Pregnancy will also be better than the fittest in detail.

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Have you ever encountered this situation when you are preparing for pregnancy: obviously measured the weak positive, thinking that he was pregnant, but after a few days, the test line was getting lighter and lighter?This situation is likely to have a "biochemical pregnancy".

When it comes to "biochemical pregnancy", many women feel strange, because it often happens inadvertently and end inadvertently.So that many women will have their own pregnancy experience that they don’t know. Perhaps when they don’t respond, it has "quietly left."

So what is biochemical pregnancy?

We all know that sperm and eggs are not combined in the uterus, but it must develop in the uterus.Therefore, sperm and eggs must be swimmed to the uterus after the abdomen of the fallopian tube pot is combined into an fertilized egg.

After the formation of fertilized eggs, the secretion of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in women’s body will grow rapidly. After 14 days after fertilization, about 30 days of menopause, HCG can be detected in blood, or early pregnancy test strips can be used to use early pregnancy test strips.Test.However, at this time, the early pregnancy test strip can only be measured, and it is difficult to reach the strong yang.This is because the fertilized eggs have not been in bed yet. After bed, HCG will double, and the early pregnancy test strip will reach strong yang.

Most of the fertilized eggs can successfully reach the uterus, but about 40%of the fertilized eggs cannot be in bed successfully. The part of the fertilized eggs that can be bed will stop developing within 12 days of bed.Even if the bed is successful and developed, 20%still may abortion naturally within 3 months of pregnancy.

Once the fertilized eggs are not swimming back to the uterus, or when they go to the uterus and do not go to bed smoothly, their biochemical pregnancy will occur, which is also known as "sub -clinical abortion".

Generally, the biochemical pregnancy will not have a natural abortion without more than 5 weeks. The shedry embryo tissue is white, like the size of the nail cover, and sometimes it is wrapped in the blood clot.And the bleeding time is not much different from the menstrual time, so it is often mistaken for menstruation.

This is the pregnancy experience that female friends do not know if they do not do HCG monitoring.

Photo source: Zhaoyuan Photography (with the picture that has nothing to do with the content of this article)

Why is a biochemical pregnancy?

The cause of biochemical pregnancy is generally considered to be consistent with the abortion, which is affected by many factors:

1. The fertilized egg itself is defective

It is generally believed that abnormal embryonic chromosomes may be the main cause of biochemical pregnancy.In the early three months of pregnancy, more than 50%of the cause of abortion was chromosomal abnormalities.

2. The luteal function is not good

Ovarian luteal incomplete function, insufficient progesterone secretion, abnormal uterine endometrium, and impact on the fertilized eggs.

3. Uterine health problem

Uterine problems such as uterine dysplasia, submucosal fibroids, endometrium polyps, uterine cavity adhesion, and endometrium tuberculosis cause uterine problems that cannot be successfully conceived.

4. Immune factors

Sperm, sperm, or fertilized eggs are antigen substances. After being absorbed by the vagina and uterine epithelium, antibody substances are generated by immune response, so that sperm and eggs cannot be combined or fertilized eggs cannot be imposed.

5. Emotional problems

In negative emotions such as anxiety, nervousness, and depression for a long time, especially because of severe anxiety due to unhappy, psychological pressure will also affect bed problems.

Photo source: Zhaoyuan Photography (with the picture that has nothing to do with the content of this article)

How to confirm biochemical pregnancy?

Women with menstruation, according to the basic body temperature method, if the high temperature continues to exceed 18 days after ovulation, she may be pregnant.Testing with early pregnancy test strips, the initial test line was originally a faint detection line. If the color of the detection line gradually deepened in the following days, you can basically determine the pregnancy.However, if the color of the detection line is getting lighter and lighter and vaginal bleeding, it may occur in biochemical pregnancy.

To sum up, these characteristics often have these characteristics: biochemical pregnancy:

1. Blood test HCG elevation;

2. Early pregnancy test strips are weak and positive;

3. Ultrasonic examination can not see the pregnancy sac;

4. It is often manifested as delayed menstruation. The amount of vaginal bleeding is slightly more menstrual with the same menstrual flow, and occasionally slight abdominal pain.

For women who have no fertility, they only find that menstruation will be postponed for a few days, and there will be no other unusual feeling, so it is often ignored.

Biochemical pregnancy is not a bad thing!

For you during pregnancy, it is a pity that the baby’s natural flowing is really a bad thing.

This society is the competitive state of survival of the fittest, as well as pregnancy.In the natural abortion that occurred in early pregnancy, more than 50%were due to chromosomal abnormalities.It can be seen that in a sense, natural miscarriage is a natural choice of survival of the fittest.After all, the mother is not suitable for or has defects of fertilized eggs. Even if these are normally bed, the high probability will develop in the bad direction in the future.

Because most of the biochemical pregnancy occurs in front of the fertilized eggs, it is not as adverse to the endometrium of the uterus as the Qing Dynasty surgery. Therefore, the damage to the uterus of biochemical pregnancy is almost zero.Normally, it generally does not affect the next pregnancy.

It is necessary to go to the hospital for further examination unless this happens.

Xiaoma said: Because most of the biochemical pregnancy is because the quality of the fertilized eggs is not good, in order to avoid the situation where it is easy to conceive and hurriedly flow away, those husbands and wives who are urgent to want the baby must adjust their bodies and beat them.Good foundation, successful conception.

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