Pregnancy says: Pregnant women have been thirsty and do not want to drink white water. What can I drink?

Guide: Pregnant women have been thirsty and unwilling to drink boiled water. We need to exclude a premise that pregnant women have the possibility of gestational diabetes. Except for the situation of thirsty pregnant women, there should be no big problem.

Pregnant women have been thirsty and do not want to drink boiled water. What can I drink?We analyze and answer this question from the following points.

First, the reason why pregnant women have been thirsty

Second, what can I drink in addition to white water

First, the reason why pregnant women have been thirsty

1. Water deficiency

If the pregnant woman is in a state of lack of water, she will definitely feel thirsty, but if she only drinks white water, it is too faint and without taste. In this way, they will feel subconsciously feel that drinking white water has not relieved her thirst, which will still be thirsty.

When I was pregnant, I was thirsty for a while, but I just didn’t want to drink white water. If I had to vomit in white water, I would eat some fruits to replenish water. When I felt that I felt that drinking water was not greasyEssence

2, gestational diabetes

One of the manifestations of diabetes is thirst and has always been thirsty. If pregnant women have gestational diabetes, thirst has always been one of the manifestations. If this is the case, personal suggestions must go to the hospital for examination to avoid the fetus and herself by gestational diabetes.

Second, what can pregnant women drink in addition to white water?

Remember, the object we are talking about here is a normal pregnant woman. As a mother, I have the following recommendations.

1, grapefruit tea

When I had no appetite before, I made my own grapefruit tea at home.Buy a grapefruit, wash the surface with salt first, scrape the grapefruit skin with a scratch knife, scrape the skin thinly, then wash it with water, put it in the pot, cook some rock sugar, wait for the water to wait for the water, wait for the waterWhen you get dried up, you can make it off, and the grapefruit sauce is made. When you drink water, put a spoonful of grapefruit sauce into the cup, and the grapefruit tea becomes.

Grapefruit tea is clear, slightly bitter is bitter, and the taste is very good.

2. Honey lemonade

Find a clean glass, cut the lemon washed with salt into thin slices, put a piece of lemon with a layer of honey, just put it in the cup lay by layer, seal the refrigerator and refrigerate.Just take a piece of water.

Honey lemonade has a good taste, honey moisturizes the intestines, but the sugar is high. Lemon can supplement vitamin C and improve the immunity of pregnant women.

3, homemade milk tea

I usually like to drink milk tea. Sometimes I want to drink a cup of milk tea during pregnancy, but I ’m afraid that there are too many things to add in the milk tea shop. I’ m making milk tea at home.

Prepare a tea bag. If there is no ready -made tea bag, you can also wrap the tea in a clean cloth pocket and wait for it. After cooking the milk, put it in the tea bag for a while.Too long caffeine will increase, so that the original milk tea is ready. The tea bag can be green tea or black tea. It depends on personal preferences. If you think that the original milk tea is too light, you can also put some sugar or honey.

4, fruit juice or vegetable juice

After washing the fruits or vegetables, put it in a juicer or a wall breaking machine, the juice or vegetable juice will be made. The first few times at the beginning, I did not make fruits and vegetable juice.Hitting, the taste is good, I think this can be considered a little trick.

5, drink more soup

Pregnant women can drink a lot of soup, such as pork rib soup, pig feet soup, catfish soup, etc., can also be made of laver egg soup, tomato egg soup, etc., eight treasure porridge, oatmeal.

Soup can also provide water for pregnant women.

6, pure milk or yogurt

Milk is rich in calcium and is easy to be absorbed by the human body. Like I don’t like to drink pure milk, I drink yogurt. I personally feel that yogurt is more appetizing.

Important tips: Pregnant women have been thirsty and are unwilling to drink white water. They can replenish water through other ways, than if tea, milk tea, soup and fruit juice, etc., but pregnant women should not be too wayward, drink water to drink more water, and drink more water.After all, drinking white water is the correct way to replenish water.

Today’s topic: What will you drink if you can’t drink water during pregnancy?

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