Pay attention during pregnancy, the doctor summarized 19 points to prevent abortion

The abortion before the 12th week of pregnancy is called early abortion, and it is the most common abortion clinically.Breakfast abortion and habitual abortion are even more common in early pregnancy.

Breakfast abortion.Specific mothers only show the signs of abortion, but there are actually no signs of miscarriage.It only shows a small amount of vaginal bleeding or a small amount of vaginal blood discharge, accompanied by slight lower abdomen pain.

In the first three months of pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to avoid sex, tiredness, fall, fall, abdominal impact, strenuous exercise, smoking and drinking.At the same time, it should be stabilized to avoid various spiritual stimuli and cause abortion.Once a miscarriage occurs, if the ultrasonic examination or continuous chorionic gonadotropin measurement shows that the fetus is still alive, please pay attention to rest in bed, but you must have sufficient nutrition. Under the guidance of the doctor% Of expectant mothers can safely pass the early pregnancy stage.If you can’t protect your baby, it is best to let it go.

Habitat abortion.Refers to the natural abortion that occurred 3 times or many times, usually occur in the same month.The reason for habitual abortion is the abnormal chromosomes of the husband and wife, the mothers of the mothers’ luteal dysfunction, and the expectant mothers with dysplasia, uterine malformations or uterine fibroids.

The expectant mothers have habitual abortion, and they should go to the hospital to find the cause of abortion carefully.If the chromosome of the husband and wife is abnormal, avoid pregnancy.Once you are pregnant, you should check the fetus and find abnormalities to terminate pregnancy.If it is caused by incomplete luteum function, progesterone should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.If you have a disease, you should first treat it before pregnancy.If the uterus deforms, you must consider the operation of surgery before pregnancy.

Precautions to prevent miscarriage include the following points:

1. Do not mention heavy objects, do not stand or squat for a long time to avoid work that may cause physical impact and electric shock.

2. Make sure that sufficient sleep every day, you can arrange a nap at noon.

3. The empty stomach is easy to increase the reaction of pregnant women.Without affecting work, take some snack foods to eat at any time.

4. Chat with colleagues more, get understanding and help, and do not force yourself to work.

5. You don’t have to be embarrassed because of the increase in the number of urination. It is important to empty urine at any time during pregnancy.Don’t deliberately do not drink water or urinate, so as not to cause urinary tract infection.

6. If there is a small amount of bleeding or pain in the vagina, immediately lie down and rest and contact the doctor in time.

7. If you have the habit of exercising before pregnancy, you can still maintain the habit of exercise, but to avoid strenuous exercise, you can perform soft gymnastics to stretch your bones.

8. Maintain a happy working atmosphere when going to work.

9. At this stage, couples are best to avoid sexual behavior, at least need to be controlled, and avoid pressure on the abdomen. The shorter the time, the better.

10. Develop a regular toilet habit to prevent constipation.

11. Avoid cold abdomen and always keep warm.

12. Vaginal secretions increase the breeding bacteria.Wash 1-2 times a day to keep the genitals clean.

13. Wear comfortable and soft flat -heeled shoes to avoid falling, reduce the pressure and physical fatigue.

14. After working for a period of time, you should do stretching exercise appropriately, raise your legs, and massage your calves to relax the pressure.

15. Try not to go to public places, because these places are places to spread infectious diseases such as influenza.

16. Specific mothers should not smoke, and should also pay attention to avoid second -hand smoke or live in a smoky environment to avoid fetal development.

17. expectant mothers should maintain a good attitude, especially the prospective father should care about her considerate wife and avoid irritating her.

18. Rinse your mouth in time after each vomiting to avoid gastric acid reflux and increase oral acid value, thereby corroding your teeth.But in order to avoid vomiting again, you don’t need to brush your teeth immediately, you can wait for an hour before brushing.

19. During pregnancy, you must first ensure the comfort and safety of the shoes, so please temporarily put away beautiful high heels and replace it with pregnancy shoes!It is best to avoid the peak time when you get off work.In the early stages of pregnancy, if you feel particularly disgusting or dizzy, it is best not to drive yourself.

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