Oyster is a "gas station" for men?Frankly speaking: Eat 2 things often, maybe we usher in a tiger baby

I believe that for many young couples, I hope to have a healthy and lovely baby, and now my country opens a three -child policy. Many father who wants children to want children is also very active. There is no movement at all, no matter how hard the two people work, they can’t be pregnant.

This also makes many husbands and wives very troublesome, and they are also worried about whether there is something wrong with the body. Go to the hospital for examination. The doctor also said that there is no problem. It meets the conditions of conception. Why is it difficult to prepare for pregnancy?

In fact, this has a certain connection with the quality of male sperm. Men’s bad behavior habits will also damage the quality of sperm. In this case, it will affect the chance of conception. Especially the following behaviors.Essence

1. Drink

For male friends in life now, because of working reasons, they often drink and ugly, but if they drink for a long time, they will not only damage the health of the liver and cause liver function damage.

In addition, alcohol entering the body will also cause damage to the prostate. Once the prostate is damaged, it will affect the normal sperm quality, and it will also cause sperm quality to decrease. In this way, it will also affect the chance of conception. Therefore, it is better to advise men to quit alcohol as soon as possible.

2. Sitting and not exercising for a long time

Now it is also a habit of sedentary and motion of health for urban office workers.Health.

Not only that, long -term sitting and not exercising for a long time will also affect their sperm synthesis disorders, and the number of sperm will decrease, which will affect the chance of conception. Therefore, men still change this habit as soon as possible.

3. High temperature contact

Sperm is a substance that is not resistant to high temperature. If it is in a high temperature state for a long time, it will reduce the vitality of the sperm, and the difficulty of sperm is not easy to synthesize and will also affect the normal chance of conception, resulting in unsuccessful pregnancy.

Therefore, men usually pay attention not to wear some tight clothing, and also reduce activities such as hot springs, steaming sauna, etc., so that they are conducive to successful pregnancy and have a baby tiger.

As a common seafood in life, oysters are rich in nutritional value and delicious. They are not only loved by people. For some male friends, eating some oysters often is also very helpful.

It is rich in zinc in oysters, which can promote the generation of male sperm, and it can also help increase the chance.

Therefore, oysters are also men’s pregnancy gas stations. If you insist on eating, you may help success in pregnancy, but you should also pay attention to life. It is better to eat more or appropriate.

1. Pumpkin seed

In fact, for male friends, if you want to prepare for pregnancy, in addition to eating oysters often, you can also try to eat some pumpkin seeds, like pumpkin seeds in pumpkin seeds.

And there are a variety of vitamins and trace elements that can help promote the synthesis of male sperm, improve the quality of sperm, increase the chance of conception, and make men succeed in pregnancy.

2. Pigeon soup

Like pigeons also belong to large supplements, which contain a variety of vitamins and proteins, which can help nourish the body and care for personal health.

Especially for male friends during pregnancy, drinking some pigeon soup often can also help improve the vitality of sperm, promote the production of sperm, and increase the chance of conception. Therefore, it will help men to usher in a tiger baby. I hope you love to eat.

Therefore, during pregnancy, men must pay attention to regulating a reasonable diet, so as to help improve sperm quality. Of course, it is indispensable for exercise, high -quality sleep, and regular schedules, so that it is conducive to successful pregnancy.

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