Pay attention to these 6 types of nutrients during pregnancy, so that children’s IQ is higher, and they will win on the starting line when they are born.

Introduction: Our height is our body shape. Our appearance and temper have a certain relationship with our parents’ inheritance. Even whether our brain is clever is also related to heredity.

Long Shenglong, Feng Shengfeng, the son of the mouse will be get what you sow.

What kind of inheritance can we be said to be in a great role, but it is not completely genetically genetically related. Comparing that parents are not high, but they can make children higher through nutrition and exercise.Baozhu can also make good bamboo shoots.

Parents’ IQ is average. I want children to be more intellectual. In addition to the hard work of education, the others are still an important way to pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy.Nutritional nutrition during pregnancy is closely related to the development of the fetus.

The first thing that develops in the fetus is not the hand or the feet, but the brain. A person’s hand is broken, the feet are gone, the feet are gone, no see, you can continue to live, and the brain is broken, that is, it is completely finished.The criteria for death are brain death. We see that many vegetatives do not eat or move in the hospital. As long as the brain is not dead, it is not dead.So the brain is self -evident.

When I went out to lecture, I asked my mother when I went out: You hope that your child will blow the air -conditioning office in the future to make white -collar workers and make money with his mind.I still hope that my child will make money with the sun in a hot day in the future.

Want the child to use the brain or physical strength?

Moms said that they hope that the children will make money with the brain in the future, but when Jing mother is a mother, when pregnant, pay attention to replenishing what nutrition can help the fetal brain development, but the pregnant mothers are dazed.

Later, Mother Jing explained with her mother about the main points of nutrition during pregnancy and after the brain development. Many mothers asked a lot of questions about nutrition during pregnancy after class.And a mother waited until everyone had gone, and with tears and mother said: The conditions at home during pregnancy are not particularly good. Every meal has a good meat. The child will eat for 10 months.Because the child will eat at this time, you don’t need to drink milk. The conditions at home are not good and did not give the child milk powder.

Now the conditions are good. My child is also in elementary school. I have to drink milk every day. I also supplement DHA. Calcium supplement. The child is obedient. I work hard to go to school.You said he did not work hard, but he was fortunate to say, but in fact, she also worked very hard, and we tried our best to replenish him nutrition.I heard you today that we knew that we missed the best time for children’s brain development.

Mom said with red eyes again.

In the second year of pregnancy to the second year after birth, it is a critical period for infant intellectual development. At this time, the insufficient nutrition of pregnant women will cause permanent brain damage to the fetus. The number of brain nerve cells is reduced or the cell volume is reduced, which seriously affects the normal growth and development of the fetus.And if you miss this time, you miss it, and never come back.

The difference in IQs that our parents have been inherited must not be too far, and once the pregnant woman’s nutrition cannot keep up with the impact on children, we can not make up for our lives.

In particular, these six types of foods have a great impact on the brain development of the fetus, and once the lack of children’s IQ is worrying.

Domestic scholars have conducted investigations and studies on a number of normal maternal giving births. According to the calories intake of pregnant women, they are divided into high, medium, and low -calorie groups. Observation results show that pregnant women in high calories have the highest rate of fetal development; but huge children are huge children. (Newborn weighs more than 8 catties), the probability is also the highest, while pregnant women with low calorie group have the highest chance of having low weight.

The study also shows that the weight of the mother during pregnancy increases more than 30 pounds, and the probability of giving birth to a huge child is extremely high, and those who gain weight during pregnancy are less than 15 pounds.The best is about.

The adapt to fetal nutrition can help the fetal period in the brain development. Whether it is a huge child or a low birth weight, it has a bad impact on the fetal brain development of the fetus.

Giant children are also prone to obesity in the future. Obesity causes various diseases, and will also cause the brain to be prone to hypoxia, so it affects children’s intelligence.

When the child is born, the child’s weight does not meet the standard when the birth of the child, and the impact on children’s intelligence is even more obvious.

Suggestion of Jing:

During pregnancy, you need to eat, eat vegetables, and eat meat. It is not recommended to eat too much snacks. Snacks are only fat and calories, which can easily lead to huge children.

It is recommended to get up to the toilet every morning to call the weight. We usually grow at a rate of one or two at a rate of one or two in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy.It is normal to see if your weight growth is normal.

Many mothers are afraid of miscarriage in the early pregnancy. In fact, most of the early pregnancy abortion is the process of natural selection of fetal problems. If there is a problem with the fetus, there is no miscarriage.The early pregnancy is the most prone to deformity.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the formation of an important organs for the fetus is generally embossed in the 12 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, if the mother is severely lacks folic acid in the mother’s body, the fetal nerve tube cannot be closed normally, causing deformity.

According to the monitoring of the birth defects in some regions in my country, neural tube malformations are the first, accounting for 2.4 %.

Therefore, we must pay attention to replenishing folic acid at the moment of pregnancy and early pregnancy.The most terrible thing that lacks folic acid is that the fetus does not even have brains. We are also called brainless children. Such children generally recommend that artificially termination of pregnancy, that is, if the fetus is not elapsed, the fetus may also abortion naturally in the later stage.No time to survive …

A mother in the United States knew that her daughter was brainless at 19 weeks, but insisted on giving birth to her child, and her daughter Annie gave birth to her life just 14 hours and 58 minutes. Later, the mother donated the child’s organs.

