Pregnancy and menopause. After pregnancy, women often have 7 precursors, so that you are not doubtful.

Whether menstruation is as scheduled is usually the basis for most women to judge whether they are pregnant.In addition, what other changes will our bodies change after pregnancy?

Many people say vomiting.Yes, many film and television dramas do often use this bridge to suggest that a female character is pregnant.But do you know, when a woman starts to get pregnant, it is 2 months pregnant.And because of different constitution, everyone’s reaction after pregnancy is not the same.Let ’s take a look at what are the precursors of women after pregnancy.

Generally speaking, when the fertilized eggs are going to bed smoothly, the embryo begins to secrete human velvet gonads, promoting the secretion of lutein and estrogen, and has begun to develop stable on the endometrium on the endometrium.Due to the large secretion of HCG, lutein and estrogen, the body of pregnant women began to have various discomfort symptoms, which is what we often call pregnancy reactions and precursors of pregnancy.

1. Menstruation stop

Although women’s holiday is called menstruation, it is not as regular as its name.Some women’s menstrual rules can indeed judge whether they are pregnant by discontinuation.Most women are irregular on holidays. Sometimes they are difficult to make judgments through menstruation.Therefore, it is necessary for women to know a few pre -pregnancy signs during pregnancy.

2. A small amount of bleeding

In the early stages of pregnancy, the endometrium development of women is not stable, and bleeding may be bleeding when embryo is bed. Therefore, some women may have a small amount of bleeding in the lower body in the early pregnancy.However, this bleeding and blood volume is very small, and the duration is short.

3. Breast pain

After pregnancy, a large amount of lutein and estrogen in women’s bodies began to secrete lutein and estrogen, which led to women’s chests began to become larger and began to develop secondary development. Some people could improve one or two cups, which were prepared for future breastfeeding.Therefore, postpartum chest bloating is also a characteristic of pregnancy.

4, colostrum

Before pregnancy, when we were influenced by menstruation, our breasts would have the problem of swelling and itching.After pregnancy, under the influence of lutein and prolactin, the body starts to launch a lactation mechanism. The breast not only swells, but also secretes colostrum.

5. Pregnancy

Pregnancy should be a precursor to pregnancy with the highest penetration rate, none of them.The reason why women vomit after pregnancy are because the increase in luteal secretion has caused smooth muscle contraction to slow down, which prolongs the stay time of food in the stomach and stomach. Therefore, nausea and vomiting will frequently occur.

Some people say that the fetus is making a strangeness. In order to protect themselves, they have enhanced the sense of smell and taste of pregnant women.When the baby’s baby feels that certain odors and foods will endanger their health, the mother will disgust and vomit.

6. Sleamed

Most women will feel dizzy and fatigue after pregnancy, and always want to sleep. This is also caused by luteinin that causes vascular dilation and reduced blood pressure.In addition, fetal development requires a large amount of blood and oxygen. Pregnant women should provide a large amount of oxygen and blood to the fetal development, and they will be anemia and hypoxia, and they will naturally fall asleep all day long.

7, long spots

Under normal circumstances, there are many melanin in our breasts, armpits, necks, legs, and belly around the belly.After pregnancy, the body is affected by hormones, and melanin precipitation is more obvious, so our skin begins to become dry, rough, and easy to grow.

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