Pay attention to the matters before marriage and marriage, add color to your happy marriage

The importance of marriage inspection: Many people think that it is necessary to check before marriage. In fact, this is the wrong idea. Pre -marriage examination is very important for newcomers.Through the marriage inspection, the body of the two can be comprehensively inspected, and some hidden diseases in the body can be found. Therefore, the importance of the marriage check is the health of husband and wife life.

1.The marriage check should be as much as possible from the wedding period. Once the problem is detected, time treatment can be used.The validity period of the marriage inspection is three months.

2.During the wedding check, we will bring three household registration books, ID cards, and one -bob crown -free photo. In addition, there must be an introduction letter from both parties (the introduction letter is not a compulsory requirement now).

3.During the marriage examination, women should avoid menstrual periods. After three days of clean menstruation, they should be divorced after three days of menstruation. Otherwise, women’s urine contains a large amount of red blood cells. Doctors will suspect that they have problems such as nephritis and stones.

4.You should rest well the day before the marriage inspection. Do n’t drink too much, do n’t drink, because these may affect the test results of liver merit.

5.Try to eat a light diet as much as possible the day before the marriage inspection, otherwise the cocwa blood (blood turbid) will occur during blood testing, which will affect the results of the examination.

6.On the morning of the marriage check, you must not eat, and you must check on an empty stomach.

7.It should be explained that: The newcomer must rest well a few days before the inspection, do not sleep too late, do not tired, let alone drink, because these situations may affect your liver test results. Once the GPT increases, the GPT increases, and the GPT increases.You cannot issue you a certificate in time as required, and you have to issue a certificate after the treatment review, and then you have mistaken for your own business.

If the marriage inspection is smooth, you can get a proof of marriage in one day, so you must prepare a day for marriage inspection.

Reminder: Marriage checks are free, but you have to rely on the free wedding checklist received.When you go through the marriage registration procedures, new people must remember to take the initiative to ask the staff!

What are the benefits of marriage inspection

1. It is conducive to the health of both men and women

Marriage examinations can be found in some abnormalities and diseases, such as infectious hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, and other serious diseases.If such diseases are married if they are not treated, they are likely to be transmitted to each other.Therefore, by treatment, it is conducive to the health of both parties after the treatment is stable!

2. The descendants of fertility health

Everyone wants a healthy and smart baby, but some problems are difficult to find during pregnancy.Director Hua Hua said: "One of the husband and wife is a carrier of genetic diseases, and it is not onset, but it may be possible to develop the baby. The advantage of the marriage check is that this situation can be found.The laws and methods, it is estimated that the incidence of the sub -generation is large, so as to guide both men and women. "Director Hua Hua also said that this can not only reduce the birth of children with unhealthy physical or unhealthy or intellectual problems, reduce the burden on family and society, but also reduce the burden on family and society.It can prevent these genetic diseases from continuing in the family.

3. Facilize the initiative of contraception or pregnancy

After the relevant examination, the doctor will provide scientific and effective suggestions for pregnancy or contraception based on the physical condition of both parties and personal wishes.For those who want to be pregnant, give some tips to improve the power of pregnancy; provide some contraceptive methods for those who do not want a baby for the time being.It can effectively reduce the number of people’s abortion and protect the health of women and children.

Special reminder: If you really forget to receive a free marriage checklist, when you go, you must bring a marriage certificate and receive the certificate.

Registration is very detailed, the list has the names of both parties, as well as the number of details, etc., and there is also a marriage inspection description.

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