Pay attention to your diarrhea!3 major diet principles must be observed

Is diarrhea the same as usual diarrhea?NO!Diarrhea during pregnancy is not a natural physical response. See how the doctor teaches you how to prevent and improve.

Diagnosis is very common, but diarrhea during pregnancy can not help but worry about it; will diarrhea too frequent cause contractions?Does fasting affect the baby’s growth and development?How should I eat better during diarrhea?

Is it normal for pregnancy to diarrhea?The doctor said no!

During pregnancy, there will be a variety of symptoms, including dizziness, chest tightness, backache back pain, hemorrhoids, etc. These are natural reactions derived from hormonal changes.But if you have symptoms of diarrhea during pregnancy, you must be careful.

Increased pregnancy lutein will slow the gastrointestinal motility, cause flatulence and constipation problems, but usually do not cause diarrhea.Pregnant women’s diarrhea may be because lactose is not resistant to related foods; eating too much fried and spicy foods causes the stomach to stimulate the stomach; eat non -fresh and unclean foods to cause bacterial gastroenteritis;Virus.

Small diarrhea adjusts the diet to improve the symptoms

If you just diarrhea slightly, you can improve the symptoms as long as you adjust your diet.It is recommended that mothers can consume food that is digested and absorbed by porridge, rice, toast, apple, banana and other foods, and then with appropriate amount of drinking water and supplementing electrolytes.The water is mainly irritating, and the source of electrolytes can be selected for electrolytic water. If you don’t like the taste of electrolytic water, you can also use diluted sports drinks instead.You can also drink fruit juice at this time, but remember to filter the residue first, so as not to make the pulp fiber more serious.

Severe diarrhea is best fasting+medication treatment

If it is infectious diarrhea, it is best to fast the symptoms of fever, cold, and nausea in addition to diarrhea, it is best to fast for 8 hours (that is, half a day), so that the stomach and intestines will have time to buffer and rest, and oral anti -diarrhea is taken according to the doctor’s instructions.If it is severely spit and diarrhea, there is no way to take the medicine, you should immediately treat the intravenous infusion treatment, and use a drop of water, electrolyte and drugs.

Some pregnant women are worried that fasting will affect the baby’s absorption of nutrition. In fact, fasting in a short time will not have much impact on the fetus.Moreover, the stomach can no longer effectively absorb food during water diarrhea, and it will only be more fierce when eating.Fasting can effectively shorten the course of the disease and restore the stomach and intestines early.

Take antidiarrheal medicine as soon as you pull it.

On the other hand, some people are accustomed to buying anti -laxatives when they diarrhea, which is not the right way.Regardless of whether the level of antidiarrheal medicine is suitable for pregnant women, even if it is safe, it may not be able to control the condition after taking diarrhea.why?Diagnosis is the natural response of gastrointestinal self -protection. Too early taking antidiarrheal drugs can interfere with the body to discharge toxic substances.Unless it is infected with diarrhea, there is no need to take antidiarrheal medicine as soon as possible.Furthermore, infectious diarrhea is usually treated with antibiotics, and antidiarrheal medicines are not much effective.Therefore, it is better for mothers to take antidiarrheal medicine arbitrarily.

It is worth noting that although fasting has little effect on the baby, strong gastrointestinal motility may stimulate uterine contraction.If the frequency of diarrhea is very dense, it is best to seek medical treatment quickly.

Use fruits and vegetables to treat constipation too much at a time

Remind mothers that you must prevent diarrhea during pregnancy. You must master regular and quantitative diet principles. Do not eat too much at a time, and do not have an empty stomach for too long.For foods that are first contacted, it is best to take a small amount to observe the body’s reaction.Don’t try foods that you can’t eat before pregnancy.Pay attention to the freshness and hygiene of ingredients in daily diet.It is easy to deteriorate after meals and meals. It is best to stew the supplement with a meal. Do not cook too much at a time.Eating fruits and fruits must be controlled during constipation. Too many fiber can easily make gastrointestinal motility and cause diarrhea.

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