Pay attention to contraception during the safety period!

The words of the physiological safety period are that we are familiar with our women. Every woman should learn about the relevant knowledge of the physiological safety period. Many women often think that there will be no accidental pregnancy in the same room in the same period in the physiological safety period.Of course, this period is greatly helpful for successful contraception, but even so, some experts reminded that in the same period of rooms, they should still pay attention to contraception!

The first point: In the case of the menstrual cycle, it can be calculated according to the calendar method

This method is to calculate the ovulation period. First of all, we must know the length of the menstrual cycle.Take the menstrual cycle as an example as an example. The first day of this period of menstruation is on September 29. Then the next menstrual period is on October 29 (September 29th, 30 days), and then from OctoberThe 14th day on the 29th, October 15th was ovulation day.The ovulation day and the first 5 days and the last 4 days, that is, this ten days from October 10-19 is the ovulation period.This method is only suitable for women with normal menstrual cycles. Sometimes, ovulation is not accurate enough because of the fluctuations of emotional and environmental changes, so it is not accurate.

Second point: measure the basic body temperature method

The pre -ovulation period cannot be determined in advance. This calculation method must be relatively complicated and the requirements are strict. If the temperature measurement is not measured in accordance with regulations, the ovulation period cannot be accurately determined.

Third point: cervical mucus observation method

The cleaning of the cervical mucus is often thick and small, and there is no mucus called a "drying period", which indicates that the ovulation period is prompted.With the changes in endocrine, the mucus increases and thinner, and the increase in vaginal secretions is called the ‘wet period’.Near the clear mucus during ovulation, smooth and elastic, like egg white -like, high drawing, not easy to pull off. The last day of this mucus is ± 48 hours of ovulation.This observation method also needs to master certain medical knowledge, otherwise it is not allowed. Some women’s secretions are always common, especially when gynecological diseases, increased secretions will affect judgment.

Several calculation methods are disadvantages, so they are not accurate enough.It is still necessary to combine the correct contraceptive methods. The common contraceptive methods are: condoms, contraceptives, long -acting contraceptives, in vitro essence contraceptives, surgical resettlement contraceptive ring, and so on.If you use a combination of safety contraceptives with conventional contraceptive methods, you don’t need to worry about it at all.Therefore, girls must master some methods to determine the ovulation period in normal times to achieve the effect of successful contraception!

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