Pregnancy vomiting really wants to live!These few relief of pregnancy vomiting and speed collection

Xiaosu (pseudonym) Before pregnancy

I thought it was a while of trouble, just slowly

After pregnancy

I found that drinking water, eating vomiting, smelling perfume vomiting …

Farewell to seek help in the group of pregnant mothers

I didn’t expect this to trigger the resonance of Ma Ma

Chat record review:

I just lived in the toilet.

I ate corn yesterday. As a result, the corn was too difficult to digest.

Me too.

Just when everyone discussed the hotness

A section of text emitted by Ma Ma

Instantly, the pot was exploded again

There is a way to slow the symptoms, and there is a way to cure.

Undergraduate Xiaoneng stated here

It’s true


Pregnancy is a common response to early pregnancy. It takes nausea and vomiting as the main symptoms. The degree of each person is different and can be divided into three different levels.


Basic version

Most of the pregnant numbers have symptoms such as poor appetite, nausea, and retching around 4 weeks of pregnancy, and some morning vomiting will occur.It is generally relieved around 12 weeks of pregnancy and no special treatment is required.


Upgraded version

The number of vomiting is significantly increased, vomiting, phlegm saliva, stomach content, and even bile or coffee -like secretions. The body weight is reduced and the stool is reduced. Most of the metabolic disorders when checking the diagnosis.Some patients will continue until the middle and late stages.


Enhanced Edition

It is no exaggeration to say that at this level, it will really vomit the darkness and doubt life, and most of the clinical effects are poor, and the mental state of pregnant women is also very poor. Some pregnant women may have an idea of giving up.Some severe cases can die due to acid poisoning, electrolyte disorders, and liver and kidney failure.

Ma Ma people who are upgraded and enhanced version of pregnancy drama need to come to the hospital to see it, but it is not a pregnancy drama vomiting, and clinicians need to comprehensively evaluate the symptoms, signs, and laboratory examination results.According to statistics, only 0.3%-1%Ma Ma will develop into pregnancy drama, so don’t worry too much ~

In traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is used to retain enema, fire dragon can, moxibustion, cupping, acupuncture and other methods.

Among them, the traditional Chinese medicine retains the enema, which is to irrigate the traditional Chinese medicine fluid into the rectum from the anus, so that the medicinal solution is retained in the intestine, so that the drug is absorbed into the blood through the intestinal mucosa to play a role in local treatment or systemic treatment.Doctors will choose different dose of medicinal solution based on pregnant women’s gestational week to play a maximum treatment role on the premise of ensuring the safety of pregnant women.

On the western medicine, the principle of replenishment and spitting, correcting electrolyte disorders.

In addition, there is a small trick, which is to prepare a box of Soviet biscuits by the bed. When you open your eyes in the morning, you can eat 1 or 2 yuan before sitting up and wait for 5-10 minutes to get up.

It is generally impossible to prevent, but we can slow down its arrival, or make it less violent when it comes, making Matta less uncomfortable.



● Eat more light, easy to digest and nutritious foods, such as eggs, dairy products, red meat, fish and shrimp, etc.;

● Eat fresh fruits in an appropriate amount, such as orange, strawberry, banana, grapes, jujube, etc.;

● Properly increase the supplementary food to avoid the nausea caused by fasting, such as biscuits, nuts, etc.;

Diet, etc.



● Try not to change your work and rest habits, maintain appropriate activities, walk out in the morning and evening, increase oxygen intake, can alleviate the discomfort caused by pregnancy drama vomiting, and at the same time to promote sleep and regulate emotions;

● Those with severe symptoms and poor mental spirit should rest in bed strictly to reduce energy consumption. After the symptoms are slightly relieved, do not rush to move, so as not to increase nausea and vomiting due to fatigue;

● Remind the number of numbers here to avoid staying in bed for a long time. This will not only have the risk of growing bedsores, but also lead to a reduction in immunity of pregnant mothers and babies in the belly.



● The emotions of the pregnant numbers are very important. From time to time, "pig teammates" and family members must encourage Ma Ma from time to time to let them build confidence;

● Try to help the pregnant men overcome the anorexia, try to choose the favorite, nutritious foods that pregnant women like, focus on food, and eat less meals;

Emotional is good, and the symptoms will relieve most of them ~

Mat don’t need to be too anxious

Maintain a good mentality

Most behind will be relieved

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