Postpartum chest sagging and drooping, you can consider the improvement of surgery

The 29 -year -old Ms. Liu, Ms. Liu, had just completed a breast enhancement surgery to improve the dry chest left by the two babies after breastfeeding for 12 months.In the end, she completed breast enlargement by implanting the breast prosthesis.Experts point out that breast enhancement can be selected from body fat breast enhancement and silicone breast augmentation, and both have advantages and disadvantages.Silicone breast augmentation is a more mature and safe breast augmentation surgery at present, and it is also the most important and most common and most common augmentation surgery.

Ms. Liu had two babies at the age of 29, one was 7 years old, one was 4 years old.Knowing the benefits of breastfeeding, she insisted that both children were breastfeeding to 1 year old.Unexpectedly, every child was born, a cup was reduced, which made her sad and distressed.

"Before I gave birth, I was a B -cup wearing underwear. Sometimes I gathered in my friends. I was wearing a camisole and showed a figure." Ms. Liu said, "Now the breasts are not only smaller, but also drooping.It looks empty, and I dare not wear a suspender skirt anymore. What’s even more angry, my husband also said that the chest was small, and it was not good before. "

Ms. Liu then asked for the Plastic Surgery Center of the Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University to find Professor Qi Xiangdong.After careful consideration and a series of inspections, Ms. Liu chose the silicone breast prosthesis breast augmentation, and chose the breast fold incision, implanted with a 275cc breast prosthesis.Qi Xiangdong said that silicone breast augmentation is currently a more mature and safe breast augmentation surgery in the clinic, and it is also the most important and most common augmentation surgery.

Professor Qi Xiangdong explained to Ms. Liu’s postoperative precautions.

According to experts, there are three main options for the incision of prosthetic breast augmentation surgery: armpit, areola and breasts fold.Qi Xiangdong introduced that Ms. Liu’s incision part was frowned under the breast, and she chose a dual plane method, that is, part of the prosthesis was placed between the pectoral and pectoral muscles, and some were placed under the breast glands.Compared with the traditional accelerator implantation of the axillary, this type of surgery can be performed directly under the surgery.More concealed.

Breast plastic surgery has also been updated over the years, such as the augmented breast augmentation surgery under endoscopy.Qi Xiangdong said that before the axillary incision, because the armpit is far from the breast and no endoscope assistance, the separation of the cavity under the blindness may cause some complications such as inadequate disintegration and excessive excess of the cavity.It may also damage problems such as blood vessels and nerves.With endoscopy assistance, these problems can be avoided.

Qi Xiangdong said that how big the breast prosthesis is selected, and hopes that beauty seekers will decide together after communicating with professional doctors.She believes that medical care should still pay attention to professionalism. If the beauty seekers insist on big breasts, the doctor will give her scientific suggestions.If the beauty seekers who are suitable for 275cc have to be a prosthesis of 400cc, the doctor will respect her choice after fully communicating with the beauty seekers, but sign a special agreement to list all the possible situations after the operation, such as postoperative breasts after surgery.It is relatively hard, there will be a sense of heavyness.

Qi Xiangdong introduced that breast augmentation surgery is one of the eight major cosmetic surgery.For beauty seekers, find a professional hospital plastic surgery or professional plastic surgery hospital, find a professional doctor, and use formal products to ensure safety to the greatest extent.

At present, there are two types of demanders who have breast augmentation surgery: one is that the age is still light and wants to increase the breast; the other is that the breasts are relaxed after pregnancy and having a child.

Professor Chen Bing of the center believes that the beauty of breasts is different.It is not loose, unpretentious, and unnatural, which is the standard of common breast beauty.However, the size is personal preference, and different people have different ideas.

Chen Bing said that now there are two extremes on the beauty preferences of breasts: one is to be extremely large, which is beautiful; the other is to be beautiful, do not like breasts, and think that there is no better breasts.Reduce."Today’s society is strong and diverse aesthetically." He believes that what kind of breasts are the most beautiful and there are no absolute standards."Twenty years ago, the prosthesis implanted in our breast surgery was generally up and down in 200cc, and now it is usually 250cc or even 350cc." Plastic surgeon will also try to meet the needs of beauty seekers on the basis of not violating medical principles.And wish.

