Pregnancy will also come to "menstruation"

When staying at me and hugging me tightly, for a moment, I felt that my daughter was back, and stayed on my family. The fragrant breath and soft body made me think she was mine.Her daughter, her true feelings showed like a warm current on my heart. Although we were laughing, they had tears in their eyes. Who does not yearn for this warm and harmonious doctor -patient relationship …

It has been four years since staying at home. So far, there are no men and a half woman under knee. I have had painless abortion surgery four years ago. After that, I have not moved.How much I have eaten, but I saw that there were fewer silver and I did n’t see the big stomach.

One day in March this year, she found me with her husband, and I also clearly remembered that the day when she saw her for the first time, her sweet smile, gentle expression, and her eight meters accompanied by her.Her husband is also a sweet smile, a calm manner, and left a very deep impression on me. During the whole collection of medical history, only listening to the leaving home. Her husband was sitting aside and always smilingLooking at her, she said nothing, really like her patron saint.According to the narrative of the family, she formulated a treatment plan for her. The staying home listened very seriously and happily agreed to my opinion.Next, she performed a basic examination of endocrine, and the results were basically in the normal range.Husband’s semen examination is also nothing to say.You can only consider fallopian tubes.

After a week, stayed in the house to do tubal angiography. She was gentle and timid. She listened to others that it would be painful and asked for anesthesia for painless angiography.Will it be painful?My clinic was very busy that day, but I still try to explain to her patiently as much as possible that the fallopian tubes will generally not be too painful. If it is unobstructed, it will almost not hurt., But it can generally bear it.Making shadow anesthesia, like using a high -fire cannon to fight mosquitoes, and masterpieces. Besides, we need to understand the patient’s real feelings during angiography.Take this risk that is completely unnecessary.Seeing that I said that, stayed in the family to do it.After more than an hour, she brought me the film to me. The bilateral fallopian tubes were not smooth. It should be the reason for infertility. Of course, the flow of people is the culprit.

The time of the laparoscopic surgery with the staying home, the couple arrived as scheduled.The surgery was smooth, the fallopian tubes were accepted, and they were discharged from the hospital three days after surgery.Shortly after discharge, the third day of the menstruation was accompanied by her husband to return to the clinic. The hormone level was ideal, so he gave her ovulation treatment. During the treatment, the family was very obedient and obedient.I still rarely speak. The follicle grows up. On the 13th day of menstruation, I got a needle to marry Miss Eggs. I and my home were looking forward to good pregnancy.

After more than two weeks, stayed at home with a smile, her husband was like a bodyguard, followed her behind her, and laughed at Mimi without talking, because she did not conceive, she still promoted ovulation for her home.Sex is still very good. What I said, she did what she did. On the 13th day of menstruation, I took a needle to marry Miss Eggs in a routine, but I added a little bit this time.

Today, there is no@今天 今天, and suddenly appeared in front of me. I asked her a little nervously. Has menstruation come?She bit her lips and shook her head. Is she pregnant?She was a little bit of tears, and then she added that 5 days ago, the day she was about to have a little blood, she thought that the menstruation was so disappointed, but the next day, the blood was the next day.No more, she thought that menstruation was disordered again, and she didn’t take it seriously. Until last night, she tried it with an early pregnancy test paper with an indifferent mentality. She was actually two red bars. She couldn’t believe her eyes.I was excited to sleep with my husband all night, so I came to me early in the morning.I told her that there would be a little bleeding in the early days of pregnancy, even 2-3 times, but this does not necessarily mean abortion.After the blood and B -ultrasound, it was confirmed that it was early pregnancy in the palace, and the home hugged me tightly. Both of us laughed first and shed tears.Her tall and handsome husband, a one -meter -eight man, rarely spoke, and shed tears today. His voice choked and said: Thank you Dean Chen, thank you Dean!Stupid child, don’t thank me, this is what I should do!To say thank you, I also want to thank you for bringing me a sense of movement and happiness.

After staying home, her husband followed her like a guardian god, followed her, followed her queen, and left together.

Writing, the head is a bit dizzy. There are many patients today and a lot of affairs. After a whole day, even the lunch break was deleted. It was more than 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, and it was time to sleep …

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