So folic acid is closely related to the development of the fetus.

Suggestion of Jing:

Preparation is recommended to supplement folic acid, 400 micrograms per day. If the fetus that had been born with neurotranscene before, it is even recommended to make 800 micrograms of folic acid a day.And daily diet should also pay attention to the intake of high folic acid content such as vegetables and fruits.

In the past, a zinc advertisement was: the baby took a bite and took another bite.The children’s appetite is not good because of zinc deficiency.Let mothers know that zinc deficiency children will have a bad appetite.

In fact, zinc affects the activity of multiple enzymes in the body, and these enzymes affect the development of the central nervous system and the integrity of the function.Severe zinc deficiency during pregnancy may lead to congenital malformations of the fetal brain. In the early stage of birth after birth, zinc deficiency will affect the memory function, inhibit the growth of the number of cerebellar granules, affect the maturity process of Pu Kenye cells, and affect the basket and star of the cerebellum and star -shaped shape.The cell -like branches of the cells have an important role in zinc on the development and learning and memory function of the brain.

The zinc in the embryo comes from the blood circulation of the mother, and the zinc deficiency of the pregnant woman is also zinc deficient, so pregnancy deficiency zinc will affect the fetal brain development.Suggestion of Jing:

Pay attention to the intake of seed foods (peanuts, melon seeds, sesame, etc.) every day after pregnancy. You can eat shellfish food once a week. The zinc content of beef is also high.

When I gave a lecture to the pregnant mother, the mother mentioned that the pregnant woman must pay attention to the iron supplement, and a mother after class said: When I was pregnant with the boss, I did not know that I wanted to replenish the iron, so I felt dizzy all day when I was pregnant.After breastfeeding after birth, I also said that there are iron deficiency anemia. I don’t particularly care about it. Now that the child is in elementary school, it is difficult to concentrate in class.

Jing Mom told her mother that this is definitely related. The child’s situation is likely to have affected the fetal brain development during the iron deficiency during pregnancy.The most critical period of fetal brain development is before the fetus and 2 years old after birth.

Studies have shown that iron deficiency during pregnancy will cause damage to the function of fetal hippocampus, which will seriously affect their learning and memory ability, leading to delayed development of brain white quality.The brain development of the newborn will become slow when the lack of iron.

It is very regrettable that it is not uncommon for women’s iron deficiency during pregnancy in my country, and many mothers do not still care about it. Now most mothers know that calcium is supplemented, but the anemia during pregnancy should be supplemented by iron. EssenceSuggestion of Jing:

Prepare pregnant women to go to a medical examination. If there are iron deficiency anemia, it is recommended to correct it before pregnancy;

It is recommended to eat animal liver 1-2 times a week during pregnancy, about 100 grams at a time, and eat red meat foods every day (lean meat, beef, mutton);

Pay attention to the blood routine during pregnancy. If anemia is severe, you can supplement the iron.

More than 80%of the iodine in our country’s meal comes from iodine salt. Even the sources of most iodine at the seaside residents come from salt. The monitoring data of Qingdao Disease Control Center in 2016 shows that the overall situation of Qingdao residents iodine intake is suitable (suitable for appropriateness (suitable for appropriatenessThe value is 130 μg/day), but the iodine nutrition of pregnant women is lower than the appropriate value (the actual intake is 150 μg/day and it is recommended to consume 230 μg/day per day).

Insufficient iodine may not only cause abortion, but also have a great impact on the fetal brain.

World Health Organization: During the period of fetal growth, the brain is damaged due to the deficiency of iodine deficiency, resulting in slow intellectual development is the most serious consequences of iodine deficiency.Suggestion of Jing:

Pay attention to eating iodine -containing foods such as kelp, seaweed, and vegetables twice a week in addition to iodized salt.

Twenty -carbonic acid (RAR) and twenty -two carbonotrene acid (DHA) have a high content in brain and retinal tissues, participating in the synthesis of the centered neuropathic cordycopytis, syposiments, and marrow sheath synthesis

Studies have shown that the amount of fetal and its derivatives and derivatives, unsaturated fatty acids is positively proportional to the growth rate.If 20 carbonic acid and twenty -two carbonotanonic acid deficiency can cause the fetal brain development.

The linolenic acid in vegetable oils in daily life can be transformed in 22 carbonotanoic acid, while fish foods also contain twenty carbonic acid and twenty -two carbonotrene acid.Suggestion of Jing:

Pregnant mothers can consider using flaxseed oil or walnut oil, and can be converted into 22 carbonal acid in the body.

It is recommended to eat fish four times a week. You can two sea fish and twice freshwater fish.

Mother Jing said: The brain development during the fetus is extremely fast, and the development of the brain and the nutritional relationship during pregnancy. Pay attention to these 6 types of nutrition during pregnancy, give the children a good foundation, and make children smarter.

I am a mother of Jing, a girl’s mother, trainer in the mother and baby industry, the original author of the multi -platform, the physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, and psychological counselor of the childcare industry, providing childcare consulting for thousands of parents.I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing your baby!

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