Pregnant leucorrhea is like tofu residue. What’s going on?Obstetrics and gynecology experts: four major functions, three major reasons

Guide: Lands are unique to women and can show one of the important signals of whether women are healthy, so female friends should pay attention to, what kind of signal will there be abnormal white belt?What is going on like tofu dregs during pregnancy?Obstetrics and gynecology experts: four major functions, three major reasons.

If you want to know if the leucorrhea is healthy, you must first understand what is leucorrhea?

Leucorrhea is a kind of vaginal secretion unique to women. It is secreted from women’s reproductive organs and mixed mucus flowing through vagina.

The main composition of leucorrhea:

1. The liquid secreted by the endometrium and vaginal mucosa;

2. The liquid of the cervix and the secretion of the uterine mouth;

3. Cell and vaginal cell tissue that falls off in the vagina, and a small amount of white blood cells;

4. Vaginal flora and metabolic secretions.

Some female friends have such a misunderstanding that physical toxins will be discharged through leucorrhea, which is a very wrong idea.We can understand from the constituent ingredients of the leucorrhea that leucorrhea is a mixed liquid secreted by reproductive organs. In addition, in the process of husband and wife in the same room, the white liquid secreted by women’s vestibular glands is also a kind of leucorrhea.It will not occur when stimulated.

The role of leucorrhea?

1. Lubricant

Because women’s vaginal mouth usually presents a closed state, and the secretion of leucorrhea can play a role in vaginal lubrication, thereby protecting the closed vaginal mouth from being damaged due to the friction of the two walls.

In addition, the secretion of leucorrhea will increase the wetness of the vaginal environment, and it is also more flexible throughout the vaginal mucosa. The vaginal wall is also protected in the same room and increased quality.

Therefore, female friends should not rinse the vaginal port frequently, which will reduce the leucorrhea, which will destroy the moist environment of the vagina. Do not use some external drugs that treat vaginal inflammation without authorization to wash the vagina, which will destroy the vaginal flora.

2. Prevent bacterial intrusion

The leucorrhea can form vaginal flora naturally, and protects female reproductive organs from invading external bacteria.

3. The signal of conception

If you want to get pregnant, you can also judge whether you are in the ovulation period through the change of your monthly leucorrhea, so as to quickly conceive.

When the amount of leucorrhea is increased, it can also help sperm flow to the eggs smoothly.

4. Determine whether the body is healthy

Leucorrhea is also a kind of conventional gynecological examination. We can judge whether there is a reproductive disease by whitening.

How to judge whether leucorrhea is normal?

In general, the normal leucorrhea should be that a small amount of white tastes and sticky.But on behalf of female friends at any time, the leucorrhea must be in this state.

Sometimes the leucorrhea changes with many factors, which is also a normal leucorrhea, such as:

1. Menstruation changes

In the entire cycle of menstruation, the leucorrhea will also change.For example, in the days before and after menstruation, due to the congestion of tissue organs, leucorrhea secretions increased, sometimes feeling humid, and leaving white marks on the underwear is normal.

When it comes to ovulation, the increase in hormones will cause the vania to become sticky, and it will also be mixed with some shed cell tissues. Therefore, at this time, the leucorrhea state should be yellow and sticky, drawing and tasteless.

2. Living habits

Many daily life and work and rest habits will also change the state of leucorrhea. When the body is short of water, the leucorrhea will be significantly reduced; when eating spicy food or seafood, the state of the leucorrhea will also change. These changes are only temporary.After a few days, it will return to normal without worrying.

When leucorrhea changes, we can choose to rinse the vulva with water to improve the state of leucorrhea.

3. Getting age

The leucorrhea also changes from different ages at different ages, such as:

The newly married woman is still in the honeymoon period. Due to the frequent sexual contact, leucorrhea has always been secreted.

Women who are in pregnancy will increase versatile due to hormone changes in the body.Some pregnant mothers say that during pregnancy, leucorrhea is like tofu residue, so what is the leucorrhea during pregnancy?

In the early stage of pregnancy, leucorrhea will increase due to the stimulation of estrogen, and it will not worry too much. If brown in the leucorrhea during pregnancy, suspecting is related to the abnormality of the fetus, you should seek medical treatment in time.; If there is blood, a small amount and the body is not uncomfortable, you don’t need to worry about it. If the amount is large, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Finally, menopause women have declined at this stage of women’s ovarian function, hormone levels decrease, and leucorrhea will naturally secrete less.

Important tips: When an abnormal phenomenon of leucorrhea occurs, do not take medicine without authorization. You should go to the hospital for treatment. Under the guidance of a doctor, you should use the symptoms to recover in time.

Today’s topic: In addition to the problem of leucorrhea during pregnancy, the problems that pregnant mothers do not understand can be written. Everyone will discuss it together.

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