Personal experience, pregnancy can really raise cats!But one thing needs special attention

Pregnant cats and dogs seem to have been regarded as taboos by some people. There was an extreme case last year. The owner of a community in Hefei, because his wife was pregnant, posted an initiative, asking other owners of the community to bring their pet cats and dogs in the community.Permanently sent away or picked up after his wife produced … This proposal suddenly scolded, and the noise was at the time.The thoughts of not raising cats in pregnancy are already ingrained in some people’s hearts. The reason is that they know too little about cats.

Among the people who oppose pregnant cats, the elders have the strongest response. Some two are not yet married and are at the stage of the object….

The elder’s bitter advice seems to be a very serious error when pregnant cats are pregnant.However, you ask them why they can’t raise cats when they are pregnant, and they generally can’t tell why.Some elders will know that there is a bow -shaped worm, and they do not understand anything.Anyway, pregnancy is not to raise cats and dogs!

Gow -shaped worms can only be seen under a microscope

The attitude of the elders is also the key to affecting family harmony. As a junior, we must pay attention to it.However, it is impossible to give away the beloved cat, and it is impossible to throw it away. It is a very irresponsible behavior.then what should we do?It is still necessary to solve the fundamental solution.The elders do not understand why I ca n’t raise cats and dogs. When I was pregnant, my parents also advised me to send the cat away EMMM … So I gave it to the science.After related issues, I rest assured that I continued to raise cats.So we have to let them understand first.

Considering that although this article is the relevant popular science of Toxoplasma, the problem itself comes from daily life. Below we use a more popular dialogue method to explain in detail whether pregnancy can raise cats.

Everyone should know here that pregnancy can be raised.Before CCTV News Weibo also performed popular science on the problem of bow -shaped worms, showing that pregnancy can be raised.

What should I pay special attention to pregnant cats?

Although it is possible to raise a cat for pregnancy, some problems really have to experience it for themselves.

When I was pregnant, I went to the Maternal and Child Hospital to check the bow -shaped worm, showing that the result was negative.The picture below is the inspection report.

After getting the results of the inspection, I got along with the cat very much.My cat, as usual, still sleeps on my bedside, but the work of shovel is done by my husband.

During my pregnancy, because of severe pregnancy, it is a difficult days!Fortunately, my cat accompanied me, so I would not feel boring.Usually you can be a cat, teasing cat, and still very happy. It is very important to have a good mood during pregnancy.

However, there is something to pay attention to, that is, cats are more lively, and sometimes cats run mad at home.This requires pregnant women to be particularly careful. Cats are easy to forget when they run crazy, and they may step on your belly!Two times, my cat walked from my belly. Although it wasn’t running over, it was quite worrying.Therefore, this must be paid attention to.Pregnant women try to close the bedroom door as much as possible to avoid this problem.

This is just my experience of raising cats during pregnancy. In fact, there are many expectant mothers who have cat -raising during pregnancy in the cat group. They also said that there are cats with cats during pregnancy, and their mood will be very happy.Some babies are now born well, and cats and babies are very harmonious.

For so many years, cats have been a bow -shaped worm, and many cats have been abandoned ruthlessly and wandered around.I hope that everyone can fully understand the problem of bow -shaped insects, treat rationally, do not have to talk about insect color changes, let alone discard cats at will.Cats have brought a lot of fun to our lives, helping us relieve stress, soothe our weak heart ~ EMMM.

In the life of cats in just ten years, the owner is all of them in their lives.I hope that pregnancy should no longer be a reason to discard cats!

Finally, summarize again, you can raise cats, cats can be raised for pregnancy, and cats can be raised ~

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