Is there so much particular attention during pregnancy?

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From ancient times to the present, whether it is pregnancy or childbirth, it is a joy and solemn thing for everyone. In the folk, there are also many "taboos" and precautions.

For example, if you are pregnant for 3 months, paying attention to "do not say", that is to say, you cannot be publicized, or you should pay attention to nourishing tires in the early stages of pregnancy, not walking at will, and so on.

In fact, although many statements do not have a certain scientific rationality, for everyone, because it is more special for breeding, many people have the mentality of "it is better to believe in it, not to be credible".

No, recently, a post -90s pregnant mother Xiao Zhen, a thing that made her uncomfortable and pain happened!

Xiaozhen was a post -90s. After her junior high school dropped out of school, she worked for several years. At the age of marriage, with the help of her parents, they met with their friends in the same age in the neighboring village and eventually entered the palace of marriage.

Life after marriage is quite harmonious and happy. For more than a year, Xiaozhen has been pregnant smoothly. It is now three months. Whether it is a mother or in -laws or in -laws, she is very happy.

A few days ago, Xiao Zhen’s grandfather died for a long time. As his relatives, Xiaozhen naturally went home to participate in his grandfather’s funeral.

However, he did not expect that his approach made his mother -in -law annoyed. Not only did he scold Xiao Zhen’s "shameful eyes", he also said that he was pregnant and stained with obscurity and was not good for the fetus and mother -in -law.

Xiao Zhen wanted to cry without tears: "That’s my grandpa, what’s wrong?"

However, no matter how Xiaozhen explained, the mother -in -law’s family was cold to Xiaozhen, and she never had the previous "kindness", and the ignorance of Xiaozhen’s husband also made Xiaozhen feel huge pain!

In fact, there are many such claims in the people. Do not participate in the funeral after pregnancy, which means that it is not good for the fetus.

First of all, we must understand that the "obscure" of Xiao Zhen’s house is superstitious. We cannot believe it, but as a funeral place, we recommend pregnant mothers to try not to participate.

First, the funeral scene is generally crowded, and everyone has a job at hand. It is inevitable that the pregnant mother may have an accident.In addition, it may be dazzling, noisy, and not good for pregnant mothers.

Second, the diet is not guaranteed, because the funeral will inevitably have a banquet. This situation pays attention to the timeliness, and the pregnant mothers have a lot of diet. Some people who are not cooked or coldOr less damage.

Third, under normal circumstances, the places where the elderly are buried are relatively remote and humid, the pregnant mother is weak, the resistance is relatively low, it is easy to get sick and damage to the fetus. This may also be the "obscure" of some people.

Therefore, there are certain risk factors to participate in the funeral, but it is really inappropriate like if it is like Xiao Zhen’s house.

Cinema: When it comes to the theater, it does not mean that you ca n’t go throughout your pregnancy. Proper cultivation of sentiments and watching the big screen are good, but for pregnant mothers, it is best not to go in the early pregnancy and late pregnancy.

Because of these two periods, the fetus is more fragile and sensitive. First of all, the air flow of air in the cinema is poor, and it is easy to spread the germs. Secondly, the sound of the sound is too loud, which will bring some stimuli to the baby’s hearing and heart.

Hot spring sauna: Pregnant mothers go to bubble hot springs, steam a sauna, and feel comfortable to think about it, but it is not recommended to go to the pregnant mother, especially in the early pregnancy.

In the first three months of pregnancy, it is a critical period for the development of the fetal hearing organ. It is more sensitive to thermal radiation. Whether it is a hot spring or a sauna, the temperature is relatively high. When it is stuffy, it is easy to cause damage to the fetal auditors.

KTV Entertainment venue: Some time ago, there was a pregnant mother who was too hard to sing during singing and breaking the water on the spot. Fortunately, it was taken to the hospital for timely.

Therefore, places like KTV are still less. I really like singing. You can choose to choose in the middle of pregnancy.

Because of this kind of place, it is relatively closed, the ventilation is worse, and there are many people who smoke and noisy. For pregnant mothers and fetuses, they have many damage.

Purie’s mother message:

In fact, pregnancy is not easy. We must strictly ask ourselves, but it is not advisable to go online like Xiao Zhen’s mother’s family., And put forward scientific and reasonable suggestions, is the greatest guarantee and love for pregnant mothers!

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