As long as it is surgery, it will accompany certain risks, such as bleeding, infection, scars, tissue necrosis, etc.The surgery of the breasts requires some breasts and skin. The shape of the breast after finishing cannot be compared with natural breasts, and there will be some scars.In the past, people with breasts were usually reduced for people with breast milk. They caused problems such as eczema and back pain due to excessive breasts. Although the operation had some costs, they had certain necessity.If you simply perform breast reduction surgery for the pursuit of small and beautiful, weighing the advantages and disadvantages is not too necessary.

Professor Chen Bing is lectured on the science popularization knowledge of breast plastic surgery for beauty seekers.

"Many beauty seekers are superstitious injections, thinking that injection breast augmentation is safer than surgery. This is a misunderstanding." Chen Bing pointed out that injection seems simple, and the surgery seems to be risky. In fact, it is more dangerous to implant the prosthesis in breast augmentation surgery.Because injection may injected fat into the blood vessels, cause embolism, and even cause death."Injection is not visible inside, the operator who is insufficient or does not have a deep understanding of the human body is very likely to inject fat into the blood vessels. Perhaps 1,000 cases have not encountered 1 case, but 10,000 cases if you encounter 1 if you encounter 1 1 case.Example is unfortunate. "

Which one is better?Chen Bing believes that each advantage and disadvantages should look at their own conditions and needs.From the perspective of effect, the prosthesis can be in place in one step, and the target size can be achieved at one time; and the autologous fat injection of breast enhancement cannot be filled too much at one time, otherwise it will not survive. It may be necessary to fill in the target effect multiple times.big.However, self -fat injection breast enhancement is suitable for those who do not need to do too much and want to draw lipids and shaped beauty. They can achieve the effects of two beauty, but they are not suitable for people who are too thin and lack of fat.

There are also two combinations of breast enhancement.Chen Bing introduced that after implantation of prosthesis, if the skin is thin, it is easy to show the appearance of the prosthesis.If a layer of autologous fat is injected in the periphery, it will not only be closer to nature, but also feel better.

Nowadays, the price of breast prosthesis is high or low, and the expensive ones can exceed 100,000 yuan, and the cheap is not more than 10,000 yuan.Chen Bing said that the difference between high -priced prosthesis and ordinary prosthesis is not particularly large.First of all, regardless of price, the prosthesis that can be used normally in the market is safe. The listing products are first verified by security.The manufacturer should produce breast prosthesis of different price levels for people with different consumption standards and habits."It’s like a bag, expensive, cheap, can be installed, setting up different prices, more to meet psychological needs." He emphasized that when beauty seekers choose prosthesis, they still have to consume rationally.

Qi Xiangdong also reminded that after the prosthesis breast augmentation, excessive massage will cause the prosthesis to over -hyperplasia, and hyperplasia is excessive contact with the prosthesis.EssenceFor everyone, daily breast care, if there is excessive squeezing, it will also cause some problems.

Eight years ago, a survey in the United States showed that breast augmentation and large cell lymphoma (ANCL) were associated.At that time, the United States had found 71 patients with large cell lymphoma (ANCL, one of the rare types of lymphoma), and were determined to be related to breast augmentation.About 1-6 of the women who received breast augmentation every 3 million ANCL occurred.

Multi -cell lymphoma (ANCL) is a rare non -Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), which accounts for about 3%of NHL.Ancl usually appears in the skin, lymph nodes, liver and soft tissue, and rarely appears in the breasts.In this study, almost all breasts ANCL patients have undergone breast augmentation surgery, and such tumors usually occur in scars around the implant.Breast planting may cause abnormal immune response and cause cancer.

Does my country have the same discovery?

Chen Bing introduced that the relationship between breast prosthesis and breast cancer currently has a unified understanding of the world ’s professionalism. There is no correlation.However, because prosthesis is a foreign body for breasts, a foreign body response may occur after implantation, and the body’s immune response may occur. The hairy breast prosthesis is considered to be more likely to cause large cell lymphoma due to friction stimulation.However, large -cell lymphoma is considered a rare disease abroad and has not been formally reported in my country.

Theoretically, one of the important causes of tumors is the mutation of tissue in the damage or repair process. If the breast prosthesis continues to rub in the body and causes damage, it is possible to mutate during the self -repair process."We have also done some large sample investigations, and we have also understood among those who seeks beauty. At present, there is no relevant report in China." There are no relevant reports in China. "

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