Pay attention to spicy people!Be careful in summer!IntersectionIntersection

Good morning everyone!

Summer, many people should often get angry, especially those who love spicy food, usually pay attention to drinking some herbal tea, clearing heat and detoxifying!

While eating spicy food, you must pay attention to your body. It is really uncomfortable to get angry. Acne, oral ulcers, and enlarged tonsils, you must pay attention to it!

I drink the following!It’s really not bitter at all.

It is a faint wheat fragrance, which is delicious.

There are tea bags, and brewing is also very convenient!


The following is food sharing time!I have eaten deliciously recently!

Spicy pot

I love spicy incense pot, holding a lot of meat, hahahaha!

Duck blood lunch meat

Duck blood lunch meat, duck blood at the bottom, and the instant noodles are really fragrant!

Pork belly chicken

Pork belly chicken soup is delicious!

Black bibimbap 菜 laver egg flower soup

This barbecue bibimbap meat is really super invincible, very satisfied!Laver egg soup is also very delicious.

Starch sausage

The shell is crisp, soft inside, spicy, my favorite!

Chick chicken

This hot pot chicken, chicken is really super!

Big flower roll

The big flowers who just came out of the pan, I dazzled three in one breath, delicious.

Boiled hot pot

The chicken is sandwiched and boiled hot pot. The dishes are free to self -help. What do you want to eat and get it. After eating it, you really support it.There are more than 20 talents!

Rough grain and fine work

The crude food in the northeast is really delicious!

Spicy incense pot ➕1

I like spicy spicy pot!

Permine corner ➕ small bowl soup

tasty!Can’t move after eating!


Participate in the wedding of relatives, eat a seat!

hot pot!

Together with friends!

Spicy incense pot ➕2

I really love spicy spicy pot!

Spicy pot

His spicy spicy pot is really delicious!I cry to death!

Spicy potato stewed pork ribs

Pork ribs are really fragrant, I love potatoes!


My mother rolled the skin, I wrapped it myself!


I wrap my mother with my mother, delicious!

Tiger skin chicken

Dad bought it for me. My favorite tiger skin and phoenix claws are fragrant and spicy!

Fried chicken

good smell!

Skewed hot pot

Who can not love the hot pot, no one!


The dumplings in the school cafeteria are okay.

Chicken fried rice noodles

This fried rice noodles are not very authentic, and it is okay.

Thanks for reading, the sharing is over today!

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