Precautions for sexual life in the same room, come in and take a look

1. contraception

Emergency contraceptives need to be used for the first time within 24 hours after no protection of sexual intercourse or contraceptives, at least 48 hours.The principle is to change the endometrium and make the pregnancy eggs unable to implant.Doctors said that emergency contraception should not be used as a commonly used contraception, because it cannot prevent ovulation and fertilization.This drug has great interference in endometrium and endocrine, and abnormal bleeding and amenorrhea often occur after use.Putting in the palace in the palace during abortion: but women who have fallen off and have multiple times of pregnancy in the contraceptive ring should take other contraceptive methods to take female contraceptives.If the menstruation is restored after artificial abortion, the doctor should ask the doctor to help choose the contraceptive method in time.

2. Hygiene of private parts

(1) Both men or women must ensure the hygiene of private parts.Otherwise, women are prone to gynecological diseases.

(2) After sexual life, cleaning private parts is very necessary, but be careful not to clean it excessively, otherwise it will destroy the pH balance of the private parts, the cleaning ability of the private parts, and clean it with warm water.

3. New marriage sex

Excessive drinking often starts to excite. The future is a suppression period. It cannot fully complete sexual life. Fatigue can reduce the fun of sexual life. It can not even have sex. It is almost impossible to have sex.Newlyweds should not be excessively lived, which can easily lead to frequent sexual behavior and eventually lead to indifferent psychological diseases.

Third, sexual life taboos

1. Don’t get sick and have sex.With some serious organic diseases, doctors have told people who cannot have sex not to barely have sex; tuberculosis is contagious and should also avoid sexual intercourse; especially with certain sexually transmitted diseases, let alone sex.Sickness and sex will not only hurt yourself, but also pass to your lover, you should avoid it.

2. Don’t get tired of sexual intercourse.Sexual life requires a certain amount of physical strength and energy.When mental or physical tired, sexual life often does not reach orgasm, nor does it achieve the satisfactory effect of both parties.Especially when you are tired, you will damage your health immediately.

3. Don’t be in a bad mood, barely do it.Some husbands and wives barely live in sex when they are in a bad mood. Not only do they not have the harmony of sexual life, they will also make a bad party disgusted.If it occurs repeatedly, it will lead to a cold or impotence.

4. Do not have sex during menstruation.During women’s menstruation, the cervix is open, and sexual intercourse is susceptible to infection, resulting in inflammation of the uterus or attachment.

5. Don’t sex after alcohol.Some people are accustomed to sexual intercourse, and some even think that after -wine sexual interaction improves quality.In fact, after drinking, especially after a large amount of alcohol, it will cause the male penis to erected or premature ejaculation, which hinders sexual harmony. In addition, pregnancy will endanger the fetus after drinking.

6. Don’t talk about hygiene.Sexual behaviors in a messy environment will affect the mental state of men and women and the success of interference; if the sexual organs are unhygienic, they will also threaten the health of the other party and bring the pathogens such as bacteria into the other party to damage the other party’s health.On the contrary, the clean and pleasant environment and sexual intercourse clean the lower body is not only conducive to the health of both parties, but also the harmony and happiness of sexual life.

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