Persist in "five points" during pregnancy to avoid a baby jaundice. Pregnant mothers should rest assured

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Many new mothers will find that the baby’s skin is very yellow after birth, and some babies will also yellow. In fact, this is jaundice.If the baby is born 28 days, it is called "newborn jaundice", some babies are yellow when they are born, and some are yellow within a few days after birth. Generally, it will disappear for several days.longer.

"Jaundice" is a disease with abnormal bilirubin metabolism, and excessive bilirubin in the blood is a common newborn disease.

There are two types of newborn jaundice: "physiological jaundice" and "pathological jaundice".

① Physiological jaundice:

It will appear about 2 days after the baby is born, and it will reach the peak at 4-7 days, and then gradually fades. It will basically return to normal about 10 days. Generally, special treatment is not required.

② Pathological jaundice:

After the baby is born, the bilirubin rises quickly, or the duration is long, and some will even repeatedly appear jaundice. It may be repeated after the baby is born for one month.If your baby has pathological jaundice, take a certain method for treatment.

① During the baby’s jaundice, the baby needs to test the jaundice value:

If within the normal range, it will generally not affect the baby too much;

If jaundice is more serious, especially jaundice is relatively long, it may affect the development of the baby’s nervous system. It is necessary to actively correct and treat according to the doctor’s suggestion.

② The method of measuring jaundice is "measulating" and "measuring measuring", mainly to measure the content of bilirubin in the blood, so the accuracy of measuring blood measurement is higher.

③ In the days after birth after birth, the doctor will arrange to monitor the baby’s jaundice value. After being discharged home, parents need to pay more attention to observing the baby’s skin color.You have to seek medical treatment at any time.

① Physiological jaundice: Daily monitoring the growth of bilirubin, as long as it is within the normal range, generally does not require special treatment, it will generally subspeges at about 10 days; you can give your baby more breastfeeding to promote gastrointestinal motility, let bilirubin be placedEnd out the body through the intestine; you can also give your baby the sun often, but pay attention to keep warm; but if the jaundice time is too long, consult the doctor to take other treatment methods in time.

② Pathological jaundice:

After birth, the bilirubin of the baby is at a high level, and special intervention is required.

Generally, there are two methods: drugs and blue light. Drugs can accelerate the excretion of bilirubin in the body, alleviate the symptoms of jaundice, and illuminate anti -blue light can directly reduce the unbound bilirubin content in the blood; these two methods are very effective, Generally use it.

In addition, it should be noted that the newborn jaundice may appear repeatedly. Parents cannot care about it. They should seek medical treatment in time to avoid causing the baby’s jaundice to be serious and cause damage to the baby’s nervous system.

1. Diet should be light, avoid spicy irritating food and cool food, and do not drink strong tea or drink.

Jaundice is a metabolic disease. Therefore, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the diet during pregnancy. While supplementing nutrition, try to eat lightly as possible.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C to enhance your immunity.

In addition to enhancing the immunity of pregnant mothers, it is also conducive to the health of the baby before and after the birth of the baby, because the baby’s initial immunity is completely derived from the mother.

3. Pregnant mothers who have abnormal liver function and have the history of childbirth in jaundice. Pay special attention during pregnancy.

If the pregnant mother has abnormal liver function, it should be treated in time; if there is a history of childbirth, especially pathological jaundice, when you are pregnant, you should pay attention to your own recipe.

4. Throughout pregnancy, pregnant mothers should stay away from the bad living environment.

For example, people who are far away from smoking (including second -hand smoke), polluting or radiation environment, etc., will also increase the chance of baby’s illness.

5. Pregnant mothers have infectious diseases and seek medical treatment in time.

As long as you check the infectious diseases, you need to find the cause, treat the doctor’s advice, and do not take the medicine at will.

Almost all babies have to go through newborn jaundice, so parents must have the right understanding, do not care too much, and do not be too nervous. As the baby’s immunity increases, it will generally disappear by themselves.

Parents should also observe more carefully. If they are not sure if the baby is jaundice, they can go to the hospital for bilirubin testing.However, it is more important that during pregnancy, the above points must be done to prevent the baby’s jaundice seriously.

Is jaundice after birth, whether jaundice is serious, come and leave a message.

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