Pain!Don’t ignore breast pain, beware of the disease is making a blame

As one of the important organs of women, breast health should also be paid attention to in daily life. Pay close attention to their physical condition. When the breasts are found, the disease of the heart of breast cancer is blame.

1. Is breast pain a signal of breast cancer?

Many women may have experienced breast pain or breast pain in more or less in their lives, and they are always disturbed and suspect that they have breast cancer.Generally speaking, one of the more common symptoms of most breast cancer patients is that there are breast masses, and there is no obvious pain or this pain is very small. Generally, a few talents will be a bit faintly painful, or is it a tingling feeling?EssenceHowever, breast hyperplasia, mastitis, breast tumors, etc. can sometimes cause pathological breast tenderness, which cannot be ignored.

Women with breast pain are recommended to go to the hospital for related examinations in time. Once unfortunately suffering from breast cancer, they should immediately actively receive standardized treatment.However, because there are many symptoms of breast cancer, in addition to breast pain, there may also be symptoms of nipples, abnormal nipple areola, and breast mass of lattice. Therefore, everyone must pay close attention to their own breasts.Once these performances occur, they must also be paid attention to and go to the hospital immediately.

2. The incidence of breast cancer in China is rising, don’t become candidates for breast cancer

October 18th is the World Breast Cancer Promotion Day. According to IARC, the latest global cancer data released in 2020 shows that breast cancer has become a global high -incidence of cancer types.

In 2020, there were 4.57 million new cases of cancer in China, with 420,000 new patients with breast cancer, and 3 million cases of cancer deaths in China, and more than 120,000 people died of breast cancer.This also means that one of each newly diagnosed cancer is suffering from breast cancer, and almost one of the patients who die for cancer died in breast cancer.

The cause of breast cancer is not yet clear, but the occurrence of breast cancer is considered the result of multi -factor interaction.Common causes of breast cancer patients include delayed fertility age, reduced number of children, long -term lack of exercise, and overweight or obesity.More high -fat intakes are likely to cause vulnerable cells to increase the possibility of breast cancer.It also includes the genetic factors of breast cancer. For patients with a family history of breast cancer, the risk of breast cancer should increase significantly.In addition, it has a lot to do with estrogen and progesterone levels, so prevent the cause of breast cancer, thereby reducing the probability of breast cancer as much as possible.

Breast cancer screening is also a anti -cancer measure. In order to reduce the mortality of breast cancer, it can achieve early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment through the screening of breast cancer.In our country, the "Guidelines and Specifications for the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Chinese Anti -Cancer Association’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment" recommends breast screening for women over 40 years of age.For ordinary women over 40 years of age, B-ultrasound and molybdenum targets are the basic items for early screening of breast cancer. Generally, ordinary women over 40 years of age do have a molybdenum target check in 1-2 years, and B-ultrasound examination is performed once a year.

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