Perm is harmful. It is recommended to prepare for pregnancy. Do not perm during breastfeeding

Some girls who love beauty often make themselves younger and beautiful in life in their lives, but we all know that hair dye contains some chemicals, which is very harmful to our body.Can some female friends during pregnancy be dyed?How long will I be healthy after dyeing hair? Let’s take a look together.

How long can you get pregnant after perm? Do you know? In life, perm can be seen everywhere. Almost many people’s hair is perm. It is not imagined. Perm will definitely have a certain impact on the body.It will not only affect human hair quality, but also affect human body.We should have seen such a phenomenon. Generally, women who are pregnant will not be dyed on their hair, because they all know that perm will have a bad impact on the fetus.According to the perm situation, let’s take a closer look at some information about perm.

How long can I get pregnant for perm: half a year

How long can I get pregnant? Do you know? How long can the perm be pregnant? This needs to be determined according to the situation. People who are generally physical quality can be pregnant in half a year, because the body of these people can use the potion of perm within half a year within half a year.Following it away, they can give the fetus a healthy growth environment.But when you are pregnant, you must not be perm, because if you are perm at this time, it is equivalent to poisoning the fetus. This is what every woman should pay attention to.

How long can the perm be pregnant? Two: One year

How long can I get pregnant? Do you know? Generally speaking, I think it is the safest to get pregnant after a year of perm. This period must be talked about at this time.Consider pregnancy.This is the most secure, because everyone is not in a hurry, and it is not harmful to pregnancy, but it is good.In this way, we can determine the health of the fetus 100 %. We cannot make a joke of the fetal health, so it is best to get pregnant after one year.

Perm during lactation can easily induce breast cancer

Many hair dyes are one of the causes of breast cancer because of the lack of products.Breastfeeding mothers have not recovered because they have just been produced, so their resistance is naturally poor.Many hair dyes are relatively poor. When the resistance is low, hair dye is likely to induce skin allergies and breast cancer.

Perm during lactation can easily make the baby allergic

The baby who was just born is very fragile. His immune system has not yet developed, and his skin is very delicate. As a mother, you need to be careful.Many times if the mother dyes her hair, when taking care of the baby or getting close to the baby, the hair is exposed to the baby, which is very likely to make the baby allergic.So you really need to be cautious during breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding perm exacerbation of hair loss appears

Perm will definitely hurt hair, and girls will have hair loss, and the condition will increase after perm.However, many mothers during lactation will suffer from postpartum depression, which will cause hair loss.If your hair is added and your hair will be hurt, then your hair loss is even more serious! So you need to think twice when you are dyed during breastfeeding!

Every young couple wants to have a healthy and lovely baby, but for our baby’s health, some beautiful female friends must not perm and dye their hair, so as not to affect the health of the baby and bring us life for life.Regret, it is recommended that some female friends go to do your favorite hair after the children grow up.

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