Pregnancy of choleneaste stasis in the liver needs to be vigilant. The sooner the better, the better. Do not drag

Since I was a child, I felt that pregnancy and pregnancy were very happy. Every time I heard it, I felt a very happy thing, because there was another small life coming.However, in the middle and late pregnancy, cholecoscopic stasis in the liver during pregnancy will often come. Its main symptoms are itching and jaundice of the skin, and the harm to the baby in the stomach is particularly large, so we have to pinch a cold sweat.So, what is the disease?

1. Pregnancy Hepathery Syndrome syndrome

This is a complication that often occurs in the middle and late pregnancy. The main clinical manifestations are skin itching and jaundice. The main feature is that serum bile acids increase.The harm to the baby in the abdomen can greatly increase the mortality of the fetus, which is also the greatest harm of this disease.The hypotherapy syndrome of the pregnancy of pregnancy is recurrence, and it may disappear quickly after the fetal delivery. Its occurrence also has obvious regional and ethnic differences. The areas with higher incidence are intellectual, Sweden and the Yangtze River Basin in my country.

2. What are the reasons for the syndrome of cholecotidity syndrome in the liver of pregnancy?

At present, the cause of this disease is not too clear, and it may be related to female hormones, genetic and environmental factors.This disease can cause abnormal maternal coagulation function and postpartum bleeding.It can also cause the fetus in the uterus distress, premature birth, and amniotic fluid pollution pollution.There are also unpredictable consequences of unpredictable dying.When this disease occurs, the death of the fetus often does not have any sign, which is difficult for pregnant women and family members to accept.

Third, what are the methods for treating pregnancy in the liver in the liver?

1. General treatment methods are recommended to rest in bed in pregnant women. It is recommended to take the left side position to increase the blood flow of the placenta. It is recommended that pregnant women regularly re -examine liver function and serum bile acid to understand the condition.

2. If necessary, drug treatment can be obviously improved.You can also use drugs that promote the mature fetal lungs to prevent respiratory distress syndrome in the fetus that may be premature.It can be used to improve the symptoms of skin itching, and actively take the method of lowering gall acid, such as oral or intravenous drugs.

3. Actively carry out fetal heart monitoring and monitoring, and if necessary, the fetal biosometer scores in order to detect hidden fetal hypoxia early.Be wary of the internal distress of the fetus.If necessary, the pregnancy can be taken to terminate pregnancy.

Although pregnancy -induced cholenecaste accumulation syndrome is not a very serious disease, it is not an important feature of cesarean section or induction of labor.However, complications can cause hypoxia in the fetus in the fetus, which leads to the death of the fetus. This is the consequences that none of the prospective father and mother are unwilling to see.If you have any questions, please help your doctor, and don’t have too much psychological pressure.We must first understand this disease, causing sufficient attention, and listening to doctors’ suggestions to minimize its impact on maternal and infants as much as possible.

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