Pregnant?Come, tell you what inspections to do!

First of all, congratulations here to see the prospective father and mother of this article, congratulations, congratulations, you will add new members at home!Then you can prepare your ID card, a quasi -student certificate, a medical card, and bring your family to the hospital to build a file!

The requirements of the archives are B -ultrasound. In the palace early pregnancy, you can hear the fetal heart, so don’t be anxious if you have no fetal heart. You go to the hospital, and the doctor will not give you a file.Generally, the fetal heart must be pregnant for about 2 months. Don’t worry too much. Pregnant women are very important and should not rise and fall!It is also recommended that expectant parents here, which hospital is built in which hospital, and it is best not to transfer to the hospital halfway to ensure the continuity and comprehensiveness of the information.

The day of the establishment of the file means that we are going to do the first birth checkup. The editor was very excited and happy at the time. At that time, I still remember it.What inspections do you have to do? The inspection items in various places are different, but the basic inspections are to do it. Below, Xiaobian and everyone summarize it!

The first is the height of pregnant women, weight, blood pressure, palace height, Doppler fetal heart, etc.This is a project that will be done every time of delivery.

The second is to check the blood. Here is a expectant mother to be empty. Playing a light diet a night before blood drawing, otherwise the results are not accurate.Let me briefly introduce the inspection items and purposes.

Blood routine and blood type, check whether there are anemia and inflammation, ABO blood type and RH blood type

Biochemical, examination of liver function, renal function, blood sugar

Four items of immunity, screening infection, hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS and gonorrhea

Trace elements, mainly check whether calcium deficiency

Then there is routine urine, mainly checking kidney function, protein and urine sugar.

Then do ECG to check whether the heart is healthy.The last is to make an appointment for NT examination.

After doing these inspections, expectant mothers are equivalent to doing a full -body examination, and then you get this booklet and start a 8 -month production inspection!

It is recommended that all expectant mothers here must be checked on time to pay attention to every development of the baby. Don’t take it lightly!

Every baby is an angel, I hope they will be treated gentle by this world!

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