Pay attention to eating mango: Not any mango can be eaten!There are dry goods inside

“”Summer is the season when mango mature.Walking on the streets of Shenzhen, green mango can be seen everywhere, lowering the branches, and the wind and the wind are mouthwatering!



There are also several tall shade of mango trees around the community, which are said to be planted by the previous owners.It can be described as a former person planted a tree. After the descendants, when there was nothing, sitting under the shade of the tree, blowing the cool breeze, and watching the green mango on the tree, it was very comfortable.

A few days ago, outside the community, I saw a father and son. His father was about forty years old and his son was 16 or 7 years old.The father held a long bamboo pole, and his son opened a black umbrella under the tree as a tool to accept mango. I saw the father hit the mango on the tree for a while.In the umbrella.Seeing that passersby saw it, they stopped, and a rare smile appeared on her face.

Yesterday, I saw an article published by an authoritative media in Shenzhen, which talked about the mango on the roadside. I have a good understanding of this familiar and unfamiliar fruit.

It turned out that this mango had a name called green mango.It belongs to the mango with low food quality. Because of the strong wind -proof capacity of the tree, and the prosperity of the branches and leaves, it is conducive to citizens to resist the scorching sun on the street.As a result, it is used as urban greening.

As for his taste, netizens who have eaten spit:

Because this greening grows on the side of the road, it will be immersed in atmospheric dust and car tail gas for a long time. There will be heavy metal residues. In addition, if insect pests must be prevented, pesticides will be sprayed from time to time, and pesticide residues will also cause pesticide residues!Eating this kind of mango is not good for the body.

The random picking this kind of mango violates the "Regulations on the Municipal and Environmental Sanitation Management of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone", which may be fined!

If you want to eat mango, choose the following kind of edible mango, really delicious and healthy”如果””如果”

Popular science:

Greening Mang:

Generally, a small head is blue, yellow, thick, and large in nuclear.

Edible Mang:

The place of origin is diverse, with large heads and small skin thin cores

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