Plums are sour and astringent, don’t worry, teach you the crispy and refreshing approach, and drool when you look at it.

Li Zi, from April to June, we did not have any snacks when we were young. At this time, the favorite thing to make is to sit on the tree to eat plums and eat while eating.Li Zi is the only one. As long as you think of it, you start to secrete water, because it is really sour!When I was young, I didn’t care about it. It was sour. I ate a large mouthful, one by one, and let the sour juice invade all corners of their mouths.When you grow up, you ca n’t carry that sour taste. If you want to relive the taste, you just think about it.But now it ’s different. There are many ways to eat Lizi. Not only is it not sour, it is particularly enjoyable to eat.

When I first ate chili dipped in Lizi, I was on the small stall. At first glance, I felt very dark cuisine. After the Li Zi was flattened, the body was full of cracked, the surface was juice, and then a layer of pepper noodles.No appetite.The boss was very enthusiastic and said that he could taste one. In order not to refute the boss’s face, I picked up a one in my mouth.It was shocked, sour and spicy, with a trace of sweetness, crispy entrance, the more chewing, the more vigorous, and after eating this method, I found that this is the correct way of eating the plum!

Li Zi is best to use the first batch of mature Qing Li. At this time, the Qing Li is green and emerald, and the more mature Qing Li is green and yellow.

With a little red, the fruit is round, the fruit surface is smooth, the meat in the mouth is more juicy, and the taste is crispy. If it is not good, it is too sour.It is just that the pepper can relieve this acid very well, and add some sugar to reconcile, which suddenly becomes a unique flavor.This refreshing feeling must try it, don’t be confused by its dark appearance. It is really delicious. This kind of happiness will know if you have eaten it.Interested friends can collect them, and share detailed production steps below.

【materials needed】

Moderate amount of plums, appropriate amount of fine pepper noodles, and appropriate amount of sugar.

【Production steps】

1. Rinse the plums with water and remove the water.

2. Then move the plum to the chopping board with a knife to flatten it, so that it is convenient to eat and taste.

3. Don’t eat too much in one time, just prepare the amount of the family to eat.Put it in a basin for later use.

4. Add two spoons of white sugar and a spoonful of fine pepper noodles.The proportion of white sugar and pepper noodles increase or decrease according to personal taste.The spoon is an ordinary iron spoon, about 15 grams a spoon.

5. Pick up the pot and make them mix well, and then marinate for about five minutes.You can enjoy it after the time is.


1. Although the plum is delicious and the nutritional value is high, it hurts the spleen and stomach when eating too much. Because the plum is cold, eat more sputum and dampness, and a small amount of consumption can appetite and help digestion.

2. This is a mature plum, crispy and sour, and a bit sweet.

3. What kind of plums can do this. Each variety of plums have a special flavor.

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