Oyster can aphrodisiac?It is infertile by itself

In the Chinese folk, there is a mysterious spell circulating

Once someone applies, there are often biological extinction

As long as there are a few words, there will

It is food supplement health

Among them, "aphrodisiac" is the most vicious

For example, the protagonist of this issue -oyster

The oyster thing is not only in the country

Foreigners are good at this

Oyster aphrodisiac

It can be traced back to the Roman Empire in the West

It is said that at that time there was a romantic sanctuary

Name Casarwano

He is energetic, different from ordinary people

Alone in its memoirs

Women who have had the love of Yunyu

The scale of more than a hundred people

Casavano thinks

The source of his extraordinary male energy is oysters

A meal of breakfast can kill 50 oysters [1]

Even if there is such a "mysterious" legend blessing

The oyster itself does not have Casavano’s "energy"

Can only come once a year

Chinese oyster breeding period is usually in summer

After each release of a large number of reproductive cells

Will hurt

So summer oysters are the thinnest

Generally until December each year, it is the most fatter [2]

Summer oysters are not good

The hot weather is not convenient to transport, and it is easy to deteriorate

The problem comes

It is a good time to drink beer to eat beer

How can you do the fat oysters?

In order to be able to eat this delicious in summer

People begin to study the way to increase oyster output

➰ Hybrid!

Professor Guo Ximing of New Jersey State University in 1993

Professor of Standish Allen

The first invented invented the use of "four -fold oyster"

And "ordinary doubling real oyster"

Hybrid cultivation to cultivate new technologies of "Triple Troubled True Oyster"

In layman’s terms, the three -fold oyster is similar to the three -fold seedless watermelon we are familiar with. The body of the three -fold oyster contains three sets of chromosomes. It cannot perform normal reduction and division, forming normal reproductive cells.Therefore, their gonad development has weakened as a whole, and the degree of male and female ovarian development is only 1/2 and 1/4 of ordinary oysters.

Simply put, it is the four words often appear in TV advertisements


Tri -twice oysters only focus on dried rice and long meat

Fast, larger, and more beautiful!

Three -fold oyster in recent years has gradually become popular

Not only favored by farmers

It is also welcomed by consumers

Many oysters venues have been introduced to breeding

For example, the well -known domestic Rushan Oyster is a typical case

Eat oysters to increase sexual ability?


Oysters are indeed rich in zinc, and zinc deficiency may cause children to grow and develop slow growth and male sexual dysfunction. However, there is no evidence that increasing zinc intake can improve sexual ability.So don’t think too much when eating oysters, just delicious.

So you usually get on the barbecue stall

嗞 嗞 着 着 嗞 嗞 嗞 嗞 嗞

It is likely to be infertile oysters

Is there any theoretical basis for oyster aphrodisiac?

Oyster should not be abducted by these effects

Should a kind of food be on the table of the people

It should depend on its nutrition and taste

Instead of the health effects of the eyes of the eyes, the mysterious and mysterious

[1] Li Yuxiang, "The Lost Function". Translated from "Australian Fisheries", 1986.3.

[2] Lin Haisheng, Qin Xiaoming, Zhang Chaohua, Huang Yanqiu, Gao Jialong, Liu Linlin, Robert, Yang Jiao. Analysis of the nutritional quality and flavor characteristics of the main oyster breeds in China [J].(02): 110-120.

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